Konstruction Khronicles: The Inspiration (Part 2)

Hi guys.

Sorry about this but I think my next 23423091567 blog entries will be about our home renovations and THE BEAUTY THAT IS SCANDINAVIAN INTERIOR DESIGN.

Because I have finally given a damn about how my future home will look like hahahahaha Saliheen is SO gonna roll his eyes at me for this.

(Source: Home Designing)

1. Absolutely digging the bloody gorgeous chevron pattern on the floor!!! Adds texture to the room, don't you think?! Bet this kind of flooring will be very expensive, though...

2. I absolutely adooooore the quotes strewn around the room! Gives the room some personality, imho. Will have to decide on one quote to hang up in our new home or else I'll just use: "Fall in love with as many things as possible." TOO LOVELY. (Or maybe "Home is Where The Pants Aren't" haha)

3. I love the fact that you can change up the look with patterned throws and cushions. Versatility adalah sesuatu yang sangat dialu-alukan oleh kami ye!

(Source: Home Designing)

1. The kitchen is MAJOR LOVE! Gorgeous dining table and chairs, and I am totally into cabinet drawers with no handles. Very chic and aesthetically pleasing. Must be mahal also, I guess???

2. Super cute coffee table! Also love that it has two functions - to hold items like a traditional table + curved side to hold newspapers, magazines, albums etc

3. Who says you must hang framed pictures on the wall??? Can also consider having a lean table or shelf so such framed items can be propped up against the wall, like the ones in the living room above. 

(Source: Home Designing)

1. This is reminiscent of our initial idea for colour scheme! The villa we stayed in during our Maldives honeymoon had a colour scheme of white, grey and teal, with a little bit of wood and we thought it'd be a very nice colour scheme to have for our own home. This is still tentative, though - we're definitely playing with whites and greys lah but we're still on the fence about having teal shades. Again, we're into versatility and teal isn't exactly the most versatile colour...

2. We're considering a platform bed (i.e. built in platform with mattress on top - is there a technical word for it?) and this version looks pretty cosy! We agree the carpentry might be a killer in terms of costs though, so we'll decide on it only after we get quotes.

3. Absolutely digging everything in the living room!!!!! The swan chair is uber adorbz, I love love love the sofa and rug and omg, the wheeled coffee table (what is the technical word for this?!) IS MAD CUTE. Also loving the dusty pink accents from the throw, the cushion and the framed picture. Perfection!

Okay lah guys, now that we've gotten a fair bit of inspiration, all we need to do is wait for duit to jatuh from langit ... Right?


  1. You're damn right about tunggu duit jatoh dari langit. Aku tk boleh imagine how expensive it would be to renovate rumah! Imagine akan datang in years to come... aduii... >.<

    1. yes exactly!!! sekarang je macam nak shit bricks kumpul duit for kahwing and rumah, don't know how it'll be for future generations! tinggal rumah kayu jelah nanti (or entah entah kayu pun dah mahal)

  2. Hahaha yeah I'm waiting for money to drop from the sky also. That will also be the time pigs can fly. I'm into the Scandinavian design too but I'm just afraid I cannot maintain the white-ness of the place. Go see myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com for inspirations! :D

    1. ~it's all about the money~ money~ money~ don't care about the money~ money~ money~ i just wanna see the world dance~ don't care about the price tag~


      i wasn't very confident about maintaining the whiteness too! but i guess it helps having a husband who is a cleaning addict and will do anything for neatness and cleanliness? haha

      oooh i read that blog yesterday!!! have started reading a few Scandinavian design blogs for inspiration too :D


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