Konstruction Khronicles Kommences!

So we've finally signed on the dotted line :D

To formally engage our renovation contractors, of course! Saliheen and I are so happy and so relieved to finally get the party renovation started! Our renovation is due to start this Thursday and I'll be dropping by our unit this Saturday to check that work has started and to receive delivery of our kitchen sink, kitchen tap and bathroom accessories. 

Went to our contractors' office yesterday to finalize the quote and sign the agreement, and ended up spending a solid two hours choosing materials and tiles for our new home. Very penat and pening but very fun and exciting as well!

Oh, and an update on the cement screeding problem with HDB? We fretted over it for a week or two but decided that enough was enough. Our contractors gave us a reasonable price for cement screeding so we decided to bite the bullet and cancel our free cement screed application with HDB.

Tapi reasonable macam mana pun, we could have beli a sofa and coffee table with that same amount of money okay! But issokey lah, we can make do without those two for the first few months. Siapa nak datang visit kena duduk kat lantai! Ala ala kedai sheesha kat Arab Street gitu. Hur hur.

This is also the main reason why we can commence renovation already lah. If we wait for HDB, my house sampai tumbuh lalang tumbuh cendawan kat dalam pun tak akan settle settle agaknya.


  1. I love those too! Love at first sight! Unfortunately we're only using that for a teeny weeny part of the house :(

  2. sampai sekarang aku masih takde sofa... and we're used to the space already! i think i'll miss the open space once the sofa comes in... whenever that is!

    1. hahaha kita sama sama pelan pelan kayuh babe! if you can live without a sofa for the past few months, you probably can live without it for more


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