Eastern Europe Holiday Series - Part 7: Hello Salzburg & Munich!

After saying our goodbyes to Vienna, we made our way to see the Belvedere which is this super pretty historic building complex surrounded by an equally pretty garden landscape!!!

Imagine living here for the rest of your life?! Lumayan siol hidup. Bila boring je golek golek kat garden.

Headed over to Salzburg after that and upon arrival, we visited the Mirabell Palace and Mirabell Gardens - super pretty stuff! You know how in Singapore, if you go to the gardens or parks (the Botanic Park, for example), it can get quite humid and you will feel rimas and melekit after awhile? Nothing of that sort here, because the weather was chilly and lovely, and absolutely perfect for a day out in the gardens ❤

Also perfect to film a Bollywood inspired dancing scene, where you golek golek down the rumput and main cak cak behind the trees hehehehehe

We then walked towards the place where Mozart used to stay at during his lifetime, then crossed over a bridge to get to the old town to see where Mozart was born:

Where Mozart used to stay.

Love locks at the bridge connected to the old town.

Where Mozart was born - No. 9 Getridegasse

Kat bawah ada supermarket and rows of shops selling souveniers, snacks, trinkets, clothes and stuff and this area is known as the Pedestrian Street of Getridegasse

We also had some free time to jalan jalan at the Old Town and explore the Pedestrian Street of Getridegasse by ourselves, and our first activity of the day was to try the coffee and cakes at Cafe Tomaselli, as recommended by our tour manager. 

I'm not a coffee lover but I thought their signature coffee was very aromatic and sedap! The cakes were nice as well, but what I especially like about it was the ordering process.

You don't need to wait in line to order cakes at the counter or anything like that  - you can just sit down, order coffee from the male waiter, and then there will be female waitresses moving around the cafe with trays of cakes which you can directly choose from. Easy! We should have this in Singapore for lazy buggers like me!
After our few hours of free time was over, our tour bus took us to our next hotel, which turned out to be.....

..... the dodgiest hotel we stayed at during the trip hahahahaha

Also known as Neutor Schwaerzler Hotel. Which should really be known as Hotel 81 Salzburg hahahahaha

The lobby was very, very old with super tired furniture, the lift was small gila, the room looked and smelled bloody ancient and there was no air-conditioning in the rooms!!! To add to that, we also found out the hotel receptionist doubles up as the bar waitress hahahahaha we didn't ask whether she triples up as the chambermaid too because that would have been so hilarz.

But we were more amused than anything else lah so we just giggled at everything and hey, turns out we didn't need the air-conditioning because the night was cool enough for us to sleep comfortably, anyway. Lagipun it was for a night only so..... #YOLO

Next day - me being silly and wearing my "It's a Communist Party!" teeshirt out hehehe

Okay kita dah sampai to our next location! Which is the top of these snowy mountains in Salzburg!!! Penat tau naik benda ni!!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL I'm kidding, of course. Siapa mau layan trek up icy mountains segala?! Kitaorang punya tour groupmates ada umur dah setengah abad seh! Jangan cakap yang tua ah, dengan aku sekali boleh cardiac arrest siol kalau nak trek naik ini benda.

Sebenarnya these icy mountains were surrounding our actual location......

... which was the Swarovski Crytsal World! This is how it looks like kat depan before the entrance:

Not sure what's the significance of this structure to Swarovski. Mungkin it is to represent all the husbands who were forced to buy crystals for their wives sampai muntah darah hahahahahaha

No pictures of the inside because it's just a normal showroom which sells Swarovski items lah, and we only bought a few items as souveniers because Saliheen tak nak layan my request for him to buy me this as a gift:



We left for Innsbruck after that to see a "famous golden roof", or at least that's what our tour manager said. We didn't find it that interesting, but we did find yummy and cheap gelato while we were there:

2 gelato cones for 2 Euros. SGD3.30 only!!! Tak dapat ah this kind of price in Singapore.

Anyway, as you can see, itinerary dah start mendak from hereon because we were just travelling to sampai Munich - which is where we will take our flights home from, and our next stop for the trip.

We arrived at a shopping area in Munich but didn't do much because we didn't want to shop (the sales weren't very attractive) so we ended up gorging on halal kebab (too much sauce and veg so not as nice as the one we had in Vienna) and chilling out at a quaint little cafe called Lady Tigella, which served moist chocolate brownie with mascarpone cream and peppermint herbal tea. Mmmmmmm.

Damn. Wish I can have this right now in Singapore.

Had our dinner after that, and then it was time to check in to the last hotel for our Europe trip! I half expected it to be as bad as the one in Salzburg but it turned out pretty okay. At least ada aircon lolz.

The location was pretty shitty though, we were surrounded by office buildings and there were no makan places or convenience stores nearby. And so far away from the airport!

We found out later there was a miscommunication at the tour agency during booking, so we ended up with a hotel situated one freaking hour away from Munich. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me - we should have stayed in a hotel in Munich since we were departing from Munich Airport the next day but... oh well, what to do kan? Dunia ni memang gitu, ada je orang bodoh tak boleh harap.

Our accommodation was Tyrp Hotel Rosenheim - small but decent... and honestly, after our experience at the hotel in Salzburg, anything else will seem like a freaking palace lololol

The next day, we packed up our stuff for the last time for that trip and we prepared to wrap up our holiday after 15 days of travelling, walking tours and making memories. Bittersweet!

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