Eastern Europe Holiday Series - Part 6: Hello Vienna!

After breakfast at our hotel in Budapest, we set out for the next destination which was Austria!

We first arrived at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Pandorf which is a shopping outlet where you can buy stuff at slashed prices! We were interested to see what was available for sale but to be honest, we weren't really excited *excited* because shopping was not something we specifically looked forward to for this trip.

And then, this happened:

We looked at the store directory that was given to us in a goodie bag (which came with discount coupons zomg!), marked the ones we were interested in and started exploring the place. By the time we arrived at our hotel.....

(Cute Gucci and Burberry baby stuff for our good friends Nani & Poji and Aisyah & Sham's baby girls!)

Holyshitballz. Dah macam borong kat pasar malam siolz lolz


Example: I bought a Furla Candy Bag for only S$160 when the usual price is almost S$400?!?!??? This was after store discount + after 10% discount coupon + after tax refund. MENGGILA KAN!!!!! We kept gasping every time we flipped the pricetags or when we saw the price posters because everything was going for cheap! Especially after you minus off the tax refunds! Seriously eh that bloody shopping outlet was SO PUAKA GET OUT OF MY FACE PLS

Okay let's not talk about tempat puaka anymore because my jantung starting to beat very fast already lol

Tapi excited pasal shopping loot macam mana pun, jangan lupa tunjuk y'all gambar bilik:

Stayed at Renaissance Wien Hotel for two nights in Vienna! Very nice and cosy hotel too, we didn't mind the twin beds, and we really liked where it was located because of three things:

There was a cigarette vending machine at the hotel lobby...

There was a halal supermarket right next to the hotel... (Everything in there came with halal logo and it is owned by a Turkish Muslim dude)


... and there was a halal kebab makan place five minutes away from our hotel! 

But it was not just any other halal kebab makan place k guys. It was a halal kebab makan place which sold bloody sedap kebab!!!!! Out of alllll the kebabs we bought in all the different countries we visited on this trip, the one in Vienna was the one we loved the most! The meat was so flavourful, thick and generous and the veg was fresh!!! Sedap siak. Tido malam boleh bawak ke mimpi kind.

Malam dah mimpi pasal kebab, next morning bangun and Facetime with my family pulak (haha takde link):

I was already starting to miss my family at this point so that Facetime chat helped :)

So after that short chat and having our breakfast at the hotel, we went out to start our day in Vienna... and one of our first stops was the gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Schonbrunn Palace!!!!!

Might not look like much from the outside but the palace interiors were absolutely stunning, you guys!!! Everything was so grand and so magnificent and the rooms were crazy massive. Very, very atas stuff.

Probably explains why we were strictly NOT allowed to take pictures pfft. One of our tour groupmates only did as much as fiddle with his camera,and the security officer who was lurking behind our group already stepped up to him and told him to put his camera down :/

Okay, maybe I'll include some pictures off the internet so you can have an idea on what's inside:

(Photo Source: Trek Earth by Krzysztof Dera)

Don't ask me why some people have pictures of the interiors k. Maybe they're James Bond in real life. Maybe they have a crew ala Ocean's Twelve. I don't really know.

After our Schronbrunn Palace tour, we passed through the Ringstra├če, the State Opera House, the Parliament Building, the City Hall, the Hofburg Imperial Palace and visited St Stephen Cathedral. No pictures of these places (except the last one) because we were on the bus during the tour and I couldn't get clear shots. Meh.

And this is the St Stephen Cathedral - where Mozart got married, y'all! 

And by Mozart, I mean Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, that well-known influential composer from the 1700s.

I kept imaging how his wedding would have been like while I was there! But when I Googled to read about his wedding and marriage later on, I realized that his wedding had been a quickly arranged one and his marriage to his wife was not ~entirely~ approved by their families.

You can read about it here - sounds like something that can still happen to a young reckless couple ridiculously in love in this day and age, yes? I can totally imagine Iklim's Bukan Aku Tak Cinta being the soundtrack of their love lives if they were a young Malay couple whose union was opposed by their parents in the 1990s lol)

We had some free time after lunch so after exploring the place and buying souveniers, my husband and I decided to lepak at a cafe pointed out by our tour guide before she left - the Aida Cafe, which is apparently very popular in Austria.

(Well, obviously. I mean... how can a cafe chain not be popular when it has freaking cute pink decor, cute pink furniture, cute pink packaging and serves barang yang menghairahkan seperti ice cream strudel and cheese strudel??? Of course, it's popular, darling!)

We sat there enjoying our treats and people-watching (cool hipster hijabis sashaying down the street alert!) before we left to go to another tourist attraction known as  the Seegrotte which is, according to Wiki, "an underground cave system with a large grotto located under a former gypsum mine." Oookay.

We were supposed to ride on the boats to explore the underground caves but the management stopped operations just before we arrived! There was some rain earlier in the day and apparently they couldn't let us go for the boat ride due to some safety issue with regards to the water level. How suay is that?! I was quite disappointed lah because I love these kind of stuff haha but safety precautions are safety precautions lah hor?

Tak kelakar seh kalau mati tenggelam inside an underground cave while on holiday. Takkan nak letak  'Seegrotte Underground Caves, Austria' as the place of death in the death certificate kan.....

Since we couldn't take the boats, we walked through the underground caves via foot. It wasn't particularly interesting for me personally, although the tour guide sparked my interest when he mentioned the Germans used to store their war aircraft in the underground lakes (as they did with the Wieliczka salt mine). Oh, and that this was the place where 'The Three Musketeers' filmed.

We went back to our hotel, ate more yummy kebab (are you even surprised?) and rested for the next day.

"No matter where or why you travel, there's always something wonderfully new to be found" - Lightboard at the entrance of Renaissance Wien Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

In your case, Vienna, we most definitely found something wonderfully new in you... 


Okay, enough with the yummy kebab in Vienna already, because we're travelling to Salzburg next, which is the second last stop of our Europe trip! 

Is it just me, or am I totally pushing out all my Europe blog entries before Raya like I said I will? :P

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