Hello Family

 So we found some time yesterday to bring my family over to our new unit!

Turns out my sisters just wanted to have a photoshoot inside the new unit wtf

Tapi best ah ambik ambik gambar. Especially bila part hair flips hahahahaha my youngest sister started it first! Can you believe that the picture below is of her FIRST ATTEMPT WTF CAN BECOME SWIMSUIT MODEL ALREADY LAH LIKE THIS

So naturally my sisters and I had to do hair flips together.....

HAHAHAHAHA. Only sharing this one pre-hair flip picture of us because all of the actual hair flippin' ones turned out hilariously horrible. Plus this pre-hair flip one just looks so kental and lol-worthy hahahahahaha I kennut

And since we're on the topic of kental and lol cringe-worthy pictures.......


Last picture is of the sun setting before we left! We don't get any sun in our unit (which is something we're happy about) but it's nice to know we can loiter at the corridor near the lift lobby to see the sunrise and sunset whenever we want to. Provided takde neighbours report kita as suspicious characters ah hahaha

We're still waiting for HDB to do the cement screed and still waiting for contractors to submit their quotes so nothing much to report for our new home for now. 

Maybe we'll find time to buy lights at Balestier this weekend ah. Hopefully takde apek kedai who will recommend orbit dangly crystal chandeliers GUA PANGKAH K


  1. HAHAHA! Everytime we went looking for lights we would get recommended the obit chandeliers. We always replied, "When we move to bungalow, then we come and buy ok?" Can't wait for your reno to begin!

    1. IKR WHAT IS THIS OBSESSION! i mean, the small and regular ones are okay lah, but the ones they always recommend is the really huge, super bercabang cabang, and kilat sampai tak kelakar ones! can't wait for it to begin too, belum apa apa dah penat ni haha


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