Selamat Datang Ke IKEA

If I had my way, my bathroom would sooooo totally look like this: 

(Source: MyParadissi)

(Source: MyParadissi)

So fun and so hip and so gorgeous kan!!! Hari hari aku buat photoshoot dalam toilet agaknya hahaha BUANG TEBIAT

Tapi seriously kan, kalau my bathroom can look like that kan, I would so totally buy this Klippan two-seater sofa from IKEA, place it in the living room and base the interior design of the living room around the sofa.

Very matchy matchy and very funky, just the way I like it!!!

But alas, I know I should follow my husband's preference for our future home interior design because his idea is more practical and versatile - his ideas are still very gorgeous though so I don't really mind!

We'll most probably still buy the Klippan two-seater sofa for our new home, just in a colour that is more fitting of a Scandinavian theme:

Even comes with a matching pouffe so we can add that in as well if we'd like. SGD245 for the two-seater sofa and SGD65 for the pouffe... not bad, right?

I don't remember the colours being that dark though, we saw them in IKEA last two weekends and their colours seems much more subdued in real life.

We've also set our sights on another sofa from IKEA, which is the Karlstad:

The Karlstad series is pricier than the Klippan series -  its two-seater sofa costs SGD699 whereas the matching footstool costs SGD195. They also have a three-seater sofa at SGD799 and a two-seater sofa with chaise longue at SGD1195. Looks comfy but I don't think the measurements for the latter two will fit our living room!

Honestly I prefer the look and feel of Karlstad over Klippan lah (the former's wooden legs feel "more Scandanivian", don't you think?) but we'll see if it is worth the extra bucks. 

His mum also told us that the Klippan works just fine and its covers are easy to remove and wash (she has one in her own home) so we might just choose Klippan in the end. Lagi lagi boleh 'sep' duit dalam 400++ dollars oi! Itu SGD400++ savings boleh pakai buat beli Uten Silo oi! #ohtakehhahaha

We've also set our sights on this drop leaf table, also from IKEA:

We've always wanted something like this! A dining table that can cater to the size of our small living room on regular days but can be extended for when we have friends over for parties or meals. And only SGD299!

Oh, this drop leaf table comes in a set with four chairs at SGD679 as well, by the way, but Saliheen prefers the Nordmyra chairs (S$45 per piece) so we might skip the set and mix and match instead... it'll be cheaper that way, anyway:

Drop leaf table and 4 Nordmyra chairs at SGD479 > IKEA suggested set at SGD679 

SGD200 savings is better than nothing! 

Anyway, bila dah bercalculate calculate ni kan, it reminds me... we should really get started on a renovation and furniture budget checklist! Having a budget checklist was very, very useful for our wedding planning so I don't see why it should be any different from our home planning. (Fuhhh... berbual very the adultz siolz hahaha)

Love the fact that we can get the bulk of our furniture from IKEA, which sells affordable furniture and home-ware! IKEA is from Sweden after all, so most of their designs fit well with our vision for a Scandinavian-inspired home lah. I wouldn't be surprised if our home in the end jadi macam IKEA showroom pulak! Haha!

I've already searched for other local furniture stores that sell Scandinavian pieces as well, but all of them look so luxurious and so 'atas' so... takpe lah ye, terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali cuba lagi.


  1. Okay, what a coincidence but I'm actually getting the 45 bucks Ikea chair which has been out of stock for weeks until like recently. Haha. I didn't bother to find out its name but when you said its $45 I clicked on the link and yes, the same chair that we're getting. Wee! Ikea's affordable, the only thing is I'm wary of some of the products' quality though. But the chair looks durable enough.. Haha.

    1. That's because you and my husband have good taste! Haha! I know what you mean ah pasal wary about their quality... I have heard of some complains on some of their products being not durable enough. But I don't mind trying them out first and then in the event something breaks or whatever, I'll just replace with something else from another store


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