Konstruction Khronicles: Week 1 (Part 4)

Sukaaaaa sangat dengan last weekend.

Even though my otot otot dah mintak ampun and my back is breaking the bad, it is very puas hati to know that Saliheen and I managed to pack quite a number of our home-related errands over two days.

We started Saturday morning with an appointment with our contractor to run through the work done and to choose our paint colours! Terribly boring with our choices - Barely White for both bedrooms and Sail White for living Room (or the other way around) + (I think it was) Orchid White for service yard. 

The electrician came down to the unit as well so after we confirmed all the electrical points, he got down to business and set up all the necessary wiring.

Our toilet bowls pun dah refixed and our water heater storage tank already installed! Brand for our water heaters is Ariston. Bukan kita pilih, memang freebie from our contractor so kita okay je.

Before and after installation. Gambar 'before' tu actually untuk tunjuk our new toilet flooring in daylight sekali hehehe 

We were supposed to meet the carpenter to discuss carpentry works on that day too but he'll only be back in Singapore next week so bo pian lor, tunggu lor. We've already fixed for an appointment with him next Saturday so we've scheduled all of our deliveries (kitchen hood and hob, oven and lights) on the same day too. Sekali harung! Next week pergi new unit kena bawak khemah ni.

Philips Concept Store (Jalan Berseh Showroom)
Address: No. 1 Jalan Berseh Road, New World Centre, #01-16/17 Singapore 209037
Tel: 62995358
Operating Hours: -
Website: http://www.lightings.com.sg/

After we were done with our contractor appointment, we went to Jalan Besar lagi to finally decide on our main dining light. Jalan lima minit, found something we like from Philips Concept Store (we saw their selection from outside) and made our payment segala within 10 minutes. Senang and ringkas.

We chose the design yang black colour in this picture, but ours is wooden. Very sturdy! Costs about $400plus, which is within our budget. Woot woot. I actually prefer the one on the bottom left but the size is terlalu besar. Orang tinggal Jurong pun silau siol nampak lampu ni in our unit.

By the way, someone told us after that yang this Philips Concept Store is good but expensive! We don't mind the expensive part because memang kita dah nampak, kita dah berkenan, kita beli je lah. Asalkan bagus. Lagi lagi we didn't want to stress over the main dining light anymore! But just thought I'd mention the expensive part, in case anyone wants to buy from this store and nak tau whether mahal ke tak, in comparison with other lighting stores. 

Star Living @ Paya Lebar
Address: 10 Eunos Road 8 #B1-12, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600
Tel: 6747 0052
Operating Hours: Weekdays: 12.00pm - 9.00pm, Weekends & PH : 11.00am - 9.30pm  
Website: http://www.starliving.com.sg/

I came across Star Living punya nama in an online forum while looking for reviews on Comfort Furniture! Checked out their website and saw a few pieces yang macam promising gitu so we took a trip down. 

Gambar rocking chair ni untuk kasi seri je. Takde kena mengena dengan kita nak beli ke tak nak beli haha! But comfy gila, you know. Sayang the colours won't go too well with the concept we have in mind.

Anyway, our window-shopping experience in Star Living was not too bad. The designs are decent, and prices are most definitely affordable. The staff pun tak membontot so you can browse in peace, but they're always nearby if you need help.

We considered a few of their pieces but nothing really stood out to us, though. Some of the items nampak cantik on website but looks and feels meh bila in real life - one of the factors why we're not too keen to purchase furniture from online sites. Takut indah khabar dari rupa, you know.

Went to Courts and IKEA in the evening to look see look see lagi but nothing caught our fancy.

Comfort Furniture
Address: 110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building, Singapore 409573
Tel: 6747 7217 (office) 6747 4809 (showroom)
Showroom Hours: Mon to Sat: 9.00am - 6.00pm, Sun & PH: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Website: http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/

Next day, we keluar rumah bright and early to check out another furniture store, Comfort Furniture, which was a recommendation from Kak Amilia from Facelift Design! We checked their website first but website takde letak harga so we used their wishlist function to submit a list of our preferred items for quotes dulu. Got a reply the next day, prices were within our budget so we paid their showroom a visit.

Saliheen really took a liking to chairs yang ada "black cross cross" wtf I have no idea why.

Honestly, we were more attracted to the pieces in Comfort Furniture than in Star Living! Macam lagi lawa and quality lagi satisfactory? Idk. Price-wise, Comfort lagi mahal than Star Living but generally still affordable lah. Service pun okay, nobody bothered us while we were browsing. Tu penting k! I always pangkah stores whose salespeople cannot back off and masih suka menyebok even after we tell them we don't need their assistance at the moment. 

Second Charm
Address: Blk 21 Kallang Avenue, #05-165, Mapletree Industrial Building, Singapore 339412
Tel: 62942919 / 96289171
Operating Hours: Tue - Sat: 11.00 am - 5.30 pm, Sun: 12.00pm - 5.00pm )
Website: http://www.secondcharm.net/

Next we went to Second Charm!!! We wanted to go Second Charm last month actually but missed it out because of a silly miscommunication. Sekali last Sunday bila kita stepped into their showroom, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR SALIHEEN LOR. Dengan aku, dia tak fall in love at first sight tau, tapi dia boleh fall in love at first sight dengan kedai furniture ni!!! BRENGSEK.

If you see basah basah kat lantai Second Charm, suspect kuat it is Saliheen's air liur. Member drool over the pieces tak agak agak siak.

But I can understand why he is so enamored, this place is really... charming lah. Worth a visit, especially if you're into restored vintage / mid century modern furniture pieces. I was also telling Saliheen how it felt like we were being welcomed by friends the minute we stepped out of the lift and walked towards their warehouse because it has a very chillax and cosy vibe. And the people we talked to there were so warm and friendly! Their prices pulak are a little more than we anticipated to pay but dengan Saliheen punya mata dah keluar heart heart.......... anything can happen, you guys.


  1. Have u tried checking fortytwo.sg ? And thanks for mentioning the comfort furniture! Added to my list to check it out. :p

    1. Yes, I've already checked out fortytwo.sg before going out to furniture stores! But don't think we'll purchase furniture from online stores, too wary of the quality and service. Maybe benda kecik kecik like vases ke, placemats ke, baru head to sites like fortytwo, hipvan, etc :)

  2. Ikr! My hubby also suka sangat dengan second charm. Dah berapa kali datang view the furniture. We hope to decide on our sofa from second charm by next week. They are still way more affordable than Journey East.

    1. Yaaaaa shiok! Mata boleh jadi rambang seh looking at their collections O_o

      We didn't consider Journey East but looks nice and atas! No wonder harga pun atas hehe

  3. We didn't even go Comfort Design because my husband malas nak survey-survey after so many furniture stores and we ended up buying from Star Living. But I plan to get an arm chair or something so I'll probably see Comfort Design this time (ade je benda nak beli).

    The guys at Second Charm so friendly right?! We liked some things from there too but didn't end up getting any. Rumah pon da takde space for any more furniture. Haha.

    And I laughed at how you describe your husband's love for Second Charm. Lol.

    1. Which other furniture stores did you go??? We only shortlisted Star Living and Comfort Furniture seh, yang lain too jauh or too mahal. Oh, and Courts and IKEA, of course. I know what you mean, after awhile macam malas gilaaaaa

      And yes, Second Charm people very friendly! Melebih lebih lah laki aku nak beli perabot dari situ lulz

    2. I went to Lush, Picket & Rail, Scanteak.. Maybe a few more but I can't remember now. :/


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