Scandinavian, and more Scandinavian

Now that I am *obsessed* with (hopefully) inspiring myself as much as possible with Scandinavian interior design, naturally I've started stalking blogs that specialize on the topic! My current obsession is Emmas Design Blogg, which just happens to be, oh you know... "Scandinavia's oldest and most read design blog"?!

Please take a look below and tell me how can I not be obsessed!?!?!?!!!!!111

Her posts are amazeballs and I just cannot keep my heart-shaped eyes away! I mean, look at all those gorgeous arrangements and visuals, you guys?!

Takes true talent, creativity and effort to create such beauty siak. Which I obvi do not have and wouldn't be able to recreate but that does not mean I cannot appreciate, what!

Other blogs with visuals on Scandinavian design which I've enjoyed as well: 

And of course I had to follow several Instagram accounts that regularly post on Scandinavian designs! I recently followed @ingridpall, @weekdaycarnival, @annaleenashem, @decordotsblog@theresesennerholt, @heltenkelt, @frustilista, @daniellawitte, @elisabeth_heier, @stylizimoblog, @splittertine and @onlydecolove (among many others) and I'm hoping to get major inspiration from these accounts, from now until the point we start renovation and furniture purchases.

Okay guys, is it just me or is the number of times I mention 'Scandinavian' in this blog entry too damn high HAHAHA EARLY EARLY I WARN YOU ALREADY RIGHT

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