Of Planters and Terrariums

We don't have our keys yet and renovations have yet to begin for our new home (we haven't even found a contractor yet!) but I saw these babies on Caravan Pacific yesterday AND FELL IN LOVE:

(Source: Caravan Pacific)

I tried looking for it in their online shop but didn't see any so I'm assuming this is currently out of stock. Turns out they don't ship to Singapore anyway, but no worries! I knew I'd be able to find something similar on Etsy somehow so off to the tempat puaka I go...

... and the only closest one that I can find is this:

Which is still pretty cute, yes?! I'm favouriting this on Etsy so I can consider once we're ready to purchase decorative pieces for our new home. Am also favouriting these from another Etsy shop:

(via Etsy Shop: Frauklarer)


How can pieces of concrete be so cantik ni! 

(Jawapan: Sebab dah kena moulded and shaped cantik cantik lah dol. Cuba tengok concrete berbaldi baldi yang kat depan construction site. Tak jambu siol.)

I'm also looking at the possibility of having a glass terrarium for decorative purposes. Looked at a few options on Etsy and surprise surprise, I am SO spoilt for choice!

(via Etsy Shop: Waen)

(via Etsy Shop: Boxwood Tree)

Oooh, glass terrariums are SO pretty, I can leave them empty and they'll still look good sitting naked on a side table by the window! Best eh hidup, duduk bogel pun tetap cantik hahaha

If you also like terrariums but want to DIY a simple one for yourself instead, you can check out this DIY tutorial by Fuzzy Green Lights. I don't have a single DIY fingerbone in me so I'll stick to purchasing them off Etsy heh heh 

Thank God for a husband who feels the same way as me and prefer cacti and succulents over any other plants! And yes, I've already cleared this with my husband hehe. I wouldn't want to be all excited, only to have him burst my bubble and tell me he doesn't want such things in our future home! 

Kang aku bantai dia dengan cactus nanti. 


  1. This is lawa! Aiya I was just thinking of cactus but didn't think such nice vases exist! Ikea sells those glass terrarium thingy! But have to DIY the things inside la haha.

    1. Ooh I didn't see the glass terrariums when I was at IKEA last weekend, must go again and see!!! But if don't see anything I like, order online lah jawabnye.

      If buy online also must DIY the things inside! Memang I plan to buy and DIY the insides... actually in Singapore got companies who sell everything in (glass terrarium + plant and decor inside) ah but the terrarium not as lawa as theseeeee

    2. Ouh sis eu cn gt dem on carousel the seller name is bees+honeycomb

    3. thank you dear!!! will check that out :D


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