Konstruction Khronicles: The Final Overview

I know I haven't mentioned who our home renovation contractors are but now that our home is ready after 6 weeks of renovation, I think I should mention them by name - the renovation company who handled our home renovation so well was *drumroll please* Roslan Renovation Contractor! :D

Sounds very old school and very melayu, I know, but we trusted them because they did renovations for my parents and my nenek's homes before. Their office and catalogues memang nampak a little old school and worn out but don't let that deter you because dorang tau buat kerja k! 

As long as you know what you want, insya Allah they will be able to execute your ideas. So if you ever want to check out Roslan Renovation Contractor, boleh contact the person in charge of all our renovations: Abang Zaini at 94894370. Just cakap Farhana and Saliheen dari Tampines yang recommend!

No official website or Facebook page because being a long established company who start bertapak even before the era of social media, naturally they're not very active on social media or the Internetz lolz. But you don't have to worry pasal dorang punya legitness because Roslan Renovation Contractor memang confirm confirm registered and recognized by HDB - you can see the confirmation here

Nak pergi their office pun senang, it's at 970 Geylang Serai #01-13 Tristar Inn Complex Singapore 423492, sederet Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant and Hotel 81 Tristar, opposite Joo Chiat Complex. Lepas appointment, pusing kiri when you keluar their office, dah boleh pergi makan kat kedai kopi Teh Tarik heh heh. Anyway, these are the reasons why we love and highly recommend Roslan Renovation Contractor: 

(1) Almost everything is under one roof

One of the best things about engaging Roslan Renovation Contractor was the fact that we didn't have to source out for everything ourselves! They had in-house catalogues for stuff like doors and door handles, switches, taps and sinks, etc which we can choose from, so this is great - considering that they are contractors, and not IDs.

I think you only have to buy lights and doorbell sendiri since they don't have 3rd party suppliers for those. Maybe kitchen hood and hob too, tapi that one I'm not too sure because we bought ours before we engaged anyone. We could've chosen our kitchen sink and tap from their catalogue too but we weren't sure who to engage as our contractors when we bought ours separately from Universal Union.

Another contractor who we asked for quote gave us a slightly higher quote but kita kena cari barang such as bathroom sinks, aircon units, bedroom doors, etc sendiri, you see. So... puas hati kita pilih Roslan Renovation Contractor kan? 

Their quote was lower and the fact that we just had to set aside 2 to 3 hours to sit comfortably at their office to choose doors, aircons, sinks, paint colours, etc from their in-house catalogues was very, very attractive for Saliheen and I. We didn't want to waste any more time running around looking for fixtures and fittings for our house on our own. 

(2) Their quote is affordable and within our budget

We wanted to engage an ID initially but we realized our budget of S$30,000 for 3-room BTO flat was not going to work for IDs. Roslan Renovation Contractor gave us a quote that was below S$30,000 and threw in a discount, considering my parents and my nenek have engaged them before. 

Abang Zaini is also flexible and boleh ajak berbincang! With everything that was included into our renovation works + our custom made requests + cement screeding, the final price which we had to pay was very muai, imho.

(3) Excellent service

Even though nama company Roslan Renovation CONTRACTOR, it felt like we had a dedicated ID!!! 

Abang Zaini was always contactable throughout the renovation process, he made regular trips down to our unit to make sure all the works were in order, he crafted drawings so we could have a better idea of how things will look like and we didn't even have to take leave from work when the door people datang to install doors, when City Gas person datang to pasang barang gas, etc. Because why? 

Because semua dia settlekan. Ringkas. We only had to spare our weekends to meet him, receive updates and tengok progress. (And squeal macam budak budak everytime ada benda baru hahaha)

So it's like, we engaged them at contractors' price but their service is machiam ID service, you know?!

We were also never pressured to make more payment or to choose something that is mahal but not necessary for our rumah! In fact, there were a few times where Abang Zaini advised us not to take on something because it is pricier and will not be worth our money considering our lifestyle and usage.

It's very heartening to know that he gives suggestions not based on how expensive it will be, but how functional or useful it will be for our daily lives. We also liked that he will always kasi pros and cons of different choices, suggest the best one based on his experience and/or observation but still leave it up to us to decide. If I had to use one word to describe Abang Zaini and his service, it has be: Ikhlas.

Anyway, if you have been living bawah ketiak mak and don't know what happened during our renovations or how our first home looks like, you can do some catch up reading through the links below:

This post is NOT sponsored, by the way. We paid Roslan Renovation Contractor in full, fair and square and I am truly sincere when I say we are very happy with our renovation outcome and we had such an excellent experience doing our home renovation with them. Abang Zaini and Roslan Renovation Contractor is good and reliable on their own, and they don't have to pay us advertising money or sponsor our home renovation just for us to puji them melambung and promote their services. They were ikhlas when they worked with me, so now I am ikhlas with my review of them. 

And with that, maka berakhirlah satu lagi perjalanan khronicles saya! Till the next set of khronicles :D


  1. Ooooo. Might just engage him to do light reno works on my parents house next year. Thanks babe!

    1. Sure thing, hopefully he will be able to give you guys awesome service at a good price too!

  2. yay congrats on your new home! don't mean to be so makcik but your luxe curtains were first thing I noticed in the mirror reflection of your MBR shot in previous post :p next chapter - kandungkhronicles kot?

    1. Thank you, babe! Hahaha we should really all embrace our makcikness lah, nothing to be ashamed of :P LOL at the hashtag, I was thinking of #kanakkhronicles but #kandungkhronicles sounds so much better, I'm totally using that once I'm pregnant, insya Allah :D


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