Hello Honeymoon! (Day 4 & 5, Niyama Maldives)

We have now come to the last portion of my honeymoon story; this includes Day 4, which is my faaaaavourite day of our honeymoon as well as Day 5, which is the dreaded last day of our amazing Maldivian honeymoon :(

If you're haven't been following my honeymoon story, you can catch up by reading my blog entries for Day 1 (click here) and Day 2 & Day 3 (click here).

Day 4, 10th November 2013, Sunday

Wanted to wake up earlier than usual (think 4am++) to catch the Maldivian sunrise but we overslept and only sprung out of bed at about 5.30am lol.

We did catch the tail end of the sunrise, though!

Still beautiful, imho. Super quiet and peaceful, which is obviously very different from the hustle and bustle of dreary mornings in Singapore.

As mentioned at the start of this entry, Day 4 has to be my most absolute faaaaavourite day of all our days in Maldives!!!  


Because this was the day my husband realized there is truth to my words and said yes to all the activities that I proposed we do in Maldives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

You see, when we were planning to go for honeymoon in Maldives, his inclination was clear - all he wanted to do was: go for breakfast → swim → lepak → eat dinner → sleep and do absolutely NOTHING ELSE. He scoffed at the activities that I wanted to do and kept shooting them down with:

"Ala, we snorkel at Phuket before, what

"Ala, we parasail at Phuket before, what

"The spa and massage so expensive, can do cheaper at Batam or Bintan

But I was adamant that it'd be a waste to be at Maldives for the one and only time in our lifetimes and NOT do the activities there. Also, it's our honeymoon! We should let loose a little so we can go and make some great memories, right?!

Yes, we have gone snorkelling at Phuket before. But how can you compare the coral reefs and marine life in Phuket to Maldives? Not the same ocean and not the same occupants.

Yes, we have gone parasailing in Phuket before. But how can you compare parasailing in Phuket where the beach is crowded, the scenery not as picturesque and the ocean is not as wide and as blue as Maldives?

Yes, we have gone for massages many times in Bintan and Batam before, for cheaper and for longer hours, but HOW CAN YOU COMPARE? Each country is different, and each activity - never mind that it is the same act - WILL BE A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. I have always believed that each country will have its own unique offering and I don't think I will change my perspective on this ever.

So my husband conceded (after many hints, many mentions and a muka kucing kesian or two hahahahaha) and we made a few hasty calls that morning to make the necessary arrangements:

  • Snorkelling: There were only two slots each day which were the best for snorkelling in Maldives - 10am or 2pm. We thought it'd be just nice to go for snorkelling at 10am after breakfast but there was a maximum quota of 16pax per trip and unsurprisingly, the 10am slot was fully booked. So we agreed to go for the 2pm slot instead. (We realized much later why it was *fated* for us to go for 2pm slot. Everything happens for a reason and I've said this time and again - if it is meant to be your rezeki, it WILL be your rezeki, remember?) 

  • Parasailing: We had to walk to the parasailing area after our breakfast to book this. We didn't want to pack everything into one day and we didn't want to have to rush through everything after snorkelling. So we fixed it at 10am the next day, which would be our last day in Maldives, because we figured we'd have a few hours to kill before (the assumed) check-out time. We will eventually change this slot on a whim, which turned out to be yet *another* case of memang-dah-rezeki! I will explain this later in this entry.

  • Spa & Massage: Since we were told our snorkelling will take about 2 hours (2pm to 4pm), we decided to fix our spa & massage session at 5pm. Lucky got slots!  

We started the day right with breakfast (of course).

Off for breakfast!


Since it was our last full day in Niyama and we had a few good hours to spare before our snorkelling session, we spent some time browsing at the resort's souvenir shop to buy what else but... souvenirs! Takkan pergi souvenir shop untuk beli beras and gula kan.

We were told by a friend who has been to Maldives that it's better to buy souvenirs at the airport rather than the souvenir shop at  resorts but we were hurried to the seaplane transfer counter upon arrival and didn't have time to recce the souvenier prices when we first reached the airport.

Since we weren't sure if we'd have enough time to browse before our flight back home, we decided to just borong everything at the resort! We eventually had enough time at the airport before our flight back home and discovered that the tea boxes that we got were selling at MORE than 50% at the airport than the ones we got at the resort.

I think it was just our nasib our resort were selling the same stuff at a lower price!

Happy with our souvenier purchases! We bought boxes of tea for family and colleagues, our bridal party and our major vendors. Bought a vial of Maldivian sand for myself and a magnet for our magnetic notice board back home heh.

Even after close to an hour of browsing at the souvenier shop, we still had a few hours left to 2pm so we buggied back to the villa and decided to watch a movie. We didn't want to swim and spend time in our private pool since we knew we will spend quite some time in the waters during our snorkelling trip.

I think this was the only time the TV behaved well enough for us to watch a movie - itu pun it got stuck in the middle twice and we had to reboot the system each time. *shakes fist*

I chose 'The Lovely Bones' because this is one of the movies that I've enjoyed watching and I wanted Saliheen to know the movie as well. Some critics have panned the movie for being trippy, which it is, but I quite like it! In the end, he thought the movie was great as well. Atta boy! :P

(Click here to know what 'The Lovely Bones' is about. If you're crazy obsessed with serial murder stories like me, you'll probably enjoy this movie as much as I do.)

The movie nicely ended just before 1.45pm so we packed up and made our way out to the jetty for our scheduled snorkelling trip!

Husband couldn't stop laughing over his own allegation that the flippers were "half my height" -___- Sorry hor, I am more than double the height of the flippers lor, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why husband is giving his stamp of approval and why we were headed out on such a small speedboat, it was because.....

IT WAS FOR THE TWO OF US ONLY LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So yes, THIS is why it was fated for us to miss the 10am slot! No other guests signed up for the 2pm slot, which meant that the trip was for just the two of us!!!!! Made us feel like we signed up for a private snorkelling session, you know! Hehehehehe.

So happy when we knew Hassan (the snorkelling staff) could give us his undivided attention and we could be all silly with no other guests around. Very shiok!!!!! And very lomantik, of course :P

Us floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean with no land in sight.

And don't worry, one of the pretty Maldivian stars did not just jatuh to my husband's face, I put that star there because he has been protesting over how he "looks fat" in this picture. (DUDE. SERIOUSLY.)

The session went off without a hitch, the coral reefs and marine were crazy gorgeous and the experience was most definitely different from the experience we had in Phuket okay! It was pretty calm and uneventful until halfway through the session when...........

We saw a baby shark and a sea turtle swimming near the coral reefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hassan got crazy excited afterwards, saying how freaking lucky we were because it is ~pretty~ difficult to catch a glimpse of a baby shark or a sea turtle during the snorkelling session... what more BOTH during the same snorkelling trip!!!!!

He kept saying that there weren't any baby sharks or sea turtles during the 10am slot and we wouldn't have had the chance to see these two creatures if we had gone for the earlier session!!!

And that was when we realized there was ANOTHER reason why we missed the 10am slot and was fated to go for the 2pm slot instead!!! Alhamdullilah! This is what we call rezeki pengantin, yes??? :P

We didn't get a picture or video of the baby shark since it was darting around (Also, we were apprehensive and scared we might agitate him/her enough sampai he/she activate the whole kaumpuak! We wouldn't want our honeymoon to turn into a scene from Jaws now, would we.....) But we managed to record a video of the sea turtle on our trusty GoPro and it was AMAZEBALLZ!!!!!

It was such a magical moment okay, even though I was floating in the middle of the freaking Indian Ocean, I could feel the goosebumps all the way up my neck and down my spine!!!!!

Not sure if this will give the same effect (obviously NOT) but here's a short compilation of the video footage we got underwater:

 Click on 'Watch on Youtube' and change to 1080p HD setting for best viewing.

After we were done with snorkelling, we sped back to the main island, and entah macam mana, kitaorang tergerak hati and decided to go parasailing right there and then! We were thinking, what the heck, we have an hour to kill before our spa and massage session, our clothes were dripping wet anyway, we might as well parasail kasi baju kering hahahahaha (if only we can all keringkan our laundry this way kan lolololol)

And yes, as mentioned, this impromptu change turned out to be yet another memang-dah-rezeki decision on our part... you will understand why later on in this entry!!!!!

Picture of my husband parasailing high up in the blue, blue sky.

But just share picture like no shiok, right? Okay, I try show you the experience in this video:

 Click on 'Watch on Youtube' and change to 1080p HD setting for best viewing.

I don't know whether you can truly appreciate the experience based on two minutes of video footage ah, but the feeling of being up in the Maldivian sky WAS. FREAKING. AMAZING. GAIZE.

I've gone parasailing twice in my life, both times in Phuket, but I think the parasailing experience in Maldives was the one that TRULY BLEW ME AWAY (figuratively and literally, of course, hur hur hur) because it is NOTHING like parasailing in Phuket okay!!!!!!!

Now that I've tried the one in Maldives, I can safely say that parasailing in Phuket pales in comparison and is damn play cheat lah please.

I'm not sure whether you can understand what I'm saying but here are two pictures of me parasailing in Phuket back in May 2010 that I will use to explain:

As you can see from the pictures, one of the Phuket parasail boys dangled on the strings and he was the one who helped to control and maneuver the parasail whilst in the air.

This is very different from the parasail in Maldives where it is totally machine-controlled and it is just... you. And you alone. In the sky. Admiring the majestic Indian Ocean glistening in the sunlight below you. Realizing how small you really are, and how great your God really is for creating such wonders. Just you, your thoughts, and the laut and langit ciptaan Tuhan.

There is no way a measly parasail in Phuket could have beat that.

I also feel more puas hati with my Maldives parasail session because even though it was for 15 minutes only, it felt like ages! Probably because we circled a mega huge round over the Indian Ocean as opposed to Phuket, where the parasail just makes one small round across the crowded Patong beach.

So that's it lah. I can never parasail in Thailand anymore without feeling like shit. (I still love you Thailand, but no more parasailing at your beaches, I'm sorry!!!)

We were super exhilarated by the time our parasailing session was over but we had no time to waste because we were left with 10 minutes to our spa and massage session! Buggied back to our villa to dump our barang barang and have a change of clothes before buggying to the spa.

The spa reception... and my husband hugging a pillar at the corner. Dia pikir orang tak nampak tau.

Lime sorbet and hot towels as a form of welcome!

We opted for their Maldivian scrub, oil massage and hair & scalp massage.

Had to change into a comfy bathrobe in their pretty bathroom!


Our spa & massage treatment room facing the Indian Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got get this in Bintan or Batam not????? NO, RIGHT!

Our wonderful masseurs grinning away at the back while husband goofs off at the camera.


They even had a music menu!

Started off with a nice warm feet soak.....

..... and ended off with us waking up to this, two hours of bliss later.

The whole spa and massage session was, in case you couldn't have guessed, WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! Even Saliheen had to admit that it was NOTHING like the ones we've been to in Batam and Bintan. Our masseurs were so delicate yet so effective in their handling, never been that relaxed in our lives before okay. Felt so so SO blissful!!!

I wanted to cry and beg and make them come to Singapore, you know!!!!!!!

But alas..... :(

Husband demonstrating how ~DIVINE~ it felt after the spa & massage session. Hehe.

We were super ravenous by the time the session was over so we buggied to Epicure for our last dinner in Maldives :(

But how apt was it, for our last dinner buffet in Maldives to be Maldivian cuisine?! I think I love their cuisine night the most because everything could be grilled that night lol.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Mehehehehe. You see, usually on all the other nights, they'll have 3 choices for you to choose from e.g. beef, calamari and salmon OR beef, squid and prawn, etc.

But on Maldivian dinner night, everything goes - they had an endless array of beef, squid, calamari, prawns, different types of fishes waiting to be grilled! SO DROOLZZZZZ!!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, the buffet lines were moved to the alfresco area and tables and chairs were set up on the beach for Maldivian night! (I.e. everyone had their dinner on the beach.) They even had some staff play Maldivian drums and music during the earlier part of dinner. Fantastic atmosphere!

It was here that my husband told me he had a fantastic day out *beams with pride*, and that his only regret is not listening to me about going for the activities earlier.

He said if he had listened to my suggestions earlier, we could have done the activities over a span of few days instead of packing everything into one day!!! But I was okay with it lah, at least we got to try some of the activities before we leave Maldives daripada tak buat terus kan :)

Anyway, we had a really nice dinner by the beach that night, we were feeling relaxed and happy with the fact that we had an unforgettable honeymoon but at the same time, we hated the idea of having to leave the island that has given us so much love and happiness in 5 mere days :(

But I think we suffered the real blow when we stepped into our villa and found a letter at the door, telling us "that our luggage will be collected at 9.30am, and we will have to be at the check-out counter by 9.45am so we can board our seaplane transfer to the airport at 10.00am" D:


It was especially devastating for us because we initially thought that we'd get to check out at 12pm since our flight home was scheduled at 2.20pm Maldivian time. We'd already planned to wake up early, have a nice swim then go for a nice slow breakfast... we didn't know that we'd have to pack up as early as 9.30am for our seaplane transfer to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport!

And if you remember from earlier, we initially scheduled our parasailing session on our last day at 10am because we thought we had some time before check-out!!! But as luck and fate would have it, we decided to move forward our parasailing session on a whim after we were done with our snorkelling session :O

Can you *imagine* if we didn't??? We would have totally missed the parasail experience in Maldives lor!!! Takkan nak parasail sampai airport kan??? Siiiiiak ah.

This is really what my mother, my grandmother and my ancestors would say - dah memang rezeki kau, nak. Can't believe our luck, really!

I took the news of the earlier check-out better than my husband, by the way. Dude started wailing and wailing about how harsh the letter was, sulked over how he didn't want to leave Maldives so early, and kept throwing his body weight on the bed in protest. Ngawwwww. (If you've read my blog enough, you'd know that my husband IS A SMALL CHILD in a man's body.) 

After I pacified him, we started packing our bags for home.

Day 5, 11th November 2013, Monday

Unsurprisingly, my least favourite part of the honeymoon was the last day but not just because we had to wrap up our honeymoon, leave Maldives and return back to reality.

It was also because we overslept and couldn't have a slow start to the day like we wanted :( 

We had grand plans of waking up at 4am, go for a quick swim then slowly savouring our last breakfast in Maldives before checking out but as fate had it, we missed our alarms and jolted awake only at 9 freaking am when our luggage was due to be collected at 9.30am. Sigh!

Rushed through our baths (nasib baik bag dah pack semalamnye!), buggied out to Epicure at 9.30am, rushed like mad through our breakfast and we were all ready to check out by 9.45am.

Oh, it started raining just as we were about to start breakfast and naturally, my husband and I very perasantan and started saying macam paham stuff like "Omg, look even the Maldivian skies are crying! They must be feeling sad because we're leaving!" LOL.

Oh, and the rain was yet another indication of how luck and fate was on our side, okay - can you imagine, even if we had some time to spare for parasailing before checking out like we originally planned, we wouldn't have been able to do so at the scheduled 10am slot because - duh - it rained that morning??? The mind BOGGLES at how our rezeki is handed to us!

Please don't ever scoff when someone tells you "Ada hikmah disebalek segala apa yang berlaku" or when someone says "Rezeki itu akan datang dengan pelbagai cara" eh korang!


Bade goodbye to our thakuru Shinan who has been an angel throughout our stay in Niyama!

Best kan dia, pergi kerja pakai baju longgar, slippers and cermin mata Raybans. Lol.

The rain stopped just before we boarded our seaplane transfer.

Last kopek shot at the jetty! As you can see, the jetty is wet from the rain. 

We know how you feel, wahai Maldivian skies!!!!! T___T

Said goodbye to our thakuru and resort manager who were there to see us off, promised to be back for our 1st year anniversary (yelah tu) and off we went on our seaplane transfer.

We had a quick lunch at the airport before borong-ing more souvenirs in the form of coin pouches and teeshirts. I mean, who the hell goes to Maldives for holiday and doesn't bring home an army's worth of "I ♥ Maldives" teeshirts?! Am I right or AM I RIGHT???  


Ate my meal and watched some movies until the blue skies turned into this:

Landing back in Singapore zzzzzzZZZzzZZzzzz

But sad feelings aside, I loved that my family picked us up from the airport and my silly sisters flashed a sign that said "Welcome back, Monday Couple!" LOL! Because we arrived back in Singapore on a Monday, geddit, geddit?! (For those who didn't get the 'Monday Couple' reference, GO WATCH 'RUNNING MAN' ALREADY LAH.)

And now that I'm back in Singapore (cheh, padahal dah tiga bulan lah eh hahaha), I've been getting enquiries on how much kita laki bini spent for our honeymoon in Maldives! Oleh itu, to make it easier for everyone, I will list down our travel information as well as our total expenditure in my final entry on Maldives next okay! Nanti korang pandai pandai agak lah eh.


  1. Bace this last entry dah boleh feel your pain kene leave!! Hahahaha

    1. hahahahaha if you were there, you'd understand this ~pain~

  2. Ahh, I'm loving all your entries on your honeymoon. Mcm nak kahwin skrg and pegi Maldives besok jgak. Hahaha! Anw, can't wait for your next entry on the expenses! :D

    - Farah

    1. ngawww thank you! and yes, please consider Maldives as your honeymoon destination if you're looking for fun and relaxation! best tauuuuuuu

  3. Babe, what camera you use eh? The quality of your videos damn awesome can?!

    1. hehe thank you! the video footage all captured on Go Pro Hero 3! memang powerzxzxz

  4. Whoa looks awesome, though I only want to go for the parasailing experience. The sun and the sea is not my friend. LOL! I can't believe I can get seasick during snorkeling! Benci betol!

    1. haha! kalau lah boleh naik train pergi Maldives sekejap untuk parasail then patah balek eh

      zomg you get seasick when you snorkel??? tough luck :/

  5. I think you took parasailing at the wrong beach in Phuket lah, I took the ones at Phi Phi or somewhere offshore and you parasail all alone, navigate anyhow sampai tergolek2 bila landing hahaha I love Phuket but I think Maldives is definitely more awesome. Macam boleh rasa the atmosphere when I read your entries kekeke. Anyway I linked u up! Senang sikit boleh follow your updates :P

    1. zomg really??? oh mannnnnn, the ones on patong beach had someone up with those who parasailed! i think i still prefer that though, cos kalau fly sendiri confirm mengelabah hahahahaha

      thanks for the link, jom kita sesama follow updates each other :P

  6. I really love reading up ur blog on maldives. There were too many resorts n so Was googling for a blog with reviews, something i can relate to. Ive been wanting to try parasailing but hubby always tknk, he say takot ti jatoh dlm air lah.but when i look at ur video it looks safe. :) Mind sharing your expenses for hotel, flight, food at the resort, activities. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Don't worry pasal parasailing, it's pretty safe (especially in Maldives) and even if you drop into the water, there wouldn't be much damage... Anyway, you can check out the expenses for my Maldives honeymoon at the link below!



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