Konstruction Khronicles: Week 4 (Part 1)

So much for no home-related progress for last weekend eh.

Memang we had no intention to run any home-related errands last weekend because kita nak take a break ah + we wanted to regroup and re-look at our finances... confirm what we've spent for our new home so far and how much more we need, that sort of thing, you know?

I mean, did anyone tell y'all that having a new home is not just hard work but is bloody expensive as well??? You'd think that all the kecik kecik things like pinggan mangkuk are murah, which they are lah, but bila add everything together, makkauz nak kasi orang bankrupt sampai tujuh keturunan ke ape ni.

But guess what you guys!!!!! Bila tengah packing packing on Friday night, kita teringat kita have some vouchers yang belum redeem sooooo we laid out all the vouchers we had, threw out the expired ones and realized that we have about $300 worth of vouchers from Isetan and IKEA ALHAMDULILLAH.

Tapi discovery paling penting of the day was when I found three $50 notes in my dressing table punya drawer wtf duit bersepah tak agak agak siak!!!!! My husband just geleng kepala at how sembarang and random I was with my $50 notes yikes

BUT WHATEVZ THIS IS REZEKI RIGHT. So since we didn't have plans and had free time anyway, we decided to go to Isetan Parkway Parade and IKEA to utilize our vouchers as well as use that extra $150 for perkakas rumah. $150 can get a lot of things for rumah, you know!!!

We also got lucky because sekarang memang musim year end sales :D

We sent my sisters to Lavender to collect their passports first before having lunch at Joo Chiat because my little sister nak recce barang for her school production after that. Since we were in the Joo Chiat area, Saliheen and I decided to get quotes for curtains and blinds from my mum's favourite kedai jual langsir. 

Owner's name is Siew Eng but apparently everyone knows her as Minah haha. I know it seems old school to pergi Joo Chiat cari langsir but we're not too fussy when it comes to curtains and blinds, asalkan kena dengan rumah kita and serve its function sudah. We're too malas to cari cari lagi anyway, and from conversations with friends it seems like the prices are about the same for the regular kinds. 

We got a quote of about S$1500 for two customized sets of curtains and one set of roller blinds but that's just an estimation ah. We'll need to arrange for an appointment for them to datang rumah and get exact measurements for actual price. Insya Allah the actual price will be slightly lesser! 

(Post edit on 08/12/2014: We decided not to purchase curtains from Minah of Kah Soon Textiles and engaged someone else instead. Story here.)

Lepas tu we made our way to Marine Parade and Tampines to apa lagi - start shopping for free lah :D

As you can see from the last picture above, our temporary mini vacuum cleaner is already out and about. Because ~adalah~ that someone degil yang dah unpack the vacuum cleaner and dah start vacuuming the floor #akufedup #akugiveup

Also want to selit picture of my sisters who can double up as our little wonderful elves with just a phonecall! Hehe. (Kita dah sent them home lepas Isetan Parkway) We thought we could manage with just the two of us but bila dah pack our purchases into the car at 8.00pm di carpark IKEA Tampines, we realized we'd need more than two pairs of hands to carry all the stuff into our house, thanks.

We didn't splurge like crazy, we didn't get all fancy or anything like that lah, step rumah kita nak masuk MTV Teen Cribs je. Haha. Kita cuma beli the very basic stuff that we need first so I guess that's why we could get more bang for our buck? Nanti bila kita dah settle the basics for the house and we have additional funds baru we will go for the frillsss macam Philips Noodle Maker oh tak eh

We did more packing on Sunday and Saliheen kept grumbling about the amount of beauty products and beauty-related storage I have hahahahaha what what, WHAT do you mean I have too many products for someone who only has ONE face?! Jangan begitu, please. I berdandan pun untuk you, please. 

Anywayzzz, this coming week will be another eventful one for us and our home!!! Door installation and our carpentry works will start this Thursday whereas our dining tables and chairs from Comfort Design will be delivered this Saturday YAY! Dah boleh duduk minum kopi dan bersembang panjang, y'allz.


  1. agreed! the little-little things accumulated! *boleh pengsan* Can't wait to see pix of your crib. :) happy errrr... unpacking soon!

    1. Didn't think we'd have to set aside so much money to furnish the rumah and stock up the kitchen and everything else but arghhhhh, who I am kidding, geez

      Haha thanks! I'll try to enjoy the unpacking process :/

  2. I think the only way to get cheap blinds/curtains is to go across the causeway. But the thought of fixing everything up yourself or the hassle of going up and down to settle stuff is too much of a headache. Enjoy unpacking, I'm still not done with mine ;)

    1. Ooooh, or engage someone who does curtains from across the Causeway but willing to naik turun? I remember a friend mentioning his curtains were installed by a Malaysian dude who goes around in Singapore to take curtain orders. Thanks for the encouragement! Jia youuuuu, we can do dizzzzz


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