Konstruction Khronicles: Key Collection Date

HDB finally released our key collection date, and it's two weeks away! Hurray!

Actually kan, our initial date was supposed to be 9 October 2014, Thursday at 8.10am tau but Saliheen and I decided to try our luck and called our HDB officer to ask whether we can change our key collection date to "the next earliest date".  

And can you believe it? She called me this morning to confirm that the next earliest date would be 26 September 2014, Friday, 9.10am. 

Which is absolutely perfect for us! Saliheen wants a date in September, I want the key collection to be on a Friday and we both wanted a morning slot so it's like this finalized date and time was meant for us! We got so lucky, Alhamdullilah

Also thankful to the people who told me I can request for an earlier date if I wish! Korang rock ah. Joget ombak yang kat atas tu is dedicated to korang k.

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