Makan Review: Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu

Since Ramadhan starts this coming Sunday, I should probably post about my birthday dinner today eh.

Kan tak baik tunjuk you all gambar makanan during bulan puasa! Meleleh leleh nanti air liur, dah tak jambu.

So anyway! Your air liur aside, I finally got to try out Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu, which is located at hujung tanjung Marina Country Club (Punggol)!

I first found out about this makan establishment from Dyan, and ever since then I've been looking for the perfect excuse to makan kat situ. Which is why bila my sister tanya where I'd like to have my birthday dinner, apa lagi.....

I know my husband looks grumpy in the first two pictures but oh trust me, he enjoyed stuffing himself, alright. Tu muka boring sebab dia dah tak sabar nak kena tunggu the makanan masak haha. Fat boy siol perangai.

Okay, time for verdict!

We went there with no expectations and the food turned out sooooo good!!! 

The variety pun best, you pilih pilih pilih sampai tak tau ape lagi nak pilih. Ada fish, chicken, ada beef, ada duck, ada sotong, ada prawns, ada squid, ada rice, ada noodles, ada sushi, ada sayur, ada macam macam lah! The only thing yang takde is akak punya faberet oysters, and of course ba alif ba ye, because this tempat is 100% certified halal.

Another good thing: there were different flavours for different categories tau - for example, beef ada macam macam beef, ada chilli beef, black pepper beef, etc. Which means there will always be something for everybody's taste buds! Oh, and drinks are freeeee flow, you guys. Minum lah korang sampai mabok.

(And by mabok, I don't mean actually mabok ye. It's just a figure of speech so calm your kopiahs and hijabs, brothers and sisters! Just thought I should clarify because recently kan ada influx of people who main tuduh tuduh ini tak halal itu tak halal tanpa usual periksa. This one MUIS dah kasi chop confirm guarantee halal logo k. Kalau you don't even trust MUIS then you buat your own cucuk tanam and ternak your own ayam and lembu k. Insya Allah halal.)

The only thing yang I tak impressed sangat about this place is the service. So sembarang. 

I mean, I don't expect red carpet service segala for a makan place like that lah, but the girl who attended to us looked and sounded macam she was half dead seh. And even though my sister already made reservations and we came early, our reserved table was already given to another family so we still had to wait for a table. Ape je. Kan beats the purpose of taking in reservations gitu.

Tapi takpelah. Nasib baik the yummy yummy food made up for it! Definitely want to go back and makan there, and I definitely recommend this for makan outings with large groups.

Cuma it can get pretty hot and smoky in the restaurant (unsurprisingly) so I don't recommend this for my friends yang ada babies and toddlers because trust me, honey, those young 'uns will get crank to the ky! Lagipun dangerous ah if you bring your cute mintak-kena-makan baby to these kind of places with me. Suspect kuat kau pusing sekejap je, aku dah letak anak kau kat atas the barbeque grill and panggang dia into sataaaaayyyyy.

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