Ni Boyfriend Baru I. Nama Dia Kindle.

Hi guys.

I ada boyfriend baru, and nama dia is Kindle. Dia very sleek, very handsome, and this is a gambar of him:

I macam ada sikit obsessed dengan boyfriend baru I ni. Whenever I rasa kekosongan, I will cari him. Whenever I ada free time, I will bring him out. And now wherever I go, he goes. No buts, no ifs, no arguments. Senang hidup!


As you can already tell by my crazy little story above, my sister gave me a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday, and changed my life forever.

I know. So drama. And so gila. All because of a plastic inanimate object.

But this barang baik, kawan kawan, is not just any other plastic inanimate object.

This Kindle Paperwhite is a plastic inanimate object which happens to be one of the best birthday gifts that I've ever received in my whole entire (changed) life.

*cue dramatic music* JENG JENG JENG.

You know, I was never interested in owning a Kindle before this. Two reasons.

One, because I was stubborn.

I was a stubborn old geezer who obstinately believed that it is not reading if it is off a plastic e-reader. Reading is only reading if it's from a physical book! With its crispy pages! And its musky smell! Why technologize the act of reading and make it lose its charm!, I used to cry. But then something just *clicked* in me one day, and once I started considering the benefits of an e-reader, I found my opinion swaying. 

(Also, if the person who invented email thought like the old me and felt that "technologizing letter writing would make it lose its charm", we'd still need more than a week to send and/or receive written communication from people living across the globe. How backward.)

Two, I haven't been actively reading for the past few years.

I used to read fervently when I was younger but as life and age caught on, I just... didn't have the time or energy to read anymore. I had work to go to, I had friends to catch up with, I had a relationship that kept me occupied, and especially with social media in my hands over recent years, I never really had the motivation to continue my childhood hobby of reading. Yes, ini semua excuses, I know.

Of course, there was always the occasional book that caught my eye every few months (like Susannah Gora's "You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried" last April) but I'd get so distracted by all these other things in my life that I never really kept the momentum going. So I thought, why the heck do I need a Kindle for?

And then, my sister ordered me a Kindle, which arrived at my doorstep just as my birthday month ended.


Lolol okay that's just me being dramatik again, sorry eh belum the end, please read on.

I'm quite obsessed with my Kindle now guys, mostly for the great reasons I've mentioned here. It's light, it's functional, and it's easy to read and carry around with me. I've had time to catch up with my reading, mostly when I go for my solo lunches, when I'm back home after a hectic workday, or when I'm not watching my favourite Youtube channels, Running Man or Roommate (which is, of course, my latest obsession hehe) 

And to my ex-comrades i.e. the old school freaks who lament I've crossed over to the dark side - hey, at least owning a Kindle reignited my passion for reading kan! If crossing over to the dark side is what it takes to make me read books regularly again, that's a good thing, right? ... guys?

Oh well. Honestly kan, I've read more titles the last ONE month than I ever did for the past few years tau - there's Crazy Rich Asians, The Bling Ring: How A Gang of Fame Obsessed Teens Ripped Off Hollywood and Shocked the World, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters, Sputnik Sweetheart, The Fault in Our Stars, Thirteen Reasons Why and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

All of which I will review in a separate entry, of course, but if you can't wait to roughly know what I think of the books mentioned above, you can check out the star rating I gave each book on Goodreads here.

See. I even have an active Goodreads account now. Much proud.

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