Selesai Sudah Si Bulan Syawal

Aaaaannddd we're done with another year of Syawal.

Some snippets of our Raya celebrations this year for memories sake! 

I'm in the midst of privatizing my blog entries from the past 12 years (more on this in another entry) and came across tons of Raya pictures from past celebrations that I've forgotten about! So I figured I should post up some pictures from Raya 2014 so I can laugh at them di tahun 2024 kelak. Hehe.

Still waiting for my baby sister to finish editing our annual family Raya video! Will share that once she gets off her ass and posts it up. Or not. Really depends on which footage of me she uses in the video. Hahahahaha.

First two weeks were for our families then third week was for jalan raya with some close friends. Last week dah takde jalan raya so my husband and I spent our free weekend rotting in bed ZOMG BEST TIMES OF OUR OLDIE LIVEZ EVAH

We also know we are oldies because during one of the house visits, we had some freaking legit tapak kuda nutella, tapak kuda durian dan lain lain kuih and immediately declared to the homeowner that we are SO buying kuih raya from her sister (who made them) for our own rumah next Raya. 

No more leaving it up to our mothers to beli kuih raya every year!

And no more trusting Instagram bakers who sold us tapak kuda yang tawar hebeh and kuih keras kebatu. Kita kan dah oldies, so cara beli kuih Raya pun must be cara oldies i.e. word of mouth through kawan punya kakak, kawan punya jiran, etc.

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