US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 8, Part 1) - The Butcher's Daughter & Venice Beach

Apa maksud dah last full day in LA baru nak gi Venice Beach......... 

Hahahaha no thanks to unpredictable weather ok, which led to reshuffling of plans!

Actually we drove down to Venice Beach the previous afternoon (after the celebrity homes guided tour) but Venice Beach was filled with thick fog lolol. And there were many barricades because of a fashion runway event called Tommyland wtf so Saliheen and I left after less than half an hour. Tried to catch a glimpse of celebrities in attendance (Lady Gaga, Kris Jenner, Fergie, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, etc) but takde nasib. They were probably ushered through special entrances la, saham jatuh seh kalau kena wait in line with regular folks hahahaha

We drove back to Venice Beach the next morning - tu pun nekad ah, tak tau hujan ke, foggy ke, taufan batu ke, ape ke. Weather forecast was really tak guna because whatever the predicted weather was for the rest of LA didn't seem to apply to Venice Beach! We were happy when we left our hotel because skies were looking blue and pretty but they turned grey about 10 minutes before we arrived Venice Beach wtf. Thaaaaanks.

Breakfast at The Butcher's Daughter because what's a trip to LA for if not for instagrammable avocado toast???

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 7) - Hollywood Walk Of Fame & Celebrities Homes Tour

On our second last full day in LA, Saliheen and I ventured out onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame to spot the "stars" bearing names of various celebrities along the pavements of Hollywood! No pictures because we were too pre-occupied with finding stars of our favourite celebrities and taking videos (haha) but here's a picture of Muhammad Ali (the professional boxer)'s star that Saliheen really wanted to see!

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 6, Part 2) - Santa Monica Pier & La La Land @ TCL Chinese Theatres

After a casual morning at the Farmer's Market, the Grove and some shopping at Melrose Avenue, Saliheen and I made our way to Santa Monica pier! Unfortunately, it wasn't very sunny anymore when we arrived :( Oh well, at least it wasn't raining havily or else it would've been a wasted trip... always look on the bright side of life, amirite???

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 6, Part 1) - Farmer's Market & The Grove LA

Soooooooooo of all days it had to rain, of course it had to happen on the very day we planned to head over to Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier i.e. outdoor locations that wouldn't be very fun in wet rainy weather la kan.

We waited it out for an hour and even though it went down to a drizzle, it was still not conducive to head to the beach so we reshuffled our itinerary and headed out to the Farmer's Market instead for breakfast. As our luck would have it, the drizzle stopped just as we parked our car! (Although it returned intermittently for minutes at a time throughout our visit at the Farmer's Market and The Grove la)

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 5, Part 2) - Shopping @ Melrose Avenue & North Fairfaix Avenue

So after spending our morning at LACMA, we went on to the next item on our itinerary i.e. something that Saliheen had been looking forward to for months..... SHOPPING! More specifically streetwear shopping la.

Don't know how many times we drove up and down along Melrose Avenue and North Fairfax Avenue (where most of the streetwear brand stores are located). Some of the shops we went to: Adidas Originals, Round Two, The Hundreds, Flight Club, Diamond Supply Co, Supreme, Killion, etc.

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 5, Part 1) - LACMA

After our first day (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) in LA, we started our second day with a visit to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Arts... or lebih dikenali by its nama manja haha - LACMA! Admission fee is US$15.00 per adult, which is ok la standard museum pricing.

Walked around the museum to look at its art collections and even though we enjoyed our time there, we couldn't shake off the feeling that we still preferred MOMA (in NYC) over anything else. We really should make a return trip to NYC to ubatkan this rindu.................... (right?!?!) But back to LACMA!

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 4) - Hollywood Sign, ROSS Dress for Less and Target

After the first part (here, here and here) of our first full day in LA, we made our way to the Lake Hollywood Park to take pictures with the Hollywood sign! Kebetulan a few weeks before we flew over to LA, there was a video on directions to great spots to view the Hollywood sign (here) so that was very useful for us.

I knew I didn't want to trek all the way up to the Hollywood sign (unhealthy body, remember???), and we didn't want to deal with all of the confusing directions and blocked access stuff so we decided the best location for us was Lake Hollywood Park. We could still drive up with a car, involves minimal walking and the Hollywood sign would be near enough, without looking like a white speck from afar.

Don't know why it doesn't look that near in pictures but the sign felt pretty near to us in real life, I swear!

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 3) - Griffith Observatory

After picking up our rental car, breakfast and our photoshoot tak balek modal at Projection LA, Saliheen and I headed out to Griffith Observatory! Which is perched on some gunung so we had to drive up long, windy roads just to get there - kudos to Saliheen for bringing us there safely, even though he was still in the early stages of familiarizing himself with left hand driving and still recovering from the shock of termasuk freeway hahahaha

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 2) - SQIRL & Projection LA

So if you're wondering what was the destination that caused Saliheen to drive masuk freeway against his will (hahahaha), that destination was SQIRL! It's this really hip spot for breakfast and serves very interesting dishes, which are a hit amongst Angelenos and visitors alike - we ordered their signature sorrel pesto rice with poached eggs and brioche toast with blackberry jam and almond hazelnut butter... sounds damn good, right?!

US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 1) - AVIS Car Rental

The first thing we had to do before we start our first full day in Los Angeles wasssssss... to collect our car rental!!!!!!!!!! This was monumental for us because one of the major decisions we had to make before coming to Los Angeles was: whether we wanted to whack Uber all over LA OR rent a car and drive around ourselves.

We agonized over this decision for MONTHS ok! 

We'd read online articles and watch videos comparing the two options, and we'd bounce from let's yolo and drive around LA!!! to maybe we're in over our heads... to how can we miss this opportunity to drive around LA seh??? to isn't it more convenient to just book Uber everywhere we go................ to if not now then WHEN