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How simple and functional and cantik are these decorative wall pieces!

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It does seem like I get more excited while looking for one-off pieces to decorate our home with than when I look at catalogues for main furniture. Might be because I figured most of our main furniture pieces will be from IKEA anyway?

I have to admit I'm starting to question whether we can make do with the quality of furniture from IKEA, though...

I mean, I've always heard that their pieces aren't that durable, I've read some stuff online that casts doubt on IKEA items (like this and this), and I have personal experience because my current IKEA bed frame is flimsy after only 2 to 3 years wtf macam lah hari hari aku bukak circus acts atas itu katil.

But I figured we'll try our luck since we have renovation costs to worry about and cheap modern furniture is an attractive option for us new homeowners, you know?

Also, we do have long-term plans of moving to another place (gotta beat the CPF system, you guys!) so IKEA furniture should be sufficient for us for the time being - who knows we might want another theme and it'll be nice to have an excuse to purchase new and improved furniture, kan? Hehehe

Unfortunately, a friend got injured recently when her new IKEA table collapsed and a glass item that was on the said table shattered near her foot! I punya confidence nak beli the bulk of my furniture from IKEA pun ikut tershattered seh. Macam mana seh gini. Tinggal dalam gua pun lagi cantik seh gini.

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