Eastern Europe Holiday Series - Part 8: The Transit & Flight Experiences

This was initially part of the my final blog entry for the Eastern Europe Holiday Series but it became too long-winded so I decided to break them into separate entries. Biar pendek sikit. Heh.

Before I habiskan this series, I nak jugak cerita cerita pasal my transit and flight experiences. Maklumlah jakun, ni kan akak punya perst time makan angin kat Europe :P

Airport & Transit Experience

So glad Saliheen and I siang siang dah decide on no more than 4 hours of transit! After enduring 2 sets of 4-hour transits during this trip, I think we can confirm that 4 hours is my maximum tolerance for airport transits lolz.

Even for Dubai International Airport, which was quite nice to be at lah actually, because everything and everyone was buzzing everywhere and there were so many things and people to look at!

And all that space! I wouldn't have been surprised kalau tiba tiba ada dua tiga badminton court kat tengah tengah the airport because it was that huge.  Also didn't hurt that the design and structure of the airport was very clean and modern. Cantik banget deh.

We also took the chance to try out the much-raved-about Shake Shack while waiting for our flight back home at Dubai International Airport! Or as Ili calls it, the "Sheikh Shack" HAHAHAHAHA

Very yummy but I cannot tahan the portions!!! SO KECIK FOR WHAT.

Prague and Munich airports pulak were not as grand as Dubai International Airport and there weren't halal food options but it was decent and functional enough for us to be fairly comfortable. So okay ler tu.

Flight Experience

It was our virgin flight experience on Emirates so as what any decent human being born and raised in this technology-driven era would do... I read online reviews to prep myself prior to our trip lawlz

Not that it was any useful lah because I found that there were equal portions of people who said: (1) SQ is better than Emirates (2) Emirates is better than SQ (3) SQ and Emirates are of the same standards.

So eventually.....

Singapore > Dubai > Prague

I am upset to report that our red-eye flight experience from Singapore to Dubai to Prague was miserable max!!! It was full load so everyone was cramped into their seats and it was SO panas and stuffy, I kept waking up every other hour drenched in sweat wtf you guys I paid for a flight, not a sauna experience!!!

It was horrible for Saliheen too because he couldn't get any sleep - the seats weren't very huge so Saliheen (who was sitting at the aisle) ended up not getting much sleep because the aisle was too narrow and the cabin crew dude who was moving up and down with his trolley kept banging into Saliheen's shoulders and jolting him awake.

Kesian laki aku! Kalau dia dah tak boleh joget bahu lagi macam mana

Munich > Dubai > Singapore

Unsurprisingly, I was dreading our flights back home because of our initial experience! 

But as it turns out, the flight back home was wayyyyy more comfortable than the one we had at the start of the trip!!! Very happy!!! Yang buat lagi best the flight was light load so we were allowed to spread out and sleep on the empty seats if we wanted to (which I did). Shiokkkkk!

And rupa rupanya our previous flights were not very comfortable because the plane we got was an old model so seats were much smaller... very different from our flights back home, which were on the newer model (A380, I think!). Bigger comfy seats, and the TV systems were newer and more updated.

[Image by Christian Michel via Wikipedia]

That was when I also realized I felt hot and stuffy in the initial flights because... AKU TAK TURN UP THE AIRCON LAH SIAK APE MAKSUD. Hahahahaha perangai grumpy nyonya siak. Sendiri tak betul pastu nak salahkan satu dunia. (In my defence, I don't remember having to adjust anything for air-con temperature in SQ so I assumed the same thing when I was on Emirates)


[Image by Andrei Dimotfe via Wikipedia]
Overall, I do think Emirates is a very good airline to consider for our future trips. We didn't experience much turbulence and the landings were a-okay, Alhamdullilah. We just have to make sure we turn up the aircon (ha ha ha) and make sure we get flights on their newer aircraft models if we want to fly with Emirates. Kalau tak, kirim salam kuih talam! 

Also thought of listing these:

Other Random Things that I like about Emirates: 

(1) I like Emirates' practice of baca doa before takeoff and after landing

(2) I like Emirates' practice of clapping beramai ramai once the plane has safely landed! A friend told us about the clapping practice a few days before we left for Europe so once the plane landed, both of us automatically clapped along lololol. Step dah biasa naik Emirates lah gitu.

(3) I like the sparkly interior of their airplanes LOL (If you've taken their night flights before, you know wak'amin!)

Other Random Things that I don't like about Emirates:

(1) I don't like the 3 - 4 - 3 seat configuration that we got on all our Emirates flights. I prefer SQ in this aspect because all the SQ flights that I've taken so far, I got the configuration where there's rows of 2-seaters at either side (unless I remember wrongly). I lagi suka book that kind of seat arrangement and have personal space with my husband. Kan lagi conducive untuk beromen HAHAHA

Okay dah, tu je ah yang I tak suka. I'd totally fly with Emirates again! Tapi kalau compare dengan SQ, I still prefer SQ lah so I fall under the 'SQ is better than Emirates' camp. 

Oh, and I know some people also compare the food choices available onboard SQ and Emirates - honestly, I didn't think the taste and presentation of their food were any different. Dua dua gua lantak. But that's just greedy fat me lah. And now greedy fat me wants to start writing the next entry. Bye.


  1. You make me plan where to travel next after my honeymoon!! Bestnya bestnyaaaaa!! Btw, your kahwin khronicles website dah cannot masuk? D=

    1. please plan!!! it's so fun and liberating to be able to travel wherever after the wedding! :D

      haha and yes, my kahwin khronicles site is down because i'm having trouble with the domain registration, and Google is being a pain about it!!! i'm hoping to settle the problem by this week :/


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