Two Words: Uten. Silo.

I first saw an Uten Silo in one of Essiebutton's vlogs (one of my favourite Youtubers!) and have been obsessed with the idea of having this maha gorgeous wall organizer in my own home since then.

(Source: Beeldsteil)

You can store many different things ranging from cute items such as stationery and postcards and personal notes to more practical things like letters and bills and torchlights and keys - the possibilities are endless!!!

Okay lah, not really endless lah. Obviously you cannot store sayur and ikan and peha ayam in this thing, ape. Benda gitu must store dalam fridge! And a fridge is something that I might not be able to buy if I die die nak this Uten Silo. 

Because you know how barang barang gini kalau ada rupa, ada harga kan?

Seems like it will cost about USD400++ (SGD500++) for this beauty, and that's not including shipping siak. 

Mahal siak. Kalau boleh store ikan and ayam takpe jugak.

I found a similar (and cheaper) alternative called the "I Could've Bin A Container" haha brownie points for creative product name, please.

(Source: Loony)

Apparently it retails for $49 on Land of Nod but the website is currently down for maintenance so I can't confirm what's the currency for that. But in any event, still much, much cheaper!

I also stumbled on this cute DIY tutorial for a super fun fabric wall organizer while researching on Uten Silo: 

(Source: Design Sponge)


There's another DIY tutorial using cardboard here but I don't think it looks as good as the fabric one! Tapi kan, even if we do decide to have a wall organizer, I don't think we'll settle for a fabric one or whatever else lah because I still prefer the Uten Silo. Lagi sturdy and lagi easy to clean.

Tapi since it is too mahal then takpe lah. I lebih rela spend that money on more practical and useful things. Like a fridge. A SMEG fridge. OH TAK EH


  1. I love EssieButton! Was just watching her Nordic vlogs. Alamak why you show this? I nak!

    1. i love love love her Nordic vlogs! dari tak keen to visit Scandinavia to considering the possibility hehehe. i can't help it, this thing is gorgz!!!!!

  2. SMEG fridge WAJIB! hehhe.
    happy planning babe... so fun kan!


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