Rumah Oh Rumah

I forget that the reason why I decided to blog shorter entries is because I want to update more often.

Often habes siol ni.

But honestly lah kan, I haven't been updating much because things have been pretty calm and uneventful lately. I do know that this quiet period will only last sampai Ramadhan, though - the week before Hari Raya will be crazy with preparations, my first Raya visiting as a wife should be a mad riot, and then sometime after Raya, we're already expecting to dapat our rumah...

... because kita dah submit the last batch of documents to HDB and got our HLE approved last month:

Here's a picture of our future home from last weekend:

Yes guys, still an ugly shade of yellow.

Rasa rasa kalau bribe bangla with bubble tea so that they can help to tukar the colour, dorang layan tak. (Tak.)


  1. Tak. Bangla tak layan. Because bangla is secretly loving the bright yellow. Lol

  2. For a moment the yellow reminds me of saree... Hahaha...

    1. hahaha kenapa saree eh! the bright colours of a saree, i assume? :P

  3. BESTNYA! dah nak dapat kunci soon...

    my block also yellow colour! byk BTO yellow colour. dont know whats with the yellows!

  4. tapi bila part pikir pasal renovations and money nak keluar tu, tak best sangat ah hahaha

    whoever it was yang proposed BTO developments to be in yellows is an annoying person! yellow yellow dirty fellow!


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