Hello Khronicles Goes to Eastern Europe 2014

Really want to beat myself up for not blogging about my Europe trip even after two months!!! 

But tak bagus kan pukul diri sendiri so takpelah, lain kali aje eh I pukul diri. For now I will just pukul canang and announce that the video for my Europe holiday trip is ready even before my blog entries are!!!!! Jom tengok!!!

Hello Khronicles Goes to Eastern Europe 2014 by fazmals on Vimeo
(Please click on 'HD' to watch video in HD format)

Lovely video by my lovely little sister, as always ❤ Sayang adik! Nanti malam I give you kiss!

Have to admit, my sister did good considering she didn't have much to work with - I think the video content can be better this time round lah. I blame the lack of good quality footage to my husband and I being too engrossed in the sights and sounds!!! Memang kita lah yang harus dipersalahkan!!!!!

But better to soak in the moment than to miss it because we're too busy getting "the perfect shot", betul tak? Kita bukan professionals, you know, satu kali record dah boleh produce footage tahap Hollywood segala. We had limited time at each landmark so we chop chop record video, take picture satu kali then off we'll go to explore.

Anyway, here's hoping I'll get to relive those moments by finally blogging about trip before Raya hits! Less than 20 days to Syawal, guys! Let's do thissssssssss


  1. Looks really cool! I nd to rmbr to tk videos on trips--usually I just go for photographs. But my editing is not as good as this lah. Mine will look like a 5-yr-old put it together. Haha. Looks like a good trip! Did you guys go with a tour group or on your own?

    1. thanks babe! honestly i don't think i'd be that semangat to take videos if not for the fact that my sister edits them for me hehe. but videos are good to take during holidays because you can relive moments better than pictures, imho! don't worry, my editing skills sucks too haha, but i used to compile my videos just for personal viewing... you'll treasure such things!

      we went with a tour group because we thought eastern europe was too rich and too complicated to go on our own. rushed at times, but good experience nonetheless :D

  2. Naiseeee vid yo! Got me singing along and jget sesama while u guys grooved hahaha!

    1. thank you! all credits to my sister, who is the besttttt!


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