Konstruction Khronicles: Post-Renovation

Alhamdullilah, we held a small and intimate kenduri doa selamat for our new home with our closest families and friends yesterday, just like what we wanted :)

We intended to keep it simple and serve french loaves with chicken curry but our parents and friends brought lots of makanan and kueh mueh as buah tangan so we ended up with quite a feast hehe.

Took pictures of our completed home before the kenduri doa selamat, some of them are below!

Kitchen & Service Yard

Our white fridge in our white kitchen! 

We do NOT regret removing the door and side window panel from our teeny tiny kitchen at all!!! Makes the kitchen and service yard look and feel more spacious than it really is, and we love it.

Our LG washing machine which arrived last Friday! We're quite ghairah to try out our washing machine because...

... our washing machine can nyanyi apparently, someone told me on Twitter HAHAHAHAHA. 

Laki aku berbual macam itu washing machine boleh nyanyi lagu Kpop, lagu R&B, lagu rock kapak segala sak. Seram jugak eh kalau baru habis cuci baju tetiba washing machine start teran "Diaaaaaaa!!! Isabellaaaaa!!! Lambang cintaaa!!! Yang laraaaAaAaaAAAAaaa~" HAHAHAHAHA

Master Bedroom


Must really credit my husband for the look and feel of our master bedroom because he was the one who suggested build-in bed base and wardrobe (which I now adore like crazy) and he chose the material and colour of our master bedroom curtains. Aku tolong 'ye' kan aje haha.

I was a little skeptical about the material for the curtains honestly, and was worried it'll look too metallic and futuristic lol zaman cyber concept dah habis woi. But the curtains ended up looking really luxe and sexy hehehehehe. Love the slight sheen of the curtains! 

Passageway & Guestroom

Still a little iffy about the door colours being a little too yellow for my liking (not this bright in real life though, in reality the door colours are more light maple than anything) But overall the passageway looks really warm and nice, especially during nighttime. The camera can't seem to capture the true colour of the lights too - it's not that yellow in real life, I promise! Also, jangan tegur IKEA frame masih kosong because... we got no time to print lah ha ha ha

We opted for blinds for the guestroom because we think curtains will be too "heavy". Very very happy with the blind by the way, Rene from Waltz & Windows initially said our blinds will be made up of two separate blinds but somehow she managed to get us a single one that can cover our guestroom windows in its entirety. No gaps! Happy!

Haven't had the chance to unpack my stuff for my vanity table so the boxes are still waiting under our Micke desk heh. You can't see our Billy bookcase from the picture above because we placed it opposite our Micke desk.

And while we're at it, can we all now come together and appreciate how fantastic it is for that freaking Hampen rug from IKEA to be able to fit so snugly onto what's left of the floor space after kita dah letak the desk and bookcase??? Perfect fit, like it was meant to be! :D

(Also, if we buy just ONE MORE thing from IKEA to letak inside that room, I am calling it the IKEA room I SWEAR)

Living Room

The custom made shelving next to our main door and kitchen entrance...

... and my favourite part of the living room!!! It looks a little "warmer" than the rest of the areas because I took this picture with our warm white light switched on. Nak tangkap mood and ambience lah konon lololol

We envisioned a super cosy living room area where we can lepak lepak with friends or have nice warm cuddles while watching TV hehe... so I guess we managed to pull it off somehow?! Can't wait for our sofa, coffee table and TV console from Second Charm to come in now so we can see how all of them look like together! 

Day and night curtains are by the wonderful Windows & Waltz of course, material is more plain than our master bedroom punya but looks just as lovely! Fits the feel of the area, imho. The Lack TV console pulak is temporary for now, we'll decide where to relocate it when the times comes.

Now that the renovation progress is over, I really want to do a recap and mention our home renovation contractors by name!!! Will blog about it soon! (Most probably tomorrow lah)


  1. Wahhhhhh Mcm those serviced apartments sehhhhhhhh. Well done both of you!

    1. Thank you!!! Cita cita my husband pun dah tercapai hehehe

  2. I'm going ooo and aaaahh looking at the pictures! Your house is super duper comfy just by the look of it! I still have a long way to go, but looking at yours is making me eager! =D

    1. Awww thank you!!! My husband and I punya keyword for the house was "cosy" and Alhamdullilah, cosy jugak lah in the end :P

      All the best for your future house nanti!!! During your time mesti lagi best, because you will have even more choices than I or any other homeowners have now!

  3. Omg your house looks super warm and cosyyyy, macam nak stay home everyday gitu. I can sense your excitement just by reading this post and all its exclamation marks!! Hehe makes me so eager to grow old and kahwin and buy house also!!!

    1. I think we might just do that - stay home all the time!!! Habislah makin expand lah waistline aku ni, asyik makan and tido kat rumah hurhurhur

      And yezzzzzzzzzz, I iz very excited tak terhingga, that's why very generous with the exclamation marks lololol. Insya Allah when your time comes, you will feel the same kind of excitement!!!

  4. Ya Allah your home is so cosy and gorjes nak mampos!!!

    1. You are too kind!!!!! Alhamdullilah, it is nice and cosy like what kita laki bini envisioned :)))

  5. YOUR HOUSE LAWA GILA! thank you for the reviews, makes me so excited for my new house :)

    1. YAY THANK YOU BB! You'll have lots of new fun renovating and decorating your new house, I'm sure!!!


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