Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, Sayang

Saliheen and Farhana - Nikah, 2 November 2013 on Vimeo.

Has it really been a year already? Saliheen and I are not the sort to celebrate monthversaries so this first year of marriage really went by very quickly for us. I am thankful to God and my husband everyday for keeping our marriage loving, supportive and full of fun and hilarity, and I hope I never have to experience a marriage of any other kind.

Thought I'd mark this milestone by sharing our official wedding video, which I haven't shared on social media before (except for snippets on Instagram). Mostly because we were not very happy with what happened di sebalik tabir with our videographers and our wedding video highlights were somewhat an unfortunate reminder of what transpired. 

But it's been a year now so I'm willing to make peace and embrace that this video is just another part of our marriage journey. I have to admit that it is nice to re-watch our wedding video on our anniversary, and reminisce the little moments that we're especially fond of!

I still don't recommend these people as wedding videographers, though. Terrible service and broke our trust. Even if you think our nikah video was nicely done (can't say the same for our sanding video, we suspect our videos were editted by two different people) take my word and choose someone else.

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