Akak Hello Khronicles Goes To A Seminar

Been up to a lot of things recently and asyik tangguh tangguh the stories that I want to share but just a super quick one (by my standards lol) today on one of my latest developments!!! 

Those who follow me on my social media platforms would have seen these pictures which I (excitedly) shared yesterday:

Was invited to this seminar which happened yesterday by the Institute of Policy Studies and I was so interested and curious and excited to join and learn and contribute sampai I submitted my "Attending" RSVP in a heartbeat tau! Even applied for whole day leave sebab tak nak kepenatan hehe (Cari chance to take a break from work ler tu.....)

No words can express how honoured I was to be invited! Sampai terkaku beku sekejap bila kena interact with so many academics and professors as well as other distinguished bloggers and guests. I felt so small and silly introducing myself as someone who blogged about Malay weddings, which sounds frivolous lah bila put side by side dengan the rest of the other guests *tunduk malu*

Not supposed to blog in detail about the whole event, the discussions and what not but I figured it'd be fun to reproduce a picture of me being an absolute trainwreck on TV hahahahahaha:
YA, YOU LAUGH. Wait till you watch the news clip.......... 

.......... which I am NOT going to share because watching myself on video makes me cringe hahahahaha + I bombed so badly during the interview!!!

I wasn't even watching Berita when it was broadcast at 8pm yesterday because I was SO convinced my interview sucks balls sampai there is NO way in hell they'd use the footage with me in it. Sekali slightly after 8pm, my handphone started buzzing like crazy with texts and notifications from my friends and social media kenalans, all excited at seeing me on TV!!! Thanks eh korang :P

Oh, and coverage in Berita Harian pun ada jugak - this one appears in today's copy:

Even though I would looooove to explain and elaborate more on the seminar findings and my thoughts on the very interesting discussions, kat sini bukan tempatnye ye, so I tak akan make you all baca cerita grandmother story kat sini today.

Plus, I try to blog on light-hearted topics like... Food! Entertainment! Weddings! Parties! A WHOLE LOT OF SHOPPING!!! (I ada baaaaanyak blog drafts about my shopping buys waiting in line, by the way) Sooooo, ini macam punya topic I reserve untuk in-depth discussion dengan my friends yang terdekat sahaje lah :)

Scanned copy of the article below for you all to baca in case you all are not subscribed to Berita Harian or don't want to spend lima posen on suratkhabar:

Fuh. Not bad for the first week of April aye?
Appear on local news? Check! 

Get quoted in a local newspaper? Check! 

Within 24 hours, satu kali harung gua tick off gua punya bucketlist hahahahaha. Next up: Go skydiving, like, finally? Kita tengok macam mane ye :P


  1. I can't help but realise that even the name of your kahwinkhronicles blog is an example of the what was discussed - dwibahasa haha (unless khronicles suddenly become an official malay word haha). Glad you had a good time! I was wearing the same top yesterday too! Heheh love it!

    1. OMG i totally missed that point, thanks for pointing that out haha! eh never know tau, at the rate english words are getting malayfied especially in our mainstream (malay) media..... :/

      and whuttttt are you serious??? glad we weren't in the same place then??? haha! that top is so sedap dipakai, man, i really heart heart heart the material and cutting


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