It's Okay, Roommate

I've never really blogged in detail about my pet obsessions subjects like pop culture, the Youtube community and shows with specific audiences like the Korean variety show 'Roommate', for e.g., and it is mostly because I don't think people who read this blog would be interested to read that kind of stuff. 

But with the new blog layout, I've decided to also adopt a "new way" of writing for my blog, which is to no longer blog about what I think other people would want to read, but to blog more about stuff that I love and topics I want to blog about, which includes - you guessed it - Korean variety shows like 'Roommate'!

I don't know if I can keep this up but with Roommate S2 (which is now rebranded as 'It's Okay, Roommate') being more interesting and funnier than Roommate S1, I think I'll start posting my thoughts after I watch each episode every Tuesday on KShowOnline. You can click here to watch the episodes if you're interested! 

Also, am I the only one shipping Sunny and Ryohei so hard?!?!?!?!?!

I am not ashamed to admit that I kept replaying that scene over and over and over again like the obsessive maniac fan that I am, because  Sunny is my bias from SNSD and any kind of loveline connected to her is my business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she and Ryohei??? Total cutie couple, please!!!

I mean, them accidentally wearing matching outfits during their first (awkward) meeting in the first episode must have been a major sign, right????? RIGHT????? Work with me on this, you gaize!


  1. Just when I thought that I'll be doing something productive for my break till i read your post. Binge watching starts tmr! Hahahaha

  2. Hehehe! If you like watching how people live then I think you might like it.

    Don't have to watch season 1 because the editing sucked ballz and it got frustrating after the first few episodes. The only reason I stuck with it was because I had faith in the format and I generally enjoy life vlogs.

    Season 2 is wayyy better and more interesting so you can start with that instead. Enjoy!

  3. I agree! Season 2 is way better than the previous one. Full of colours!

  4. The personalities and interaction is sooooo much better kan! I think I laugh more with the new season :D


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