Achievement Unlocked: House Keys Collected!

Macam dah collect kunci je! Macam dah dapat rumah je!

Hehehehehe. It was ~quite~ the first time experience for us but it's actually simple lah if you just follow the instructions contained in the HDB letter for key collection.

You can skip the next part if you're already a homeowner and/or collected your keys but just a rough idea on what to expect if you're still waiting for your HDB letter and want to know what will happen on key collection day.
1. Upon your arrival at HDB Hub, go up to the 2nd floor.
2. Once you're on the 2nd floor, go straight to assigned counter 213 to apply for fire insurance with Etiqa Insurance. 
3. After that, go to the reception on the 1st floor to get a queue number. 
3. Wait near the assigned counter before your number gets called in. 
4. Once you're called in, be prepared to sign a bazillion documents. 
5. Once you're done, your officer will ask you to go up to 3rd floor and pay your 1st conservancy charges at the payment counter.
6. Go down to 2nd floor and apply for SP Services account at the SP unit 
7. Go back to your HDB officer to pass receipts. Collect your keys!

Sounds like a bit of hassle, I know, but as long as you follow the instructions closely, it should be manageable ah. And of course, I must stress this one last most important thing: Please make sure that you bring along your IC!!! 

Ya I know, like, duh, right??? Siapa siak bodoh, keluar tak bawak IC?????

Ah, aku lah tu. 

I happy happy keluar rumah for the appointment, with the assumption that my IC (which was inside my purse) would be inside the bag I brought to HDB Hub but turns out my purse was in another bag wtf itulah kali pertama aku nampak laki aku turn into a naga kepala tiga hahahahaha

Ya now I laugh eh. At the moment it happened, I was nowhere near laughing eh. Because tak kelakar eh. Kena go home, take IC and come back to HDB Hub to let the officer see my IC eh. Tenkz eh.

But takpelah. Dah terjadi. So after my husband dah dapat makan roti and turn into a happy human child again, we rushed off to Tampines HDB Branch office to apply for cement screed, which HDB can do for free as opposed to getting our contractors to do it for us, which will cost money. (Thank you for the tip, Sham!) 

We were told that the cement screed process will take about 3 weeks, which is great, because we can go and get contractor quotes in the meantime. 

We then went to Giant Tampines to buy a fan and a foldable table for our new unit (we already brought along foldable stools and a mat from home) before finally heading to our unit. Half the day gone already!

I think we spent about almost 3 hours, just checking for defects, chatting about the unit, squealing over the idea of us being actual homeowners and taking in everything else... including the habuk that messed up our shoes, our arms and our legs, and quite possibly our lungs haha.

Some pictures below, walaupun all new BTO units look the same and you might not have any interest in them! Haha. Might post more for memories' sake after my sister comes and takes some shots for us. I haven't had time to bring my family to our new house but hopefully we can spare some time this weekend to do that. 

(Yes, there is a picture of my husband sweeping the floor FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT)

Super love the fact that (1) our unit does not get hit by the afternoon sun so it does not get heated up and (2) the airflow comes in from our service yard... because that means our laundry will cepat kering from the angin, insya Allah!

Also happy to report that I am happier with the unit than I expected to be! I think I've mentioned before that I'm a little iffy about taking on a 3-room unit because it'll be so so sooooo small and cramped but relented after extensive discussions with my husband about our future plans (He had pretty solid, convincing points!) 

Turns out I should have trusted his rationale from the get go because the minute we opened the door and stepped into the unit, I was absolutely won over. 

Yes, our new flat is very tiny. Yes, there are space constraints and there will be challenges when we go out and buy furniture. But yes, my husband was right - the unit will feel cosy, it will feel intimate, and it'll make us feel like we are... home. 


  1. EXCITING NYERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. IKR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stressful too, but i shall choose to be positive and excited instead hehehe

  2. Oh my, you're making me excited for mine. Padahal mine lagi 2.5years HAHA
    Everything looks good! No immediate blocks blocking your living room, means angin!

    1. never too early to be excited for happy things!!! especially something major like rumah, which you will have to live in for at least 5 years of your life.

      and thanks babe! that's the reason why we opted for this unit, we made sure there wouldn't be any further developments that will naik at the plot of land beside our unit = manyak manyak angin hehe

  3. Hi Sis, iM getting my keys 2nd quarter next year...mcm excited tgk org dpt rumah... heehee... can I know ape lagi nk kene bayar upon key collection? how much roughly to pay for the 1st conservancy charges, fire insurance and PUB? Thanks :)

  4. Hello dear! Yes, very exciting bila dah nak dapat rumah!

    Anyway, conservancy charges about S$90 ke S$100++ gitu whereas fire insurance is about S$40++. Bila kat HDB Hub for key collection, you only need to open an SP Services account then bila SP Services bill datang to your new unit few weeks later, you will need to pay the first $100 to-up into your account. Subsequent charges is dependent on your water and electricity usage, of course!


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