The King Of All Tilams

Didn't have anything planned yesterday so Saliheen and I went for a quick run to Tilam King! And by quick, I mean we were in and out of the shop within 30 minutes kind of quick. Haha.

We knew we didn't want to spend too much time deciding on our first mattress purchase because as important as it is, we didn't want to... lose sleep over it, you know? Pun totally unintended, of course :P

We did a quick check on the mattresses available in the market when we were over at Courts Tampines but didn't want to spend anything more than S$3K for a queen-sized mattress (our budget) and the Courts salesperson (more like sales auntie) who followed us around was very pesky and pushy.

Heard good reviews from Rina about Tilam King and their comfortable but affordable mattresses (thank you for testing all the mattresses from everywhere so we don't have to hehehe) so kita dah tak nak waste time and decided to beli terus from Tilam King. Dah tak payah research or try try kat kedai lain lagi. 

There are five models listed on Tilam King's official website here so we enquired on all five of them when we were in store: Luxury Series (about S$1599), Premiere Series (about S$1499), Deluxe Series (about S$1299), Ergo Series (about S$859) and Hotel Comfort (about S$699). You can read more about these mattresses here.

We eliminated Luxury and Deluxe earlier on because they were "too soft" for Saliheen, who sleeps on his back and prefers a good firm mattress. I thought those two were great lah actually because I'm a side sleeper and I prefer fluffy mattresses! But bo pian lah, we sleep together on the same bed so must compromise ma. Takkan nak suruh laki aku tido kat lantai kan. Since dia nak sangat tido kat tempat keras lolol

We also took out Hotel Comfort from the running because that one was too firm for my liking, so we were down to two choices: Premiere or Ergo. Both of us liked both models, but I preferred Premiere (because of its memory foam topper and smart adaptive features) whereas Saliheen preferred Ergo (because it was a little more firmer than Premiere and has sturdy back support).

In the end, we chose the Premiere! Because... my husband mengalah to my preference? :P Hehe. Eh tetap he likes the Premiere too, okay! 

I don't know how to describe it lah but the mattress is firm firm but soft to the body at the same time??? Very the konfusion I punya description. You must try it yourself to understand what I mean k. The shop is located at 8 New Industrial Road, and is newly renovated so everything feels fresh and modern. Best. 

Also bought a body hugger which costs S$69, but we got some freebies as well in the form of two pillows and (the latest style of) mattress protector. 

Overall, we were very pleased with the whole experience sebab... very fuss free ah. And the sales manager (Jeffrey Ng) who attended to us was very articulate, knowledgeable and most importantly, not pushy at all!!! This is the main selling point for people who we know bought from Tilam King by the way, and also something that we appreciated. Superb customer service. There was no pressure at all so we could test and discuss comfortably. 

Another plus point: delivery fees and whatever admin charges are already included in the price so don't have to worry about any hidden additional costs lo!

Oh, but just a side note - I read a blog that complained about the mattress sizes in Tilam King not being international size, so I guess this is something that potential buyers should be aware of? 

Saliheen and I were already aware about the difference between Singapore-sized vs international-sized mattresses because our contractor told us to take note of it (since we're doing a customized bed divan). Not that we care about getting an international-sized mattress anyway lah because kita sedar k, yang the both of us are very pendek people with very pendek legs. Here is a GIF of me, if I was a cat:


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