Eastern Europe Holiday Series - Part 5: Hello Budapest!

Before we left our hotel in Krakow, our tour manager warned us to physically and mentally prepare for the next leg of the trip because..... 

... our journey from Krakow to Budapest would take 8 FREAKING HOURS.

Siak ah. Kecoh siol lapan jam. Lapan jam I can do many things, you know?! Abeh nak kena prepare physically and mentally segala, dah macam nak masuk wrestling ring lah pulak (Kita cuma prepare snacks dalam bag je)

Haha tapi it was okaylah. I mean, it was a holiday after all, and that's all part of the experience, right? 

Lagipun there was a TV and DVD player in our tour bus so our tour manager played 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy Returns' and 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' throughout the whole journey.  Seumur hidup aku tak pernah tengok movie The Mummy k. Itu hari aku finished watching the three installments all in one shot k. Dah boleh bukak fanclub k hahahaha

We also passed by the Tatra mountains at the tail end of the journey (lovely scenery!) via Banska Bystrica, where we had our lunch for the day. Then we set off for Budapest again after lunch and by the time we reached our destination, we were sooo pooped! SO MUCH SITTING IN ONE DAY I CANNOT. I JUST CANNOT.

All I wanted to do once I got off the bus was to twerk for the next 8 hours hahahaha


Our hotel in Budapest, which was the Novotel Budapest City Hotel

Very modern and clean, and one of the hotels I really liked throughout the trip.

Unfortunately, the bathroom configuration was horrible siak - don't know if y'all can imagine this but the sink and bathtub were in one small room, and the toilet bowl was in another. So leceh! Everytime you buat your business nak cebok susah. The only good thing about it is: I can shower in one room while my husband can smoke and do his business in the other room simultaneously. So tak kacau. *shrugs* Pros and cons, I guess.

As exhausted as we were that night, we didn't want to waste our last few hours of the day so after washing up, we walked to the nearby shopping mall. Five minutes away only! Tapi we didn't see anything interesting so after an hour plus, we walked back to the hotel to get drinks and snacks at their bar. Unfortunately, it was crowded and nobody attended to us even after 15minutes pfft so we went back up and ordered room service instead.

Wedges and hot chocolate mmmmm.

The next day, we ventured out to several historical sites in Budapest: Heroes Square, Matthias Church, Gellert Hill, St Stephen's Basilica, Fishermen's Bastion and Danube River.

It was a bloody damn shame it was raining when we arrived at our first destination, which was Heroes Square!!!!! Our tour guide said that they don't usually get rain in May, so it was just our (bad) luck that the weather tak nak cooperate that day HAIZ. It alternated between crazy heavy rain and light drizzling but the dreadful rainy weather did not let up even for a few minutes. Sedih, you know :(

Then after lunch, it was time for us to go on the Danube River Cruise pulak! There was a light drizzle by that time but the second level of the boat ada shelter so no hal. Passed by several of their famous bridges and landmark sites such as their Parliament House. Very cantik!

Oh nothing much going on here, just a bus wading in the river as always hahaha

We also passed by the Shoes on The Danube Bank, which is a memorial representing shoes that were left by World War II victims after they were told to take off their shoes at the edge of the water then shot, their bodies falling immediately into the river :(

Once we were done with the river cruise, we headed to a local restaurant for a traditional Hungarian dinner and a folklore show!

Does it surprise you that of alllllllllllllllllllll the people in the restaurant, my husband was picked to participate in one of the games? Lolz. He just has that kind of face, y'know?!

Happy to say that dinner was very loud and interative that night, and I enjoyed myself tremendously!

My favourite part was when one of their singers asked all the different tables to state which country they were from - there was Japan, Greece, Israel and Singapore (us). He started singing a few Japanese songs first, to the delight of the Japanese tourists, then he shifted his attention to the Greek table and started signing in Greek, and then to the Israeli table and started singing in Hebrew.

Every time, each table would clap and hoot upon hearing all the familiar songs in their own languages and everyone at that table would sing along rapturously. It was all so fun and entertaining and very semangat! 

For the Singapore table, he sang Singapura Sunny Island, Chan Mali Chan, a Mandarin song (one of those oldie tunes which we grew up with so I sort of knew the lyrics and sang along as well haha) and Rasa Sayang, which we all sang together with so much gusto! Dah macam residents' corner singing competition dalam itu restaurant! Wish I recorded a video but our cameras and phones were dying and I was too caught up in the moment to care haha.

Went back to hotel with flushed faces, happy tummies and warm hearts that night, before we started preparing for our trip the next day - it was time to visit Vienna!


  1. Part Rasa Sayang and all macam best pulak eh hahaha. Cannot imagine them singing to such songs!

    1. memang best, babe!!! it was pretty hilarz at first, seeing an elderly Hungarian man singing in Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Malay and Chinese dengan semangat sekali haha


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