Konstruction Khronicles: Week 1 (Part 3)

Even though I've already went to our new unit on Saturday and Saliheen gave me pictures from his visit on Monday, I couldn't wait until the weekend to see our home renovation progress BECAUSE I AM KEMARUK BIN BURUK.

So Saliheen brought me to the unit after work yesterday to tengok our rumah before the sun sets and we arrived at the unit to discover more progress!!!

Sorry for the super grainy pictures, it was almost 7.00pm so the light wasn't the best for photography on an iPhone.

Looks like the flooring for both bathrooms are already fixed, kitchen sink is up and batu bases for the kitchen cabinet and fridge already done, and the contractors dah patch up the area where the service yard door and window panes used to be. Will do side by side comparisons once the renovation is complete!

In other home-related news, we've already laid out our plans for this weekend and it is:

(1) to recce for our main dining light at Jalan Besar on Saturday and 

(2) visit two furniture stores which we've shortlisted based on their online catalogue on Sunday. 

If we can't find something we like for our main dining light then our last hope will be SGShop!

Two friends recommended this online site on Twitter - apparently they are a local-based company who help customers order in things from China! Macam Taobao, but in English lah gitu. Checked the website immediately upon recommendation and within 5 minutes, I already flagged this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this as potential contenders, y'all! Macam very the promising gituuuuuuu.


  1. Hahaha I was kemaruk too, I went to see the progress of my reno everyday during the last week of my pregnancy. Padahal da nak beranak tau. Nak jugak tengok reno. Partly because they need me there to check some stuff also la haha.

    1. CRAZY!!! Lagi lagi tengah pregnant eh, how did you do it?! I'm trying to control myself now lah, kan lagi best the excitement kalau tunggu every 1 week to see progress :D

    2. Maybe cause I was staying at my PIL's house which is just about 10 minutes walk away from my house now. :P

  2. Call me crazy but I actually enjoy looking at the cement works :D

    1. Hahahaha seriously??? You must really like looking at new BTOs then hehe


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