Konstruction Khronicles: Week 2 (Part 1)

I didn't want to post an update until after this Saturday (when most of the action will happen) but I really cannot help myself lah!!!!! Very kemarok level 1000 I know, but fellow homeowner friends told me this is perfectly normal?! So I am totally acting normal k. Don't kacau me k. 

Was not expecting any further progress till this Saturday actually, but Saliheen and I decided to drop by our unit on Wednesday and Thursday "just in case" and what do you know - we can haz more progrezz!!!

AIRCON: Our Mitsubishi aircon units are all installed - this is via our contractor so we didn't care much about the technicalities, our only requirement was that it must not be Daikin. Anything but Daikin. Both our parents' homes uses Daikin and the aircon units keep breaking down every two to three months, even with proper maintenance and care wtf

L-SHAPED BOX: Our L-shaped box in the living room already done up! Looks better than we expected :D

GAS PIPES: Our gas pipes already installed - we were prepared to call for appointment and then apply for leave when the gas person comes to install but our contractor said he'll manage this part for us so Alhamdullilah!

WALL PAINT: Our living room, bedrooms and service yard all painted YAYYYAYAYYY! We looooove all the colours! Especially smitten kitten by the pastel salmon shade for our service yard pipes. Padahal pipes je tau hahahahaha

FRIDGE & WASHER: Fridge (Hitachi, S$969) and washing machine (LG, comes with dryer, S$695) already purchased from Mustafa Centre!!! We weren't that fussy about this either, asalkan the appliances can serve their functions, white in colour and cukup for the two of us, boleh lah tu. Our LG purchase even came with a free LG microwave so that's one thing off our appliance list YAY

No pictures for now because my iPhone takes really crappy and grainy pictures, but I'm sure I'll have prettier and clearer ones to share by the end of this week. Bila lah Saturday nak datang ni?!


  1. ak ah seh farna, ada G16 TAPI TAK PAKAI APA GUNANYA! hahahahaha!!

    1. TAK BAWAK LAHHHHHHHH. i was from work, takkan nak bawak tu camera pergi kerja kan!

  2. Dun worry babe just use whatever you have. Slowly furnish the house as long as we don't go in debt �� Is your service yard mint????

    1. Yes, that is the plan! Thanks babe <3

      And nope, not mint. I took the picture in the evening on my iphone 4 so that explains the graininess and bad colour lighting!


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