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So, so tired from running around during the weekend but very puas hati because we settled quite a number of things for our rumah! Meh I cerita sikit on what we've accomplished so far and where we went last weekend:

New World Lighting Pte Ltd
Contact: 63968518
Address: 1 Jalan Berseh #01-13 New World Centre Singapore 209037
Website: -
Operating Hours: (Not stated online but we went after lunch on a Saturday)

We bought all our lights (except for main dining light because we want to look for something special) from New World Lighting, which is located in Jalan Besar area.

We didn't do any prior research for this! We went to Jalan Besar to check out another shop actually, but didn't get anything from there. So we walked down the row of shops, saw New World Lighting and walked in. They had the plain and simple lights that we wanted within our budget so kita just chose, paid and left. Senang. 

We spent about S$600 for our lights for our 3-room BTO unit:

3 x Down Lights for L-Box (Cornice) in Living Room (S$19.00 x 3 pieces) = S$57.00
3 x LED Round Lights for 1 Living Room (S$55 each x 3 pieces) = S$165.00
1 x Light for 1 Kitchen = S$55.00
2 x Main Lights for 2 Toilets (S$39 each x 2 pieces) = S$78.00
4 x LED light for 2 Toilets (S$20 x 4 pieces) = S$80.00
1 x Light for 1 Service Yard = S$35.00
1 x Light for 1 Storeroom (aka Bomb Shelter) = S$15.00
1 x Track with 3 Lights for Corridor = S$160.00
+ LESS S$45.00 DISCOUNT = TOTAL S$600.00

We anticipated the price to be about S$1500 or less (based on what we read online and after under-estimating based on our friends' 4-room unit) so S$600 was definitely within our budget. Yay! We're left with one statement light for our dining area so hopefully we'll see something we like soon.

That's a picture of my husband looking pleased after we settled our lighting choices, with a plastic cup of water in hand. Tekak kering beb, berbual pasal lampu. 

Apek kedai was very chin chai and very apek but very nice, by the way. I expected his name to be Ah Fong ke, Ah Seng ke, sekali nama dia Joseph. Peh canggih.

Universal Union Enterprises Pte Ltd
Contact: 6749 0007  |  6743 3852
Address: 710 Geylang Road Singapore 389625 (3 shops away from Lorong 44)
Operating  Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays - 9.30am to 8.30pm
Sundays & Public Holidays - 11.00am to 7.00pm

Next, we made our way to Universal Union Enterprises after reading good online reviews. Niat hati was to buy barang barang for our kitchen and toilet kat sini.

I expected Universal Union to be a super huge building sekali it was just a regular shophouse unit. But the unit itself was not bad lah, and it is located exactly where it says on their address: 3 shops away from Lorong 44. 

Forgot to take a picture of the shopfront but it looks like this. Just keep your head up when you walk down from the green Lorong 44 signboard, you won't miss it!

We spent S$594.92 (with GST) in Universal Union for these items:

1 x Teka Undermount Kitchen Sink = S$225.00
1 x Sink Tap = S$119.00
2 x Double Soap Basket for Toilets (S$75.00 x 2 pieces) = S$150.00
2 x Robe Hook Set with 5 Hooks for Toilets (S$31.00 x 2 pieces) = S$62.00

This was after discount, of course, I think the soap baskets were supposed to be $100+ each, and the hook set was supposed to be $45 each. Can't really remember exact figures. Just make sure the lady boss is around to approve the discounts! 

The guy we spoke to was a young and polite Malaysian guy named Haw who was also very eager to help, so Saliheen and I returned his kindness by giving him some puji and telling him he looks like he should be training for a K-pop band haha!

We wanted to get our kitchen hob, hood and in-built oven sekaligus kat Universal Union but they didn't have the Bosch models that we wanted so we settled for the above items aje. The good thing was: they had the Teka sink we wanted whereas Hoe Kee, as we found out the day after, didn't have it!

Hoe Kee Hardware Pte Ltd
Contact: 6749 4521
Address: 8 Genting Road, The Blue Building, Singapore 349472
Other Locations: IMM Building, New World Centre, Tanjong Katong Complex, Kaki Bukit Place (Addresses and operating hours: here)
Operating Hours: Daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm

The next day, we made our way to the main Hoe Kee showroom at Genting Road, because the branch outlet we went to at Jalan Besar was small and didn't have much choices. This trip was very chop choli chop sebab we already know which Bosch models we wanted!

Was attended to by a Malay makcik who tried to promote and sell us an Ariston package but our minds were set. Sorry eh cik. No amount of Ariston (and on and on) advertisements from our childhood could have convinced us! Lol!

They had promotions on some packages but our preferred models weren't packed into a package. We didn't mind purchasing them separately, though.

We (more like my husband cough cough) specifically wanted a stainless stain gas hob with 3 burners and honestly, Bosch is the only brand yang ada stainless steel hob and hood yang nampak cantik. The rest semua macam very meh. 

We decided earlier on that induction hobs aren't for us and our preferred style of cooking so it didn't make sense to spend more on something that looks more sleek but won't fit our cooking style. You can read a quick but useful guide on choosing induction hobs VS gas hobs here.

We spent S$1,697.00 at Hoe Kee for these items:

1 x Bosch Kitchen Hood = S$499.00
1 x Bosch Kitchen Hob = S$449.00 (Usual price $500++ but there was a promo)
1 x Bosch In-built Oven = S$749.00 

Dah tak payah pikir pasal fixtures for kitchen lo! Cuma left with refrigerator and kitchen stuff like rice cooker, thermos, utensils, etc. Takkan nak makan beras mentah and goreng sayur dengan tangan kan. Nak step organic pun agak agak ah.

Honestly kan, if anyone wants to be fuss free and just go to one place to buy all their barang rumah, I'd recommend going to Hoe Kee's main showroom at Genting Road straight. They have different brands and different kitchen and toilet accessories all under the same roof! Okay lah, Universal Union pun ah, cuma dorang takde barang Bosch.

The only reason why ours were split into Hoe Kee and Universal Union was because we had preferences on brands for different items which were available separately at the two locations.

Also, no worries if you belum dapat kunci or belum start renovation macam kita because we can just call them about a week in advance to arrange for delivery once we are ready to receive the items. Payment wise, boleh opt to pay deposit first or pay in full. 

Hock Siong & Co
Contact: 62818338
Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, Junjie Industrial Building #01-03, Singapore 386326
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays - 9.30am to 5.45 pm

We weren't planning on going to Hock Siong & Co initially, but Sham and Aisyah wanted to drop by and look see so we janji and met them there. We weren't familiar with the area so kita sesat at first!

In the end, we Googled for images and found out that it was an orange building and the outside was a red brick wall with a "Jun Jie Industrial Building" sign. 

Very old school stuff! We spent only 10 minutes in the shop because nothing was of interest to us, unfortunately. I think their pieces are more suitable for people who want to upcycle furniture or want antique pieces.

We were supposed to go to Second Charm after that but due to a very silly miscommunication between Saliheen and I, we ended up at Changi City Point instead wtf. We were supposed to go Changi City Point after Second Charm k, but after a convoluted series of events and assumptions, my very pandai husband thought we were done for the day and headed straight for dinner at Changi City Point. Then aku pulak bodoh jalan, and didn't realize he was headed towards Changi City Point, and not Second Charm until much, much later. Tepuk tangan, please!

But takpelah, Second Charm was just an "add-on" - we can always singgah situ another time since we've already decided to purchase furniture only at the end of November. Right now, we don't have any furniture in mind except for a very cantik Scandi-inspired dining set which we saw at Courts Tampines!!!

Only S$799.00 for the whole set k, which is within our budget but Saliheen wants to wait until we settle our renovation haiz. Hopefully that dining set will not sell out and be our rezeki lah eh. Y'all kalau baik hati, doakan kita please!

Okay then, here's a run-through on what we have and haven't settled so far!

Items Purchased 
  • Kitchen hob, kitchen hood and in-built oven 
  • Kitchen sink and bathroom accessories 
  • Lighting for living room, kitchen, toilets, service yard and bedrooms

Items Pending for Purchase
  • Main light for dining area
  • Priority No. 1: Refrigerator
  • Priority No. 2: Washer & Dryer
  • Priority No. 3: Mattress
  • Furniture: Sofa, Dining Table, Carpet, TV console, Coffee Table, etc
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Wall art & Decor pieces

Items We Do Not Have To Search For / Purchase

  • Toilet bowls, shower taps and toilet sinks 
We're going to make do with the toilet bowls, shower taps and sinks given by HDB because they look and work just fine. Some savings here! 

  • Water heaters  
We're getting free electrical water heaters from our appointed contractor as part of our renovation package so no need to pening pening about this already. We were previously in a dilemma - to install either electrical water heater OR gas water heater! But even though we're inclined towards the latter, since contractor dah kasi free electrical heater, kita ambik jelah. Rezeki jangan ditolak sih.

  • Wardrobe
We've decided on a customized build-in wardrobe for our master bedroom so no need to search for this. One more item off the kepala pening list! We got a quote of S$1,900 for this, which is okay lah. Cheaper than another quote we got, which was about S$2300+, I think.

  • Bed Frame
Same thing as the wardrobe - we decided to fork out a little extra for a customized divan bed base structure so no need to worry about buying a bed frame already! Another reason why we opted for this is because we want our bed to look seamless with our build-in wardrobe. Estimated S$900.00 for 6 feet x 6 feet structure, with laminate material.

Okay, one last piece of home-related news before I end off this long entry: The two contractors we spoke to have given us their quotations! (I previously mentioned we wanted to speak to three contractors but we got lazy after the second one haha) 

We've already decided on one of them, but until we sign on the dotted line, I don't want to jinx it and will only reveal who and why after the paperwork is settled. Mohon sabar menanti for the next update!

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