Yok Kita Pergi ke Bali & Gili!

My girlfriends Faezah and Rai and I as well as our partners made travel plans for the end of the year!

We've already decided at an earlier meeting (one of our friend's anak's birthday party) that we will travel to Phuket on 30 December 2014 so kita punya plan last Friday was to meet up at my place to: 

(1) draw up a tentative itinerary for Phuket;

(2) look at possible flights to Phuket;

(3) look for possible accommodation in Phuket for consideration.

What we eventually did:

(1) drew up a tentative itinerary for BALI AND GILI instaed;

(2) BOOKED our flights and transfers to Bali and Gili;

(3) BOOKED our accommodation in Bali and Gili.

HAHAHA SEMUA AH TUKAR!!!!! Instead of travelling to Phuket, we're now travelling to Bali and Gili. And instead of travelling on 30 December, we're adding one extra day so we're leaving for Bali on 29 December pulak. 

Pastu since we were all so worried that prices will go up up and up, we looked at the possible flights and accommodation, found them cheap considering our popular dates, and everyone just went "Book sua." 

Don't know whether it was excitement or 3am delirium ke ape (yes, we were still discussing our options at 3am like the burung hantu that we are), but we were obviously in a #YOLO mood that night morning LOLZ

I'm still reeling over the fact that I am finally going to celebrate New Year's day overseas for the first time in my life and at Ba freaking li, no less - this will be my first time in Bali, you know!!! (I've been reluctant to travel to Bali after reading No More Tomorrows, a book based on the true story of Schapelle Corby)

And since I'm still reeling, let's gush over the villas that we've booked for our holiday! 

Boleh tak? Takkannnnn tak boleh kan.

Our villa in Bali!!!

I think we will lepak the most by the private pool! And from the map, it seems like the villa is a short distance away from a shopping mall and supermarket so senang lah gitu. Not that we have to worry about travelling around the island since we've settled our driver in Bali as well - he'll be on call 24 hours whoop whoop.

And here's our villa in Gili, insya Allah!!! (We're checking with the villa people whether we can request for this one - they have five 3-bedroom villas and this is the one we like the most)

Really lovin' the open concept of this villa! Open air kitchen, open air bathroom, open air dining area segala. 

We checked the map for Gili and it seems like this villa is about 10 to 15 minutes walk to the beach. Will most probably naik basikal (provided by villa) everywhere and cut down the travelling time since there are no other transportation like cars and buses in Gili. 

Oh, hello there new countdown!!!!! :D :D :D

 Six months to the madness, tak sabarnya!!!!! Time to research, research, research!

For Bali, we're currently planning on visiting Tanah Lot, Kuta and Canggu areas, checking out Hard Rock Cafe Bali, Potato Head Beach Club and Jimbaran Bay, trying out white water rafting, cliff diving (kalau ada), flying fish, and lazing at the beach. Might skip Uluwatu's kecak dance because ada yang tak interested and ada yang penakut haram *cough* my husband *cough*... but we'll see what happens when we're there lah eh.

Nothing much for Gili because it'll be more relaxed than Bali so we're most probably gonna chill at our private pool and enjoy the beach aje. And do the Bean Boozled challenge HEH HEH HEH.

If anyone's been to Bali and have recommendations on where to go or what to do, please jangan segan and jangan silu to passing info okay? I also very tak segan and very tak silu ask for recommendations hehe.


  1. So niceeee! I wanna do a return to Bali soon but my mother say not this year. Hahahaa
    You would love Bali! Everybody is so nice and accomodating and you don't have the "they're out to cheat me" feeling there, compared to Phuket. Hahahaha I always feel that the Thais are always out to cheat me when i'm there. Lol

    But ah, must warn you that Halal Food is not that easy to find there which is why i chose a muslim driver who can drive us to Halal makan places. Sana babi guling bersepah2. Lol
    So try check with your driver if he does know of Halal Makan places.

    I love Tanah Lot for their sunset. You must go there time sunset ok. The view is magnificent.
    Jimbaran Bay also must go sunset. Very cliche tapi romantik nak mampos. Hahahaha

    Kalau u wanna watch kecak dance, ask your driver to bring to the Arts Centre kind. Yang tu lagi original and it's really nice to watch. Macam mesmerising although Rusly had to nudge me a few time cos i was so engrossed. Lol. I can't remember where i watched it. If i can find the ticket, i let u know.

    Panjang gila comment. I think it's VERY obvious i miss Bali. lol

    1. HAHAHAHAHA yes you don't gatal gatal want to travel this year!

      eh i'm surprised you say that because my impression is the other way around - i loveeeee thailand and its people because i feel safe with them whereas i try not to travel to indonesia much because asyik dengar orang kena scam :/ but issokey, i will go there with an open mind!

      everyone tells me the same thing pasal the halal food (or lack thereof) in bali tau. quite surprised because i assumed mesti banyak tempat halal!!! oh, akak iz sungguh tertipu. i think our driver should be able to bring us around, though!

      didn't consider tanah lot initially but my friend said she saw pictures nampak cantik!!! so yes okay, i will definitely singgah. and jimbaran bay is something that i really wanna go seh! cliche pun cliche lah, janji dapat jejak and feeling feeling nyeheheheh

      thanks for the tip on the kecak dance! i'm 50/50 about it but the rest macam tak nak pergi so we'll see what happens. if we do go, hopefully our driver can direct us to the right place.

      and no worries lah, ape yang panjang gila comment. i was again looking through your blog to see your entries pasal bali but tak jumpa seh! you didn't blog about it eh?

    2. Hahahaha actually i think both Indo & Thai, just have to be extra careful especially in Bali kalau u nak do money exchange ok. Make sure u kira the money infront of them when they pass it back to you. Have heard of cases, duit kurang even when they count in front of you. Cos they will 'accidentally' jatuh kan a bit before they hand it back to you. And the exchange rate there is low. So kalau boleh, try and exchange money in SG instead.

      Yeah sana susah cari makanan halal etc cos they're hindu dominated so the muslims pun tak byk sgt. You definitely have to go Tanah Lot and also eat jagung bakar there. Sedap gila. hahaha.

      I also agree when you go to Jimbaran Bay, ask for the package. Usually about $50.00 nya grill package cukup utk share 2-3 pax kalau tak u be shocked at the bill. If they don't offer package, just go to the next one yang ada ok!

      Oh if you can squeeze a day to Kintamani pun best! Very cooling and the view pun lawa then can pass by Tegal Lalang Rice Terrace on the way back. So nice. So many place to go in Bali, gi satu minggu pun tak cukup!

      I didn't blog about it but all the pictures are on my FB. Lol

    3. oooooh yes i heard about that money changer trick as well! which does not help with my suspicions..... :/ think i'll pay it safe and change everything in SG.

      jagung bakar!!!!! i can just imagine the aroma and the crunch when you first bite into the jagung and the juice that comes out after that................ TIDAKKKKKKKKKKKKK


      okay thank you, i will most definitely insist on finding a tempat makan on jimbaran bay yang ada package! don't know if the driver will join us but if he is, he should be able to help us in that aspect as well, i guess

      oh man, i think we'll have to skip kintamani this time round because our itinerary looks quite packed already. gonna miss out on water bom park as well seh :( but takpe, boleh use this as an excuse to travel again to bali kan? belum pergi dah berangan pasal next trip eh lolzzz

  2. if you are having dinner at jimbaran for seafood, please do ask for the package menu. They wont give you unless you ask for it and its wayyyyyyyyyy cheaper than buying ala carte. i paid for each package that includes rice, half lobster, tiger prawn, fish, cuttle fish, vege, crab, drinks & soup for about $50 only. SUPER WORTH IT AND SUPER YUMMY!

    1. oooooh that's a very good tip, thank you, i will remember to do that! HAHA you're making me so excited pikir pasal the makanan!!!!!

  3. - Potato Head Beach Club for the best sunset view! Come earlier at about 5pm-6pm cos usually there's a q outside already. And you need to get the BEST seats for the views.

    - Take ONLY BlueBird group of taxis. They're cheap and go by the meter.

    - Rumah Makan Sederhana at Kuta for halal nasi padang! Abit pricey for Bali standards but it's more or less the cost of nasi padang in Sg but yummier. Don't touch the dishes you don't intend to eat, they charge what you eat only!

    1. - ahhhhh thank you!!! okay i'll bear that in mind when my friends and i firm up the itinerary.

      - oh, this is something that was told to me when i went jakarta! guess the same thing applies to the taxis in bali! but i think this one no problem cos we've already booked a driver and he should be sending us to and fro wherever we wanna go...

      - rumah makan sederhana!!!!! had that in jakarta tooooooooo. didn't know they have outlets in bali though, will ajak my friends makan there if we manage to find it in kuta. hehe thank you so so much, babe :D

  4. go kintamani babe at bali, have lunch overlooking the volcanoes! cantik! hehe. i love the uluwatu kecak dance because you'll be watching the kecak dance with the sunset as the background, beautiful. and ya la, somehow alot of ppl takut haha but it's really nothing. but tanah lot sunset is also beautiful! but that's like the only thing at tanah lot gitu. heh. and if you want, can try go waterbom, some of the water rides are crazy. you could also try the canyon tubing and buggy quad on top of white water rafting for some adventure, i sukaaa. hehe. enjoy bali!

    1. ehhhhh that's what dyan told me too! but rasa macam tak sempat ah babe, cos our itinerary nampak macam dah packed... i'll def mention it to my friends, but if cannot already then i will use that as an excuse to return to bali!!! heh heh heh

      tanah lot wasn't in our itinerary initially but my friend did say about the sunset so now we're going! takpelah kalau takde benda lain nak buat, just jejak once to get the experience pun jadilah hehe

      EH I ALWAYS TELL SALIHEEN I WANT TO GO WATERBOM IF WE GO BALI YOU KNOW!!! unfortunately it seems like we won't have time on this trip to go waterbom but i shall now make it my mission in life to go at least once. again, excuse to go back to bali :P

      is the canyon tubing and buggy quad an entirely separate thing from white water rafting? oooh, that, i'll have to read up more on. thank you hon! for making akak excited! HAHA

  5. Tak gi waterbom? Hehe. Yeah I too was surprised by the lack of halal food in Bali

    1. I WANT TO GO WATERBOM TAU ACTUALLY!!!!!! but tengok macam not enough time to squeeze it into our itinerary. hmmm, maybe should relook at the itinerary nearer to the date, maybe my cita cita of visiting waterbom at least once will become true if we find a way around it hehe

      surprising kan the lack of halal food? i thought there would be a substantial number of muslims (even if they are not the dominant) in bali which would then lead to a string halal food stalls but looks like my assumption was wrong :(

  6. IDK if my previous comment got through because mcm nothing happened but VISIT LEMBONGANN!! Haha. It's 30 mins boat ride from mainland Bali! You will love Dream Beach, it has those little huts in front so you'll wake up with a view everyday! It's very kampung and tranquil (true to this word) because it's still empty from a flood of tourists. I have to say though food is... there's just no halal food there so I brought lots of cup noodles haha. Also, Le Pirate's beach box is also located there (separated by a little yellow bridge). Cafe hopping (if you like) at Seminyak! And the famous La Plancha at Double Six Beach for their bean bag seats!

    1. lembongan sounds lovely!!! i don't know if we have time but i'll bear that in mind :D

      never heard anyone mention Le Pirate so i'll research more on that! and oooooh, i didn't know the name of that famous beanbag place in bali and didn't think about it so THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THAT, BABE!!!!! i iz very excited to plan the itinerary now heh heh

  7. love love Bali except for the lack for halal food (meh!) nevertheless, you can also consider visiting the Green School ( i know, Bali to visit a school?? ) but i really did had a meaningful time there experiencing the local school culture. and the school itself is just too cool!

    happy counting down to another travel adventure <3

    1. such a lovely idea!!! unfortunately i won't have much time to do that this trip, but since there are tons of other stuff i wanna do in bali but tak sempat, i'll definitely consider this when i return (belum pergi bali dah consider nak return konon............)

      hehe thanks babe!


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