Just Gimme The Light And Start The Show (Part 2)

A little bummed we won't be getting this birchwood lamp for our dining area :(

Mainly because the cable works with 220V and 110V plug, which means it is not compatible with plugs in Singapore. (This lamp is from Berlin, Germany btw) Read up online that we can overcome this by buying and installing a step up/down transformer but that sounds like it'll be damn ma fan... we're not even sure if our electrician will know what to do. Kita bukannya tau buat sendiri seh! Plus what if it causes our electrical stuff to rosak? Tu lagi satu kerja kan :/

Back to lamp hunting in Singapore next weekend, since husband will be away for his work conference this weekend! I'm still holding out hope that we can find something with the above design and in white or light wood colour (or like the ones I blogged about here) so we'll see how that goes. If anyone has any idea where we can get lamps with such designs, please show us the light! We can offer you hot prata and delicious teh and warm bear hugs in return. Betul!

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