5 girls, 10 hours and a whole lot of makan

Those who read Rina would've known I went on a KL daytrip with the bloggirls! ♥

(The term 'bloggirls' was coined by E by the way, and since I like it very much I shall use it with reckless abandon in this entry and subsequent mentions of this gerek group of gerek girls whom I've befriended online. Jangan marah hah!)

The makan itinerary is more or less the same as when I went on my previous KL makan trip because these anak anak wanted to try out the makan places that I went to previously! Maka terpaksalah akak jadi tour guide yang tidak bertauliah pada bulan April yang lalu.

Akak juga terpaksa jadi blogger yang tidak bertauliah for now sebab akak malas nak upload gambar sendiri and have reproduced pictures which were taken by Ili and editted by Rina below HAHA:

Journal By Plan B

We shared the french toast and one of the main breakfasts that came with sausages, poached eggs and beans, etc. The rest of the girls seriously takde ciri ciri hipster because semua tak makan mushrooms, tak makan tomatoes AND TAK MAKAN AVOCADO. Ni semua makanan staple kat hipster cafe k!!!!! Lagi lagi kalau tak makan asparagus. Lagi tak hipster.

Anyway, the main breakfast was a-okay, but I most definitely prefer the french toast set moarrrrrrr! 'Atas' roti drenched in 'atas' maple syrup. ATAS YUM.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Restaurant



Shucked Oyster & Seafood Bar


Even though masa nak cari ini tempat boleh muntah kedarah siak kitaorang. Directory takleh pakai, one!!!!! If you're planning to go, don't percaya the directory and just head straight to the supermarket in Publika okay!!! Basement level, I think.

Anyway, I am a huuuuugggeeeee sucker for oysters and I am also a disgusting person who can eat 30 odd oysters in one sitting, you know!!!!! Which is why I have no idea why the bloggirls were so fussed over me eating 21 oysters sendiri. Like, geez, gaize, have you seen me at Carousel's oyster section????? Gua dengan itu oyster section macam isi dan kuku k.

Well, now that I've gotten the amazing dining experience at Shucked, I really can't escape it already lah - there is NO way I can ever singgah KL again without having my oysters at Shucked!!!!! SO LEMAK SO SEDAP AND SO PUAKA, AND I REGRET *NOTHING*


I've been to Ben's before when I was in KL for my bachelorette party, and the food choices were 'hit and miss' ah, so kena tau which dishes to order! But since we were still stuffed from Gyukaku and Shucked, the bloggirls settled for desserts aje at Ben's.

Mad craving for their chocolate torte with milk so that was one of the recommendations I gave the group. Fuhyooooo, terbang terjun terhantuk benjol, geng.

Tony Roma's

Made our way to Tony Roma's and met E who was waiting for us kat luar kedai! (We actually asked E along for the day trip but kebetulan dia memang in KL for that weekend so ape lagi)

Can't go wrong with Tony Roma's, the ribs and sides were greattttt, and I just had to tapao a box of the yummy cheesy potato skins home!!! FYI besides sotong and oysters, I am also a certified hantu kentang. Sampai kulit kentang pun nak makan haha.

Ili also tapao a box of barbequed ribs home and hit a minor snag when we were clearing immigration, you can read about her kentalan buah lychee situation here HAHAHA SOMPAH COMMENT AKU ADALAH SECARA TIDAK SENGAJA

Yay! Time to balek with our berat tummies! 

Well, technically Rina punya tummy memang dah naturally berat ah, since dia tengah angkat anak 30 weeks when we went KL. Mau berani je ini mak budak! Thought we'd have to fuss and wait on her but in the end she was the one who jalan laju ahead of us. Tak tau nak kejar ape entah jalan laju laju gitu. Kejar anak lembu agaknye. TO BUAT WAGYU.

Was so bummed Dyan couldn't join us at the last minute, but we made up for it with seafood dinner at Newton a week ago :D With E too, because kita rasa bersalah for rushing off after Tony Roma's! Roads in KL were closed for president Obama's arrival, you see, so the cabdriver yang kita book made us all leave earlier than we wanted to just to beat the traffic jam. Eh eh, biaaaaasa eh Bama! Itu hari kita turun KL, itu hari jugak dia nak turun KL. Nyampah.


You know, I find it interesting that half of my groups of friends now are made of total (ex)strangers I've made friends with online! Even my friendships with my bridesmaids started out on social media.

I guess I can't meet new people now that I'm in the workforce (because I can't exactly be friendly with people, with the job that I have now) and the good old internet is the only way I can interact with fresh faces and then follow up with those I can really click with in real life.

And by "those I can click with in real life", I really mean people who are gila enough to ajak aku makan kat 5 different tempat in 10 hours HAHA BUANG TEBIAT

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