Kosmetik Korner: The Inspiration

Kitchen cabinet belum pun naik, flooring rumah belum pun selesai, but I dah start collect inspiration for my vanity corner! Very miang, I know :D

Granted I'm limited by the small space (I can't take over the whole room obviously, because Saliheen is going to flip. Like a prata. Because he is bulat. Like a prata) anddddd I have to work with mostly existing pieces but a liiiiittle berangan and inspirasi never hurt no minah, right?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Credit: All images are from Pinterest and Google Images, I was unable to trace the original sources because these images have been reposted by various blogs and sites]

I haven't really decided whether I want a regular large mirror or the kind which has LED bulbs all around but we'll see what happens when I make my next trip down to IKEA. I don't like the kerawang kerawang type so that style is definitely out lah.

I won't be buying a new table and chair as well since we don't have funds for frills like this after furnishing our new home with necessities! So I'll re-use what we have currently: the Micke desk from IKEA that Saliheen uses for his Playstation at the moment (He won't need it once we move to our new home)

For storage, it seems like IKEA's Nordli series are the most popular? I might have to make do without those first, for the same reason above. Maybe beli kotak kertas yang murah murah je dulu for storage, if I really need some.

I also already have a fairly large acrylic cosmetics holder and desk mirror with LED light (both from Howards Storage World) which you can see in my previous post here, but I think I'll need to get a couple of stuff from Muji and IKEA to complete the look. We've registered for Howards Storage World's private sale happening at the end of this month too, I'll see if there's anything that catches my eye!


  1. Alamak. I dah sign up Howard's membership tk tahu pun ada private sale. -_-'
    Anyway, check out Giant's hypermart for cheap furniture. Fix it yourself but I find it cheaper than IKEA (comparable quality with Ikea's cheaper range). And there's also free shipping for orders above $200+ (includes grocery items so you can get it all done in one shot)

    1. They sent out an email blast to announce the private sale... you didn't get the email eh??? Send them one and ask them how you can sign up!

      I've been to Giant several times but don't remember seeing any furniture (usually just loose chairs and foldable tables kind of stuff) Guess I should head there again one more time to look see! Boleh borong groceries sekali, like you said :D

  2. Ada! The furniture is at the far back on the right, almost to the corner. My mum just bought a shelf (with multiple doors) and desk (with a drawer and a cupboard) for my sisters at slightly over $200 for both. If I recall, it's mostly wood brown in colour but u could always paint it over to match, probably still cheaper than IKEA. (Since IKEA doesn't have free delivery and the furniture doesn't come w doors to keep the habuk out).


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