Just Gimme The Light And Start The Show

Hello friends! Hari ni I nak cerita pasal lampu! 

Lampu was one of the things I worried about when we decided to engage a contractor instead of an ID... who is going to tell us which lampu will match with our furniture?! Which lampu will work best?! I am not a lampu expert, so how will I know the technicalities and how will I make this *gasp* life-changing decision?! Should I take a course to belajar pasal lampu?! /enddrama

In the end, as with all things in my life, I buatlah research kat Internet kah kah kah 

A few birchwood pieces caught my eye, and they look something like these:

(Source: IUMI SteckDesign via Lunalee)

Fwahhhhh, cantik kan cantik kan?!

Each piece is about SGD200 on average (includes shipping fees from Berlin to Singapore via an Etsy shop here) but I have no idea whether that is considered cheap or expensive since kita belum recce local stores for lighting prices yet... 

... which is also why I have no idea whether I can find diamond bulbs like these (which is something I really like) in our local stores:

(via Eric Therner, by Jesper Lindstrom)

I do know that I can ship diamond bulbs in from Hongkong via Etsy here, though! Hehe, so lawa hor?!?! But I guess these would make more sense if kita memang nak exposed bulb fixtures for our new home ah. If we just want bulbs to be screwed inside a covered lamp shade then for what pay so much for bulbs, orang tak nampak and can't appreciate the bentuk pun.

I know the exposed bulb fixtures look is super popular now but I'm still not sure if I like the look and feel of exposed bulb fixtures as a whole, you know? So we'll probably end up with something more covered and classic, something like these Toldbod Pendant lights by Louis Poulson...

(Source: Skadium)

... Or something similar to these Caravaggio Matt lamps;

(Source: Moleta Munro)

Or these Mingus lamps:

(Source: Nordic Design

The Cravaggio Matt and Mingus designs are by the incredibly awesome Lightyears, by the way! They also have super chic desk lamps like the ones mentioned here.

I think lighting which have similar designs as the ones above should be bersepah around Singapore and easy to find at affordable costs kan? If all else fails, there's always IKEA, of course! I think I can live with a Ranarp (SGD59) or a 365+ Brasa (SGD79) or a slightly more adventurous Vanadin (SGD39.90).

Oh, and taaalking about "slightly more adventurous" lighting (lol) kan, I wonder whether my husband and I will have the stomach for these beauties:

.......... naaahhhhhhhhhh, probably not.

Such creative lighting can be beautiful and make great conversation starters but I don't think us grannies will be that adventurous when it comes to lighting. Haha!

Lagipun I can just imagine guests making smart alecky comments like "Ni lampu ke bola sepak takraw! Haw haw haw!" if they ever come over and see our lampu like that ha ha ha ha ha very the kelakar eh korang punya lawak.

Korang pernah nampak tak lampu sepak takraw terbang and datang rembat kat muka korang? Ah, tu lagi kelakar. 


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