Eastern Europe Holiday Series - Part 4: Hello Krakow!

After we completed our tour of Aushwitz-Birkenau, we had our dinner and checked in to our hotel in Krakow.

And the name of the hotel we stayed at in Krakow was Hotel Swing.

Sounds and looks a little dodgy haha but takde ape ape lah actually, walaupun the interior is a little dingy. And some of their decor nampak lama because the hotel concept memang influenced by the Swing Era. Tapi yang penting their service and comfort was commendable and worthy of a 4-star hotel! Akak approve.

We didn't tapao any halal kebab this time so we settled for drinks and chips at the hotel's bar and we literally chilled at their alfresco dining balcony. Because kita degil nak duduk luar even though the weather was super chilly with gusty winds that night. And that was the night kita baru paham apa maksud makan angin HAHA

Went to bed and woke up early the next morning to visit several places in Krakow, including Wawel Hill, the Old Town, Church of St Francis of Assisi, Jagielloian University, St Mary's Church, and the Medieval Cloth Hall.

How bloody gorgeous are the interiors of their Church of St Francis of Assisi????? Especially with the rays of light streaming in through the windows! Gambar tak justify! Sumpah! I thought the stained glass and structures of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague were ~gorgeous~ but when I saw this, it became my favourite of all the cathedrals and churches we visited in Europe (❤.❤)

We also got the chance to see the Shroud of Turin which is located at its main altar, and I think I might have ternganga a bit lama during the local tour guide's explanation. It was all very fascinating lah!

We arrived at St Mary's Church just before 12pm... where we heard the famous trumpet signal (known as the Hejnał mariacki) being played from the taller tower. Our tour guide told us that the tune broke off halfway to commemorate their 13th century trumpeter, who was shot in the throat while sounding the alarm before the Mongol's attack on Krakow. Yikes.

We had some free time to ourselves after lunch so we explored markets, walked around the area, peered into shops, bought souveniers and sat down to chat at one of their alfresco cafes (Oh who am I kidding... we were specifically there for Wi-fi HAHAHAHAHA)

My husband also bought bread for me because I told him "the roti nampak sedap" HAHA

Tapi turns out the roti was tak sedap. Sebab keras kebatu. So I started breaking off bits and pieces to feed the pigeons kat sana because everyone else was doing it! Maybe the bread is for the birds in the first place eh lolz. 

I usually hate pigeons (bloody flying rats!) and hate on people who feed them in Singapore but in Krakow, the pigeons were so, so different! They were not aggressive, they didn't terkencit everywhere, they didn't terkencit while flying, dorang tak busuk, and they were also very cute and gemuk.

I like cute and gemuk. Which is why I married my husband HAHAHAHAHAHA

After about 3 hours, we left for yet another destination that I've been dying to visit! 

Which is Wieliczka Salt Mine!!!

How amazing is it to have an underground cathedral made completely out of salt?! Amazing gila!

Even the crystals of the chandeliers were made from rock salt k. Very useful to letak kat rumah k. Kalau tak cukup garam to masak, can just petik from your lampu k HAHAHA

Cuma tu lah, I hate the fact that there were restoration works being done when we were there, which explains why tiba tiba ada kain canvas putih over one side of the underground salt cathedral!!! Pfft. 

But oookaylah, other than that, the cathedral was as fascinating and beautiful like I imagined it to be! Also must pujuk diri sendiri and tell myself that they must do regular restoration and maintenance works lah kan, especially since the underground salt mine is 327metres deep, 287km long, and has over a million visitors per year.....

TAK KELAKAR K kalau runtuh.

Bought pretty tubs of bath salts for my girlfriends from the salt mine's underground souvenier shop!!!

We also bought packets of pre-mixed salt with other spices from their souvenier shop because macam exotic lah konon makan garam from a famous salt mine in Poland. But so far mak aku pakai untuk masak, rasa macam takde beza je. Lidah masih tak boleh berbual macam orang Polish je. Lolz

Okay bye, next I nak cerita pasal Budapest pulak!


  1. the Church of St Francis of Assisi looks like paddlepop!!!! oh my so pretty macam nak makannnn! hahahaha

    1. CANTIK KAN!!! couldn't stop gaping in awe when i stepped into that church... tapi taklah sampai nak makan lah kan hahahaha


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