Konstruction Khronicles: Week 3

I know I aaaaalways sound excited about my renovation progress (that's because I AM) but I think this week was the absolute most exciting for Saliheen and I because our flooring and lighting were due to be up and running!!! Penting k these two! We had a ~pretty~ packed schedule last weekend so I nak sharing lah sikit what happened. Let's go in khronological order eh:

9.00am - Collection of Keys from HDB

Finally received confirmation from HDB that we can collect our key back from them so kita singgah sekejap in the morning! Quite relieved we didn't wait for HDB to lenggang kangkung buat our cement screeding works after knowing how terrible their service was (blogged here). If something as minor as returning our key took them one month and two phonecalls, what more something major like cement screeding??? Tak boleh harap betul.

10.00am - Contractor Appointment

We were the most excited for this OBVI!!!!! So much so that Saliheen and I tak boleh concentrate the whole week and keep whining ASAL LAMBAT NI NAK SATURDAY ASAL NI ASAL NI ASAL BELUM SATURDAY NI y'all wouldn't have wanted to be in the same house as us last week ah basically hahahaha

But you might like to be in the same house as us from this day onwards because our rumah dah ada flooring and toilet doors y'allz YAY YAY

Last picture is of my husband sweeping the floor for, oh I don't know... THE TENTH BILLIONTH TIME

Electrician came that morning as well to confirm the location of our lights and said he'll be done in 2 to 3 hours. Had plans immediately after that so we left, with the intention of returning to make sure the lights are in the correct places and working fine later that afternoon.

11.30pm - Purchase Dining Set from Comfort Furniture Design

Returned to Comfort Furniture to confirm our purchase of dining table and chairs! We went with our first choices - Norya for dining table, and Titus for dining chairs. Delivery will be in 2 weeks' time, which means we'll have our dining able and chairs ready for when we move in! This was quite important for us because we wanted a proper table that we can eat and work on.

We know we could have gotten similar chairs at a cheaper price elsewhere but we wanted the convenience of buying everything under one roof, we preferred Comfort's version (in terms of quality and ergonomics) and we really aren't willing to go through the online route. But in case anyone wants chairs like these but at a cheaper price (and by cheaper, I mean half price), you can get them at Star Living here (S$49.00) or Forty Two here (S$45.90)

1.00pm - Confirm Furniture Order for Second Charm 

Since we didn't get lucky when we went to Second Charm last week, we attempted one more trip down to its warehouse to confirm our order for furniture. We spoke with Sharifah, the owner herself!

She was in a bit of a rush because she had to attend to three different sets of customers but we didn't mind because we already had time to speak to another guy Azmi and we've already considered the prices after our first trip to Second Charm. It was much quieter then. If you want to have a more relaxed visit, go on a Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday!

Second Charm will be customizing 4 pieces for us - two-seater sofa, one-seater armchair, a coffee table and a TV console! We opted for fabric instead of PVC for our sofa and armchair and the above swatches are the available colours, can you guess which colours we're going for?! Actually got more lah but this collection was the one yang memanggil kita hehe

Our orders will take about 6 to 8 weeks to process, which means we might have to do without any of those until end December/early January. Which is okay lah, duduk lantai pun tak mati pe. Unless your lantai ada onak dan duri ah then maybe you should reconsider your choices in life.

3.00pm - Lunch, Lights and then IKEA

Went for our lunch at Bagus and coincidentally Sham and Aisyah wanted to have lunch and come visit out unit if we were available. Since we wanted to go back to our unit to see the installed lights anyway it was perfect timing!

Tested (and squealed over) the lights then after dah lepak lepak for about half an hour, we made our way out. By pure coincidence, all of us wanted to IKEA after that so off we went lo! Aisyah saw and pointed out this LACK TV bench to us whilst there and we were very happy over this find lah!

Saliheen wanted to have a temporary tempat letak TV while waiting for our TV console from Second Charm, you see, and we also want to have an el cheapo bench to letak luar rumah. So I pun suggest - apa kata we purchase this LACK bench, use it for our TV then once our actual TV console arrives, we transfer the bench out to our corridor and buat as bench untuk orang duduk pakai kasut lor! It costs S$19.90 anyway, kalau disintegrate after a few weeks out in the corridor pun kita tak akan rasa sayang sangat.

10.00am - Late Night Visit With My Family

We wanted to return to our unit one more time after our IKEA trip because kita kemarok kita nak testing the lights again and see how our unit will glow at night pulak. Picked up my family first so we can show them our new home too :D

Soooooooooooo much love for our home during the night!!!!! During the day pun love jugak lah, this love for our home at night is a different kind of love k. Suuuuuper cosy, just like how we wanted it to be :D :D :D

No more major updates until next weekend because our contractor dah preempt yang carpentry will take some time. Pintu bilik might come in this week, though! Dah boleh main ketuk ketuk.

Anyway, just wanted to mark this next mini milestone with a mention: We've started packing our barang barang last Thursday! It's a little early but we'd rather slowly sieve through our belongings and decide which ones to throw or bring to our new home than to pack everything within one to two days. Hopefully the penat tak rasa sangat kalau buat slowly.

And talking about rasa rasa ni kan, friends have been asking if I dah start rasa emotional about moving out! Honestly, I still don't feel emotional or whatever, might be because I'm still too focused on the logistics of moving out to truly realize the implication of this next step I'm taking in life. We'll see how I fare on the first day away from my family and the very first place I know as home eh? (My parents tak pernah pindah rumah)

Mungkin my emotion receptor lambat activate lah, macam time I nak kahwing dulu. I didn't feel nervous or stressed during the weeks leading to my wedding but the minute I nampak my vendors masuk rumah 3 hours before the nikah, that's it, the gemuruh naik ke tengkorak masuk tekak lah siol.


  1. Yay! I like how your house furnishings makes it look so spacious. What does the door in the second pic lead to? (It's a door right?) It's looks very unique! I'm very amazed at the speed of your reno babe!

    1. Thank you babeeeee <3 Trying to maximize our space, no matter how small our actual flat really is!

      Yes, the second picture is of a door... A sliding door, in fact. It leads to our toilet haha! Still waiting for the bedroom doors to be up, hopefully by this week. And yes, very cepat kan!!! But glad it's slowing down now since dah tinggal carpentry aje... Past weekends have been so busy and exhausting :/

    2. Loveee reading all about your home reno updates, I also sebok tumpang excited!. Makes me more looking forward to plan for my perfect home than my wedding right now lol

    3. Yay thank you!!! You'll definitely enjoy the planning process - I used to be very bo chap and heck care when it comes to home renovation, but once I started the selection process for materials and colours, macam sungguh best lah pulak. All the best for your preps, insya Allah it'll be as exciting :D

  2. Haha that's a very nice toilet door actually, I approve �� hahahaha. Your sweat will be all worth it soon! Just don't sweat all over the house, nanti your hubs must mop each time instd of sweep :D

  3. Love the floors and dining light!


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