Mesdy Family Annual Raya Video 2014

So my baby sister finally finished editting our annual raya video and have posted it up for our fun and laughter! :D

You can watch the main annual 'Raya 2014' video below:

RAYA MV 2014 (MESDY FAMILY) from fazmals on Vimeo.

My second sister also had the brilliant idea of doing 'terjah' sessions during our Raya visiting (ala 'Melodi' and 'Roommate') - the idea of names flashing during each interview was her suggestion too! - so we have two separate videos to repeat and laugh and laugh over this year.

You can watch the 'Raya Terjah' video below:

I can't choose which ones are my favourites because most of them are so hilarz! I like my husband's interview, of course, he was complaining about being exhausted because it was his first intense Mesdy family jalan raya experience. Haha!

It's a shame my baby sister just bought legit professional microphone and technical gear which will only arrive next week because those would have been so useful! Guess we'll have to wait to use those for next year's Raya. Hehe.

You can also watch our past videos - for Raya 2012 video, click here and for Raya 2013 video, click here

I love the fact that we can all see each other grow up in these videos - some of my younger cousins who looked like foetuses in the 2012 video now look like they're so kakak kakak and abang abang in this year's video already. 

Aku pulak, jangan cakaplah, dari macam mak anak satu to macam mak anak sepuluh hahahahaha. Tapi takpe. Hari raya dah habis so hari ni boleh start diet.

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