Konstruction Khronicles: Week 1 (Part 2)

Remember I just went to the unit on Saturday and only saw piles of sand waiting to serve its purpose? Husband went to the unit yesterday (which is Monday) to look see since he couldn't join me on Saturday and this is how our unit looks like now:

What a pleasant surprise to see such quick progress! 

The renovation progress so far:
  • Cement screed settled for all areas (Small portion in the last picture should have been completed by now)
  • Adhesive for our bathroom tiles already laid out
  • The batu for our kitchen sink dah naik
  • Service yard door and side window panes already removed (at our request); and 
  • Glass windows for our service yard already fixed as well. 

Lincah pe! This is considering there were only piles of sand on Saturday, no work was being done on Sunday, and husband arrived at the unit on Monday at about 4pm.

If we knew our contractor was this bloody efficient, we wouldn't have bothered waiting for HDB and layankan their cement screed delays *shakes fist at HDB Tampines* 

Ooh, and can you see that rectangular panel at left bottom part of the last picture??? Sneak peek of our vinyl flooring, y'all! Hehe. Unsightly stains on the panel is bekas orang pijak so hopefully those will be gone by the time they install the flooring and buat acid wash. Yang one panel tu dorang letak is to gauge whether cement screed is thick enough.

Okay lah guys, I know it is boring to tengok pictures of cement and concrete so I shall negate that experience by sharing some pictures of glorious glorious food from our first wedding anniversary dinner k.

Wanted to go to our favourite J's Restaurant initially but Saliheen was due to mendarat in Singapore from his work trip at about 7pm local time so I didn't want us to rush the night. Offered to pick him up so we can do a quick anniversary dinner at Swensen's Changi Airport Terminal 2 instead. Lucky we did that too because poor bugger was exhausted like crazy!

Had the Festive US Beef Short Ribs (Christmas menu), the Boston Lobster Roll (promotion menu) and the classic Mac and Cheese to share, as well as their Salted Caramel Gula Melaka and Coit Tower ice cream for desserts. We were soooooo stuffed! But I guess that's our own fault lah eh, order makanan macamlah satu tahun tak makan. Padahal setakat nak celebrate our satu tahun dah kahwin je pe.


  1. Fast progress u had there.. ;) I'm just abt to start my reno eventhough we had our keys a mth plus ago... Lol..

    1. Yes it is! Diri sendiri terperanjat because tak sangka so laju like this hehe

      Wishing you all the best for your reno, babe!

  2. I've seen that Lobster roll everywhere on social media. I need to get my hands on them pronto!

    1. Gahahahaha I went to try pun sebab asyik nampak kat Instagram! The power of social mediaaaaa

  3. the cement screed how much u being charged?

    1. It really depends on contractors' quote but usually about S$2000 plus!


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