Kosmetik Korner: The Beginning

I really like this idea of a lighted neon text a lot and have been holding on to this image since my wedding preparation days so that I can use it as inspiration! I was convinced that I would need to incorporate this feature into my new home... somewhere, anywhere,  EVERYWHERE! 

But of course, as with all things berangan, I don't think Saliheen will layan me because... where the hell are we going to find these neon lights?! Even if we can find someone who can customize this for us, we'll probably have to pay for it through our noses (read: mahal gila sampai hidung berdarah tak henti). Also, the wiring for this thing punyalah busy. President of the United States pun tak busy gini seh.

Oh well... time to find a more practical project? I'm trying to find inspiration for my vanity corner by the way, we have a spare guestroom so I'm claiming a liiiiittle corner for my vanity needs hehe. I already have a cute quote in mind to print and put up on the wall, nanti dah siap I will share with y'all.


  1. If neon lights not happening, kau try gini mcm: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/24/e5/57/24e55788a6d6e8a3e36199b9b1411c6a.jpg

    Then kau pasang lampu lap lip around it to give off ala-ala neon lights hehe.

    1. Hahaha pun boleh! Maybe can incorporate a little bit of fairy lights kalau gatal sangat nak lampu lampu hehe


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