Going Gong Gong!

Met our Bali+Gili geng last Saturday evening (after settling our home-related errands and attending a wedding) to discuss our itinerary and hype ourselves up for our holiday! Saliheen's parents were away so we hosted our friends at their place, and we agreed to cook dinner together before our discussion. 

One of our friends even brought along gong gong ordered from Eating Crabs for us to masak! Which was awesome lah, because I was just whining to Saliheen a few days earlier about how I was craving for gong gong. Hehe. Super love the idea of a fresh seafood home delivery service and Saliheen and I are already dreaming of hosting a seafood party for our friends once we move into our new home. 

With three supermarkets, Adam Halal frozen mart and Eating Crabs at our doorstep, we are set for homecooked food perangai budak gemuk world domination YOU GAIZE!!!!! Salted egg crab, chilli crab, black pepper crab, with siput sedut lemak, gong gong and kerang with sambal kicap at the side. And jangan lupa shucked oysters!!! Gooo~yang beb!

Anyway, can't believe we made our necessary bookings for our year end holiday 6 months ago, and now it is only 6 weeks away! Our itinerary has been firmed up - we've reserved Bali for partying and water activities whereas Gili will mostly be for relaxing. Our Bali+Gili geng will be sleeping over our new place the night before too so that'll be fun!

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