October 2014 Weddings

Better get cracking on my October 2014 wedding invitations post before the November ones start streaming in!

11th October 2014 was reserved for Ili's wedding, of course, and she is none other than the blogger behind Eleventh October, and also one of the bloggers I've had the privilege of knowing and befriending during my Kahwin Khronicles journey! Her wedding was mostly DIY and so lovely!!! She and her husband really got so much patience and creativity lah, I really tabik! If you nak see more of her wedding while waiting for her blog posts, you can check out her official wedding Instagram here

Oh, and as you can see, I kamchengho with the other bloggirls to meet at her wedding to makan and take pictures sama sama! So much love for these girls even though kita asalnya jumpa kat internet hehe. I know mak bapak always say jangan kawan sembarang sembarang kat internet but that pesanan tak pakai k, if they make nice and funny friends like these girls! (FYI: My bridesmaids were also my Internet friendz)

We had another wedding invitation on the 18th October 2014 but I didn't take pictures because I didn't know anyone there (Saliheen's relative punya jemputan) so malulah konon.

Lepas tu, the next weekend baru the highly anticipated 25th October 2014 came along so Saliheen and I geared up for a super long and tiring day!!! Kenapa anticipated??? Sebab itu lah hari yang kita ada four wedding invitations, beb. Orang lain go for movie marathon, kita go for wedding marathon, beb.

Here is a gambar of the invitation cards sebagai evidence!!!!!

First up was Shahirah of My Wed Dreams punya wedding! Hers was the easiest because she lives one street away from me hehehe. Selamat pengantin baru, babe! Sorry I is very macam penyamun, secret secret ambik gambar dari tepi.

Next up was my primary school girlfriend Dian, who held her wedding at Singapore Silat Federation, which was where Saliheen and I held our wedding one year ago. She even engaged the same caterers as us, which was the awesome Puteri Wedding Services YUM YUM. 

After that, we drove all the way to Bukit Timah CC...

... to attend the most gorgeous wedding I've been invited to in 2014!!! Ahhhhh, everything looked so dreamy! I've always known that Nina has impeccable taste so I didn't doubt that her wedding was going to be one of my favourites.

With the talented Elly Weddings as her decor, Ishq By Nora Zee for her make-up and sanding outfit, a gorgeous Nurita Harith piece, and the established Haji Abu as her caterers, it's no wonder her wedding was an absolutely beautiful success. Can't wait till she's back from her honeymoon so we can talk about her wedding in detail!

I still kick myself for not being able to be there at her nikah (because the timing clashed with the two previous weddings I had to attend in the East) but it was great to see her and her Baobei beaming endlessly with love and pride on her gorgeous pelamin, and to be able to catch up with some of our closest friends and their babies. Oooh, and with my favourite MUA of all times too, of course! Love you to bits, Kak Nora!

Anyway, if you can't get enough from Nina's wedding's Instagram hashtag #sayangbaobei, she also blogs here

We took a breather at my in-law's place for a quick half an hour shower and change of clothes then made our way down to Japanese Garden Rest House for the last wedding of the day.

Nice intimate wedding dinner at an outdoor park hosted by Saliheen's friend from CJC. Pretty reception but the jalan masuk was suuuuuper lengit. I came mentally prepared because I've been to one other wedding here before but Saliheen and another couple we went with couldn't believe how much we had to walk and kena naik bukit segala lolz. Macam mana lah nak jadi juara panjat bukit gini.

Anyway, on our way back home on that day, Saliheen and I couldn't help but marvel in disbelief at how we spent 10 freaking hours just attending weddings hahahahaha. HARDCORE SIOL! 

As for the month of November, we already have four wedding invitations but thankfully they're not all in the same day eh. Kalau semua sama hari, memang aku macam nak throw in the towel and seal up aku punya mailbox dengan cement.


  1. Thanks Farhana and Saliheen for coming!

    You bukan penyamun la, I yang pantang nampak camera LOL! Dint get a pic on a pelamin with the both of you but thanks too for leaving us kind words in our guestbook! <3

    1. No problem! Hahahahaha tu ah, I was trying to take a candid picture lah konon, sekali eh~ you turned! Lol


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