Hello Honeymoon! (Day 1, Niyama Maldives)

Okay korang.

Remember how I was torn between Eastern Europe and Maldives for my honeymoon?

I think those who follow me on Instagram (and those who bothered reading the title of this blog entry) would have already known that Saliheen and I eventually went on our honeymoon to good old...............

..... Maldives!!!!!

You know, after going for our honeymoon to Maldives, I now feeling like beating myself up for having even the slightest difficulty in choosing between both destinations!!! I really have NO idea why I had such a difficult time - Maldives should have won HANDS FREAKING DOWN.

Actually kan, I should have seen the signs when I was still trying to decide between the destinations:

Sign #1: 

I didn't have enough work leave left for a 15-days or above Eastern Europe trip. All those wedding-related appointments punya pasal lah! I did ask my boss whether she was okay with me taking unpaid leave and she said yes - but you know lah kan... always a better idea NOT to take unpaid leave, yes?

In comparison, I had more than enough work leave left if we went to Maldives for a short 5D4N period, with leftover days even, for additional rest after the honeymoon was over AND to bring forward some days over to the new year.

Sign #2: 

The best earliest date we got for Eastern Europe honeymoon package was to leave on 3rd November 2013. That would *not* do because there was NO way we could have wrapped up our 2 November 2013 wedding at midnight, clean up and go to bed at 2am and then wake up for a morning flight at 6am, be on a flight for god knows how many hours and then go sightseeing the minute we touch down in Europe. There was just NO way. (Not for us lazybums, at least) 

The next best date for an Eastern Europe trip for us was about 3 weeks after the wedding but we were very reluctant because we didn't want to wait for our honeymoon! We wanted a bam-wedding-bam-honeymoon sort of arrangement, y'know?

Plus, choosing to go for a more relaxed destination turned into a blessing for us because hosting a full-day wedding is bloody *hard work* lah siak. Even though Saliheen and I had a post-wedding staycation, we were exhausted to the bone because of the wedding... I have no bloody idea how our bridal party survived going to work the Monday after the wedding lor!!! Have I mentioned that korang deserve not just a tepuk sepuluh, but a tabik sepuluh?

Seriously, nobody told us that the exhaustion from hosting a wedding IS TAK KELAKAR SIAK. If we had travelled all the way to Eastern Europe for hardcore walking and sightseeing after the wedding, we might have travelled around Europe with our eyes closed lah okay. Because kenape? Because tengah tido kepenatan.

But of course, we didn't - we chose to go to the beautiful Maldives and we tido to our heart's content there instead. Haha!

Okay enough with the kosong chatter, I'm going to start this entry proper now! Truthfully, there isn't much for me to write because what we did during our honeymoon most of the time was:

Wake up to each other with the sights and sounds of the Indian Ocean
Have some freaking awesome breakfast 
Buggy back to our villa to tan and swim / Go to the beach to tan and swim
Swim in our private pool / Laze on the bed or deckchairs
Get ready to go for dinner 
Have some freaking awesome dinner 
Return to the villa in pure bliss for bubble baths, TV and a good night's sleep 
Wash, rinse and repeat the next day

It was relaxing, it was awesome, and it was *our* kind of holiday.

Day 1, 7th November 2013, Thursday

It felt so liberating waking up for our honeymoon - we woke up at about the same time as if we were going to office but that's the difference between knowing you are waking up for a holiday versus waking up to go to work, yes? :P

We went shopping for our honeymoon two days before (pretty much borong the whole of Quiksilver and Ripcurl at Marina Square!) and then started packing the day before. And since we like to go prepared (In case you couldn't tell, my husband and I are not risk takers lol), we did our usual preparation that includes organizing our documents into pouches and checking in online early and registering with Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Buat benda semua ada system.

(You can register for your trips with MFA here.)

We flew via SQ462 and it was about 4 hours 30 minutes journey from Singapore to Maldives.

There was some confusion on the flight with regards to our inflight meal - we told the steward who asked us for our meal choices that we already opted for Muslim meals via our agency booking but he said there was no such indication in his list! 

We didn't want to kick up a fuss (I mean, what else can he do if there were no Muslim meals for us onboard kan? Pluck a kambing from the sky and sembelih secara halal on the flight? Dah pelik bin ajaib tu) so we just chose one of the meal choices from the menu with the intention of just eating the bread, biscuits and salad. Maybe the pinggan mangkuk also if we were that hungry.

But I think the steward who served us must've felt guilty or puzzled, reported it to his head steward who decided to follow up on it and then lo and behold, after some checking he came to us all nice and apologetic and told us that the reason why there was no indication of Muslim meals for us on the flight was because..... 

..... all inflight meals to Maldives are Muslim meals lah deh.

Here's a picture of the said Muslim meal. Bismillah!

The outside view that greeted us after 4 hours plus of flight.

Baru enter Maldives sikit je dah gorgeous. So ridiculous gitu.

Reached Ibrahim Nasir International Airport where we were greeted by a nice female staff from our chosen resort - Niyama Maldives! She sorted out all the seaplane transfer tickets for us and we were brought to the seaplane dock via a shuttle bus ride that lasted about 10 minutes.

Even the bus ride was pretty awesome because it was such a scenic ride tau! Everywhere you turn, you just see the vast blue ocean which Maldives is famous for.

Upon arrival, we were told there would be an hour of waiting for our seaplane transfer so we were brought to Niyama's airconditioned private lounge on the upper level.

Entering the private lounge for Niyama guests! 

Apparently there were lounges on other levels which were shared between different resorts but Niyama has its *own* private lounge which is strictly for their guests only. Feeling feeling VIP, y'all!

Husband showing his stamp of approval by giving his signature touristy open arms pose.

Beanbags at the corners for people who want to... slouch on the floors, I guess? They even have books and games for guests who are waiting for their seaplane transfers!

Husband giving a thumbs up for the complimentary drinks and snacks served at the lounge.

Husband showing his stamp of approval for the balcony too.

Couple shot! Obviously utilizing our useful nak mampos monopod here. Thank you Ili for bringing this barang baik to our knowledge!!!!! We actually have another shot that looks more natural, like someone took the picture for us but I kena warning cannot post that one instead because my vainpot husband thinks he looks fat in it. Lol.

I mean, like... dude, you *are* fat. And I love you fat, don't ever doubt that!

The above picture does not do justice to how the seaplane dock looks like so here's a better one:


I *swear* this was where I could feel all the stress and tension which bugged my head, my shoulders, my back, my joints, my whole freaking body completely leaving! I felt sooooo relaxed for the first time in a long time and this was *only* at their lounge okay! Amacam cakap?!

You can watch my instavid of Niyama's awesome private lounge here.

We were feeling a little hungry while waiting for our seaplane transfer so I thought we'd have to buy something at the resort for lunch but we didn't have to in the end because the staff who accompanied us to the lounge whipped up a juicy beef wrap for us!!! Didn't have to ask for it and didn't have to pay for it. Not sure if it's their standard protocol or whether the staff was just going the extra mile, though. Either way, we were so thankful!

After about 40 minutes, we were shuttled into the seaplane for our transfer whoop whoop! It was much sooner than we expected (since we were told we'd have to wait for an hour) - no such thing as the infamous Janji Melayu in Maldives, I guess! :P

All bundled up in the seaplane! There's no airconditioning in the seaplane so some people might find it a bit hot and stuffy but I personally thought it was fine. Maybe because I was seated next to a fan that was blasting in my face throughout the journey. Lol.

Took a few pictures then napped throughout the 1-hour seaplane ride to Niyama.

You can watch my instavid of our seaplane experience here. Don't worry, don't have trauma-inducing scene of me headbanging as I nap. Haha.

Upon arrival at Niyama's jetty, everything was an absolutely fantastic breeze!!!!!

 Greeted by the super nice and friendly resort manager
Introduced to Shinan, our thakuru (personal butler) 
Hopped onto a buggy
Shinan drove us around and showed us all the facilities available
Shinan drove us straight to our gorgeous villa!!!!!

We didn't have to struggle with documents and passports or head to the lobby or wait to check in at the reception or anything like that hor!!! So seamless! We were so pleasantly surprised because we expected some kind of checking-in process but there was none of that. Hop off the seaplane, hop on the buggy and off you go to your villa. If only all hotels and resorts were like this!!!!! 

In case you're wondering whether they asked for deposit like other resorts, they do! Shinan just brought along a credit card device to swipe our card after he showed us around the villa.

(Oh, on hindsight, the reason why they didn't need to check our passports and documents upon check-in was probably because the staff that accompanied us to the lounge already did it! I was so in awe at the gorgeous view outside the private lounge that I totally forgot she did ask for our documents when we first arrived at the lounge. Haha.

But goes to show that they make it so easy for you! No need to wait around or queue for your turn to check in, you just pass the documents to their staff upon arrival at the lounge, you can go laze around or have a snack and then he or she will return them back to you once they're done with the process. You won't even realize it because you're too busy! Lounging! Oohing and aahing!) 

Seriously, *no* words, *no* pictures, *no* videos can EVER describe that breathtaking moment when that goddamn buggy first drove into the villa compound.

I guess I can try to share a mere glimpse of that experience by posting up a video below, but trust me, you have to experience it yourself to truly know how it feels like, goddamnit.

After all, you can't feel the sun hitting your skin as the buggy pounds the wooden pavement, you can't feel your hair flickering from the cool sea breeze, you can't smell the fresh crisp air nor smell the sweet scent of unpolluted waters, you can't hear the dramatic sounds of the buggy's engine whirring alongside the soft rhythmic splashing of the waters beneath you and you can't truly see how clear and how beautiful the water really is from my 2-minute Youtube video:

(For best viewing, click 'Watch on Youtube' and change to 1080p HD setting)

♫ I could lift you up
I could show you what you want to see
and take you where you want to be
You could be my luck
Even if the sky is falling down
I know that we'll be safe and sound
We safe and sound ♫ 

Safe & Sound by Capital Cities

Anyway, I thought I'd start taking pictures of the villa and scenery and everything else the minute Shinan left us alone in the villa but I didn't - having our own private pool and the freaking gorgeous Indian ocean right at our doorstep was much more tempting.

We decided to take it easy since it was our first day (Wait, who am I kidding, we took it easy THE ENTIRE TRIP LAWLZ) so we rolled around in bed, hung out at the deck chairs and swam in our private pool throughout the day.

Would also like to mention that I was the only one who dared to venture out into the open sea eh by the way. The scaredy kitty cat I married was too scared of the fishes in the waters (The first fish we saw swimming near our villa staircase was a lion fish!!! So coolioz) and the waves being too strong so he decided to just lepak at our private pool. Wish I can post a picture of me frolicking out in the open sea because the view was really amazing!!!!! 

Unfortunately, I was, uhm, dressed appropriately for Maldives but inappropriately for the public's eye so... you all just imagine lah eh, a mother hippopotamus splashing around in clear waters.

If your imagination not so good, just know that it looked a little something like this:


Washed up in time for our first dinner in Maldives!

We already paid for our half-board meals in advance (more on this in another entry) so we didn't really know what to expect for dinner. Made our way to their main restaurant Epicure and was told by the super friendly waitress (everyone there were so friendly!!!) that they usually have different cuisines for their dinner buffet every night. On our first night, it was European food yum yum!

Took quite a lot of pictures of the food but I won't post them all because who the hell wants to see pictures and pictures and more pictures of scrumptious food, kan? :P

Selections at the dessert and salad bars:

And here's a picture of the quality control supervisor giving a warm welcoming smile to all guests from behind the appetizer counter:

Quality control supervisor giving a thumbs up alongside the barbeque counter staff.


I'm joking, of course. But do you know what is NOT a joke??? 

The food served at Epicure WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT A JOKE. 

Kiwak, sedap ke ape siak????? I don't know whether it was because Saliheen and I were not expecting super delicious food or whether it was just our holiday brains and holiday tastebuds at work (where everything seems so good lol) but we had one of the best dinners we've ever had in our whole entire lives right there in that bloody restaurant lah okay. 

Their seafood was super duper fresh, their meats were so. freaking. tender and juicy. and almost everything we had that night was JUST. AMAZEBALLS. Zomg my saliva nak meleleh lah writing this!!!!!

And the next picture is of my favourite combo of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free flow of grilled beef steak with barbeque sauce, shrimp with some kind of veg patty - I can't remember what... cucumber, maybe? - and freshly barbequed octopus drizzled with lemon herb sauce and lime (if you're good friends with me, you will know that my food weaknesses are squids and octopuses. And their children = telur sotong = OMG YUM)

Also, is it just me or does the steak look a little... phallic? Lol.

Maybe it's a special shaped meat served only to honeymooners hahaha

Stuffed ourselves silly that night and retreated back to our villa with happy bellies!

Okay now that I have left you feeling hungry, let's cruelly end this entry! Muahahaha!

But I promise - blog entry on Day 2 and 3 coming up next! In the meantime, you can watch my instavid on the food we typically had for dinner at Maldives here and feel your saliva nak meleleh too. Kwa kwa kwa. Selamat menonton!


  1. i overdosed on blue colour by reading this entry! Been WAITING for you to start your honeymoon entries! lol

    1. ni baru sikit! you wait, next entry, tenggelam terus in blue colour lol!

  2. Kenape blogger takde like button ni haha. Been eagerly waiting Maldives entries! Ok going home to go bug beg whine to the husband about Maldives hehe

    1. hahaha yay good luck!!! yes, please go bug beg whine to the husband, you'll enjoy Maldives as much as i have, fo 'sho!


  3. The ocean is so amahzzzziiinngg... Hahaha. And the meat does look abit uhmmm ... Very honeymoonish? Hahahaah

  4. I was also torn between Maldives and Europe right but ended up choosing Europe. Now I wanna go second honeymoon to Maldives thanks to your entry!

  5. Are the food all halal? I know Maldives is known for Muslim country, but just wondering. Thanks!

    1. hello dear!

      i don't know about their city centre (i heard they're all muslims and most likely all their food are halal) but for the holiday resorts, NOT all the food are halal.

      they do have alcohol and pork items, but those are segregated for non-Muslim guests.

      unlike Singapore, where food are not halal unless stated and certified as halal, in Maldives, everything is halal except those marked as 'non-halal'. get it? kat sana, it's terbalek. heh.

      hope that clarifies!


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