Konstruction Khronicles: The Inspiration (Part 3)

Omg guys this is such a pretty living room wtf!!!

(Source: Stylizimo Blog)

Really diggin' this whole white, grey, mint and maple with black accents colour scheme but Saliheen the grumpy cat insists on not wanting anything black for our future home, not even for decorative purposes like vases and frames so... fine. 

Looks like we'll have to try and stick to white, greys and browns as much as possible, probably something more like these:

(Source: Innol)
(Source: Home Designing

I really hope we can get that much light into our home without prying eyes from neighbouring blocks and us dying from local heat seh. All these rumah omputeh really make us feel very jelly tau! And I should really start looking at local homes for inspiration now to manage my expectations and avoid disappointment sigh

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