Kostruction Khronicles: Week 2 (Part 2)

As mentioned in my previous entry, air-con units already installed and all our rooms are painted! Even our storeroom, door frames and the top walls of our toilets pun dah kena painted seh. We didn't know our contractor was gonna do that so it was a pleasant surprise ❤  

Other than that, newest progress for Week 2: Window grilles are up for our service yard! No window grilles for our living room and bedrooms because we don't see a need for them right now. 

We also received deliveries for our kitchen hob, kitchen hood and oven from Universal Union and lights from Philips Concept Store (main dining) and New World Lighting (everything else) as well!!!!!

Should have taken a picture of our main dining light to tunjuk y'all, the actual thing turned out to be bigger than we remembered?!?!?! It didn't look as huge when we saw and bought it from the store last week seh. Hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction or hindrance for our guests who are tall haha.

Uncle in the above picture is our carpenter! He made his own drawings based on our requirements and his skill is really damn impressive lah! Dia draw berdiri lagi k. Just need to doa that his workmanship will be as impressive as his drawings. The other uncle in hot red shorts is my husband, of course, looking over our contractor (not pictured above) and our carpenter to confirm instructions and re-checking materials to make sure they match the flooring. 

Saliheen and I were pretty amused with ourselves that day, by the way! You see, we couldn't remember the exact colours we chose for our kitchen cabinets, wash basin cabinets, build-in bed and wardrobe tau, but when our contractor asked us to finalize the colours, somehow we ended up choosing the same colours for everything!!!!! That is how much we know what colours we want for our home, and how predictable we really are as a couple lor. Lolz. Gotta admit, that made us even more confident of our choices. Very good feeling :D

Oh, and in case you thought flooring dan siap and we bentang carpet for our home already, not yet! Bawah carpet tu masih cement screed. That carpet is just a spare one we used to sit and wait for our contractor and suppliers. Will throw it away once the renovations are over and we no longer need it, or wash it and give it away to someone else. 

Even though we had to be at our unit from about 10.30am to 3.00pm to wait for our contractor and deliveries that day, we had about an hour just before noon to turun bawah and beli drinks and snacks. And guess what lah, while we were walking towards the coffeeshop, we saw this!!!!!!!!!!


We didn't even know this shop existed in our new neighbourhood k!!! Walked in to check out their selection, and we were excited over everything. Glorious halal meats, rempah ratus and sauces, as well as barang goreng instant such as curry puffs, roti boyan, different types of nuggets, etc. Even has its own functioning website here.

Saliheen has grumbled before about not being 5 minutes away from Mustafa Centre once he shifts to Tampines so this is his rezeki, really!!! It's not open 24 hours lah, but at least dah tak susah cari barang masak for us. Not need to worry about travelling out too far to buy halal meat lo! This shop is exactly opposite our flat (we can see his shop from our living room) so kalau last minute nak masak and fridge takde ingredients pun takde hal bro, memang takde hal bro~ 

Chatted with the owner, and he was so friendly and funny! Next time kalau nak beli barang, pekik je nanti saya campakkan masuk rumah awak, he said. Hahaha! Macam dah biasa main discus throw je abang ni.

Our niat hati for the next day was to head over to Second Charm to confirm our order for customized furniture but this happened, of all days lah kan:


I don't know whether to laugh or cry or rasa geli hati or be incredulous because prior to our trip down to Second Charm, I made an off the cuff remark "Maybe we should check their Facebook... mana lah tau hari ni kedai dorang tutup"

But we were high on excitement lah, and somehow neither of us checked Facebook in the end LOLZ. Bila dah sampai and we realized the whole building was on shutdown, Saliheen (mock)chided me for "my mulut masin" lololololol. This is not the first time this has happened to us, by the way. Once in awhile I will tergerak hati and betul betul it will happen! Hahahahaha. Cuma other times tu, we called to check lah. This time, terlupa pulak hehehe

Of course we were super bummed about that initially, but it's okay lah, insya Allah we can attempt another trip this weekend pulak, after our contractor appointment in the morning. Our contractor dah janji that our carpentary works will be in progress and our flooring will be ready by this weekend so that's something to look forward to! Dah boleh bukak kasut to masuk rumah BEST NYA.


  1. Your reno works are moving really fast! So exciting and those pink pipes in day light is amaze-balls. Macam cotton candy. Lol

    1. Kan?!?!!! Very nice to keep seeing progress everytime we visit though! Hehehe I looooove those cotton candy pink walls, very sedap to see (not makan)

  2. I love your paint works! Too bad my husband will have a fit if he sees anything remotely resembling pink in the house.

    1. Thank you! Haha! Cakap dengan dia rumah won't roboh kalau ada just a liiiiittle bit of pink :P

  3. Ur renovation is fast and furious!!! Hahaha

    1. IKR!!! Quite shocked by the speed but happy jugak lah dalam hati hehehe


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