Just A Sketch Away

Two more days to key collection! My brother-in-law pun dah email his sketches (above) to us, just in time for our first appointment with a contractor this weekend.
My husband and I are overwhelmed with the choices and decisions we have to make when it comes to our new home so we're quite lazy to pikirkan sangat! We've shortlisted 3 contractors - the one we're meeting this weekend is the contractor who did my parents' renovation few years ago, another one is a recommendation from Aisyah and Sham, and the last one is Saliheen's ex-schoolmate.

We briefly considered Chew Interior Design since they did my in-laws' kitchen and bathrooms before but bad reviews posted on this forum turned us off, even if they are more than 5 years old. We just want a simple renovation for our home and will not tolerate jibes about our budget from established ID companies who might not want our (relatively small) business! Podah. Engkau tak nak, aku pun tak ingin, boy.


  1. Congratulations on the key collections, babe! I can imagine how you're feeling (i.e. too much choices and decisions etc.) I have just started with my own renovation process and it has been overwhelming indeed! Everyday also kene discuss pasal renovation. Neverending! Wait till after you've settled on the contractor and move on to selecting items like tiles and kitchen laminate and stuff! Boleh pengsan because you'll be spoilt for choices! Nevertheless, it is a fun process, so all the best! :) (And ya, podah la! There are so many other reno companies out there, no need to just narrow down the choices to only the established ones!)

    1. Thanks babe! Congrats on your new home too!!!

      I didn't think much about the choices we have to make but you're right - we had the first appointment last weekend and talking about the different types of flooring, wiring, etc made me feel so intimidated and overwhelmed :( Hopefully we can get through this well and good! Nanti lepas renovation, rindu lah pulak. Hehe


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