Hello Honeymoon! (Day 2 & 3, Niyama Maldives)

Now that I've gotten the blog entry for Day 1 of my honeymoon out of the way, let's start on Day 2 and Day 3! You might want to read the first entry by clicking here first if you haven't.

Day 2, 8th November 2013, Friday

Can you believe it - we woke up bright and early for our first full morning in Niyama Maldives without any ringing clocks or handphone alarms!

But how could we not, when we're greeted with this kind of beauty the minute we woke up?

It was our first time waking up to such a lovely view of the Indian Ocean and again, I really cannot find the words that I can use to describe the different sorts of feelings that rushed through me as I lay there in bed, counting my blessings and marveling at yet another one of God's amazing creations. 

And as if waking up to such a lovely view of the ocean wasn't enough, we were treated to an impressive buffet spread for our first breakfast in Maldives at Epicure!!! I know some of the pictures of the food below will look macam normal aje but we really did enjoy the breakfast spread tremendously okay.

If there is one thing you must know about me, I am a hardcore breakfast lover. 

Which is probably why breakfast is one of the things I look forward to when I go on holidays and why I greatly appreciate a good breakfast spread when I get one!

Again, not posting all the pictures of all the food up because I don't want to bore but these were just some of the stuff we had for breakfast. There were other yummy stuff like cold cuts and sausages and baked beans and hashbrowns and puffs and pastries and mushrooms and all sorts of awesome breakfast stuff. Oooooh, there were yummy fluffy eggs too, cooked to your preference!

And just when I thought there's NO other meal better in the world than an awesome breakfast.....

..... I experienced an awesome breakfast with an awesome view of the Indian Ocean.

With my awesome life partner by my side, of course. Hehe. 

First picture is a picture that I took of him taking the second picture. Geddit, geddit!

My husband and I sat at the same alfresco spot every morning for our breakfast and every evening for our dinner sampai the staff already knew where we were gonna sit everytime we stepped into the restaurant tau. See, told you guys we're not risk takers! We are totes predictable HAHA.

It might look like the sun is blazing hot but I can assure you that the heat is nothing like Singapore's. The heat was just the right amount somehow, and did not cause any discomfort like the kind you'll get in Singapore on its worst days. Helped that the breeze was so cooling and so sedap!

A picture of how Epicure looks like from the front - you can opt to sit inside or at the alfresco area, either way, you still get to face the gorgeous ocean while you feast on your meal *swoons*

Husband looking curiously at something he saw wriggling in the sand.

Eh eh got ketam! Berbadankan siput?????

Ahhhhhhh, such amazing, amazing view. Even the sand was soft and magical and did not irritate our feet like how the coarse ones in Singapore does to us! Or maybe that's just our holiday brains playing tricks on us hahahahaha

You can watch an instavid of me enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea here.

Oh, and I swear, no filters for these pictures hor!!! Husband kept gushing over how "Maldives looks exactly like how they are portrayed in the postcards! The postcards weren't lying eh bb???" Haha.

We didn't feel like hanging out at the beach that day so we started walking back to our villa. 

We could have asked for a buggy ride back to our villa instead of walking actually, because Niyama has this service where you can just request for a buggy ride from anywhere to everywhere. Most of the times kitaorang naik lemak and would request for a buggy ride anywhere and everywhere we went. Haha!

You can watch my instavid of one of our buggy rides back to the villa here.

But itu hari entah ape angin entah (angin bayu dari Maldives kot???), we just felt like having a nice stroll hand-in-hand, just us laki bini. Kononnya romantic lah tuuuuu.

My freak of a husband making a pitstop and checking out the gym. 

(He eventually left me alone in the villa for an hour on one of the days to go work out at the gym. FREAK! Who the hell goes to the gym on their honeymoon??? Oh that's right - FREAKS!)

Oh, and this is the long pathway that we had to walk on on our back to our villa. It's looks like it's a long walk but it's not!!! Plus you get such a scenic view while walking back to the villa so no complains, really :D

Decided to take pictures of the villa we stayed in after we returned from breakfast!

I also took a tour video of the villa but my voice and my comments terlalu annoying so I'm not sure if I want that floating around on the world wide web. Hahahahaha.

Okay, let's start. From the front of our villa lah okay.

The view we get when we open up the front door.

The other villas next to us all lined up beside each other. Even though the jarak looks pretty close, it still felt private enough for us because we didn't hear, feel or get any disturbances from all the other villa guests. But the private pool area isn't exactly private *private*, I'll explain this later.

Hello! We are the Singaporean guests from Room # 69! :D

Awesome huge ass mirror is AWESOME HUGE ASS.

A little corner where we can dump our luggages! Our luggages were actually opened up wide with stuff strewn all over but for picture purposes, I cleared them up and closed our luggage bags okay. Nak kasi you all tengok mestilah kena kasi cantik cantik.

As you can see from the products on the dressing table, we pretty much made ourselves at home lol. One cabinet for Saliheen, and one cabinet for me!

I really like the dressing table seat as well because bawah ada wheels! So easy to pull out. I've been to hotels where the dressing table seat is bulky and you need to struggle to heave the damn chair out. Meh. Which is why I totes appreciate the design for this one!

The TV screen that we can swing out whenever we want to watch a movie or two on the bed. Not that we could watch that many movies because the TV kept tripping on us!!!!! Garggggghhh.

If we had any complains about our stay at Niyama, it's this! Their movie catalogue was decent enough - they had a bunch of Hitler/World War-related foreign movies that both of us got excited over - and we would have liked to watch a few movies throughout the stay.

Unfortunately, the TV kept tripping and cutting the movies short everytime and we got sooooo frustrated trying to fix the TV + getting Niyama's staff to fix the TV *three* different times. Meh.

But nehmind. Cannot see TV, we see outside.

A picture of the gorgeous, gorgeous view outside *sighs happily*

Our private pool! One of the criteria we had was that our villa MUST HAVE PRIVATE POOL.

Oh yes, talking about private pool, right. 

The reason why I say the pool isn't exactly private *private* is because other guests who swim out to the sea and decide to walk across your villa will still be able to see you while you are at your pool or inside your villa if you leave all your doors and blinds wide open (as with our case). 

But it only happened to us one time when an Asian couple decided for some reason to cross through the villas via the open sea - didn't really bother us lah because they weren't rowdy or anything and my husband (who was happily splashing around in the pool) being my husband, said hello to them and waved. 

So typical this boy. With stones and trees also he can make friends, you know.

Yes, so, anyway, just thought I should mention this little fact! In case y'all think it's damn private. Well, it IS peaceful and private most of the time, just that once in awhile there might be that stray resort guest who will pass by your villa.

I spent some quality time on these deckchairs! Love love. I used to go tanning a lot when I was younger and this fascination I have with having tanned skin has not wavered with age. Heh.

The little staircase where you walk down from if you want to swim into the open sea.

You can watch an instavideo of me walking down these stairs during high tide here.

Okay lepas tu, after dah masuk laut, kita masuk mana? Masuk bathroom pulak!


Oh, and can you see the lights hanging at the top? It's inspired by the coral reefs that are abundant in Maldivian waters! So cute. I loved how the whole bathroom was very airy and very welcoming, and had a clean modern feel to it. 

But the only downside to the bathroom = No basic toiletries provided.

That's right - NO basic toiletries provided. 

Naturally that part caught us by surprise lah - I mean, when you go on holiday you expect stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste and soap to be readily available in the bathroom already, right? Pastu bila part nak balek, kumpul everything and masukkan dalam luggage, right? Perangai bacin. 

Which was why we didn't bring any of our toiletries, except for our own shampoo, with us lah. We asked our thakuru whether he can get some for us, which he did in the end, and with no extra charges whatsoever.

Not sure why Niyama doesn't provide basic toilet necessities! I read some reviews after our stay in Niyama and discovered this is their standard practice. Hmmm... puzzling.

But that's okay - at least they have this awesome huge ass bathtub for awesome huge ass bubble baths with an awesome huge ass view... for two. Haha. 


I also told my husband that it looks like a giant wash basin. Lulz.

Oh! I super regret not bringing along bath bombs from Lush, by the way!!!!!!! D:

Okay, initially I didn't want to post pictures of the tempat mandi and jamban because who doesn't know how a tempat mandi and jamban looks like kan, but well..... THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL TEMPAT MANDI AND JAMBAN, IS IT.

Right side is where you take your baths, left side is where you do your business.

Love rain showers!

As you can see, the design is open air concept (?) so when you take a shower or do your toilet business, you can actually feel the wind from outside and can see the fishes and waves crashing below segala. I found it quite refreshing tau!

Alright, I think that's about it with the villa tour! 

And in case you still cannot guess by now, after taking pictures of the whole villa, we spent the whole day doing nothing but.......... that's right, tanning and swimming and tanning and swimming while waiting for dinner time.

We didn't have to rush to go sightseeing, we didn't have to hurry to catch anything, everything we did, we did them at our own leisure and at our own time.



Husband checking social media amidst his swim. Free wifi is love!


And that's me, doing a macam paham look-out-into-the-ocean pose by the pool lololol

Super love how sunkissed my skin looked! Again, NO filter okay guys.

Oh look! My photobooth prop decided to get a tan in Maldives too! Lolololol.

Dinner that night was Mediterranean cuisine!

The fried stuff in the last picture fell short of expectations but everything else was pretty okay. Kirakan the selection and taste for Mediterranean dinner night was not bad lah, just that we thought the European fare the night before was much better.

Stuffed ourselves silly just the same and retreated back to our villa to chill out the rest of the night.

I can't remember whether this was the night when my husband and I spent an hour or so outside the room, sitting at the side of the pool, just marvelling at the view above us. But I will *definitely* remember that at least once in my lifetime, I saw something so exceptional and so glorious that night, and it was the Maldivian night sky.

Just imagine: no clouds, no birds, no planes, just the sound of the waves and the cooling breeze, and thousands and thousands and *thousands* of twinkling bright stars dotting the vast pitch black sky. And then there's you, with your husband sitting by your side, both staring at the mesmerizing night sky in absolute silence because there is really nothing else you can do but to just soak it all in... and enjoy. You will feel calm and enthralled and ridiculously small all at the same time.

I loved it, and it was one of the BEST moments in my life. 

It is just unfortunate that no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't capture the gorgeous star-studded night sky on camera or on video. I really wish I have a picture or a video to share that breathtaking moment with everyone else but there is just no way to explain it or capture it through a picture or video - it's just one of those things in life that you have to experience it yourself. 

Oh well, at least I had the privilege to share it with my most favourite person in the whole wide world and it is a memory that both of us can treasure together for as long as we both shall live, yes? :,)

Needless to say, itu malam kita tido muka ada senyummmmmmm.

Day 3, 9th November 2013, Saturday

One couple shot before we head out for some ah-mazzzzzing breakfast!

That's my husband totally striking his best 'Pitch Perfect' pose.

Yes? No? 


Oh yes, and this was yet another instance where we decided to be rajin rajinkan otot and take a nice slow walk to the Epicure for breakfast instead of calling for a buggy.


Saw this on the way to breakfast! I pretty much decided that there was no way I will leave Maldives without trying out a spa and massage session here and started concocting a plan in my head on how to convince the husband that WE. NEED. THAT. MASSAGE. GODDAMNIT.

You will, of course, see later that my plan worked. As always *smirks*

But back to breakfast for now.

Oh, just another amazing breakfast meal on an amazing morning in amazing Maldives.....


Even their tuna freaking puff was delicious k, it was RIDICULOUS K.

We were mocking the tuna puff, saying how it *cannot* be possible for their tuna puff to be sedap macam the rest of the other food. I mean, it's a freaking tuna puff aje!!!

And *then* we both had one bite each and after savouring the taste, we just SAT there speechless, staring at each other in disbelief for about a few seconds. Makanan kat sini biadab biadab belaka or what!!!!! Apa ilmu ni dorang pakai??? So yummy get money ijit??? >:(

ANYWAY. After we were done with breakfast, we spent a few hours lazing around and people-spotting at the beach before heading back to our villa.

Mandatory drinks by the beach!

Don't know whether the few hours at the beach made us hungry but we decided to order lunch via room service after we crashed back at our villa. (We didn't have to eat lunch for the rest of the other days, I will explain this in an another entry) 

Burger and fries set came with Beerenberg sauces! Husband really loved the burger but he's biased because he is a burger lover and EATS ALL BURGERS. I thought the burger and fries were okay okay only, but the sauces saved the day for me!

Just a picture of how the outside looks like when the day turns into evening.

Once the sky started turning dark, we got ready for dinner and a night out - we decided to check out Subsix, which is Niyama's famous underwater club! It's located a little far out in the ocean so kena take a 10-minute speedboat ride out.

We had no intentions of visiting Subsix initially, but decided to just look see look see since there's no cover charge, anyway. And no harm in being able to tell people you've clubbed underwater in the depths of the Indian Ocean at least once in your lifetime, right? Lulz.

We informed our thakuru beforehand that we'll be visiting Subsix, by the way. Can't remember if telling your thakuru beforehand was required *required* before you go to Subsix, since there were scheduled speedboat trips that would come to collect guests who want to visit Subsix every 20 minutes. You can check on the boat timings with your thakuru beforehand.

Didn't bring any party gear or high heels since we didn't have plans on clubbing but since it was Maldives - where everything and everyone is so laidback - we figured they wouldn't be such a stickler for that sort of stuff.

I ended up wearing a sundress and slippers, husband wore teeshirt and slippers but decided to throw on a pair of jeans, just in case. It'd be weird for him to club in shorts anyway haha.

But first things first - DINNER!

The cuisine that night was Asian, and you'd think that as Asians, we'd enjoy the buffet spread made up of Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food and the likes thoroughly, right???

Unfortunately, their Asian dinner buffet weren't as yummy as the first two ones :/

Seemed like almost everything we took was a disappointment and even the ones we did enjoy was passable, at best. Such a bummer! I can still remember baulking and spitting the meat out when I had my first bite of their Chinese-styled soy sauce chicken (or something like that)... So urgh!

Can't decide whether Epicure's kitchen just can't do Asian food right or whether we were being picky since we're Asians ourselves! Either one seems possible eh? Maybe even both, who knows.

But that's A-okay lah, because the barbeque station was open (it's open every night for dinner, actually, thank God) which means.....



I can totes have 10 plates of the same barbequed stuff every night (which I did) and NOT GET BORED, PLEASE. I loved their barbequed stuff that much! Their barbeque station staff must have judged me SO MUCH for taking rounds after rounds after rounds HAHA. WHO ASK YOUR SEAFOOD AND MEATS TO BE SO FRESH AND TENDER AND JUICY AND SEDAP HAR?!

After we were done with dinner, we quickly walked to the jetty to catch the next speedboat out to Subsix.

Our speedboat ride is here!

It was a little scary but mostly thrilling to be out on a speedboat whirring away in darkness!

There was no crowd (save for three other couples) that night but we were totally fine with that because we preferred to have a quiet night out. We didn't really want to party *party*, we just wanted to soak in the atmosphere, have some drinks and get the experience, mostly. 

The resort manager who came to speak to us a few times throughout our stay at Niyama did tell us that their party night was the night before we went, and that's when they had a live band and singers and merrymaking and everything, but we knew we didn't want to get caught in anything too rowdy.

So yes, anyway! We ordered a drink each (Both too sweet!!!!! Potong kaki potong jari), chatted while watching fishes swim by, listened to the staff's explanation about the club and the coral reefs and marveled at how even when we were in the depths of the Indian Ocean WE STILL HAD WIFI hahahahaha. We became quite yaya and checked in to Facebook announcing that we were under the sea~ under the sea~ HAHAHA

I think we spent about 30 minutes in Subsix before deciding to take the next speedboat back to the villa. LOL.

This is a picture I took of Edge, which is the floating restaurant beside Subsix, while waiting outside for the next speedboat to come and bring us back to the main villa. Would have liked to sit down for snacks and drinks if we weren't so stuffed from dinner and the drinks we had at Subsix :/

I think the idea of clubbing underwater is something novel but I guess staying out with music and drinks just isn't our thing anymore? The club was pretty small and intimate and we got crazy bored after awhile - we'd rather watch a movie or chat under the stars at our villa! - so it didn't make sense for us to stay longer. 

But if you're a partygoer at heart and staying at Niyama for your holiday then make sure you go to Subsix only on days when they have international DJs spinning or live bands playing hor! Baru happening. If not you duduk kira ikan je lah kan kat situ.

Was welcomed back to the main villa area by our thakuru, who was mysteriously waiting to greet us back at the main jetty! We were pretty surprised and tried to figure out how he knew we were gonna return at the timing that we did!!!!! :O

It's either coincidental OR there is a protocol where Subsix staff will informed the thakurus their guests are returning back to the villa OR our key cards (which is in the form of a rubberized bangle that we wore everywhere) had some kind of tracing/detecting function in them. Haha.

But whatevz, we reached back to our villa with a nice warm bubble bath prepared!!!

This is something that you can request for, by the way - you can just tell your assigned thakuru that you'd like to have a bubble bath when you return from wherever you will be and he'll make the necessary arrangements... you can even choose if you want a hot or cold one!

Our thakuru Shinan told me that he was planning to do it as a surprise on our last night in Maldives if I hadn't requested for it, anyway! Hehe. Sayang Shinan.

Okay guys, now that this blog entry is terlalu panjang macam novel cinta empat persegi, I'll have to break it up again and write about Days 4 and 5 in a separate entry! BYE.


  1. Farhanaaaaaaaaaa, the awesomeness in this blogpost is too.damn.high. I cannot take it, why so pretty nak mampos?! And dont mind me asking, all the food at Maldives is halal isit? I heard since its a Muslim country so no pork whatsoever... issssit? My bf dah hyperventilate tengok your first post and dah angan2 dah honeymoon kat sana. hehe

    1. hahaha! not me okay, maldives yang terlalu awesome!

      and yes, since it's a Muslim country, the food in Maldives are halal! if it's not, they will actually label the food as 'non-halal / pork'. the resort we went to had a small separate section that had pork food items in their restaurant.

      you guys will have an amazing time if you go to Maldives for honeymoon!!! go je, jangan scared :P

  2. yey got new blog!

    *your happy stalker*

  3. Hello! You know what? I am actually very sad that you've stopped blogging in kahwin khronicles because honestly, ALL my girlfriends who are getting married (myself, included) stalk your kahwin khronicles blog like crazy because everything is so useful! Heheh. Thank you for your awesome wedding blog!

    Anyway, back to this post.. Oh my god lah. Maldives seem like a very awesome place. It wasn't really one of my honeymoon choices but now macam want to go! Update moreee! :D

    1. don't sad sad, please! you sad, i lagi sad tau. hehe. thank you so so much for following my kahwing journey walaupun tak seberapa, hope you and your girlfriends are still going on strong with korang punya wedding preparations!!!

      Maldives is great for lazy honeymooners like my husband and i! nanti my last blogpost, i'll list down whether you should or should not go to Maldives as honeymoon :D


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