Konstruction Khronicles: Week 5 (Part 1)

Here we are at Week 5 of our renovation and part paling lama nak tunggu but penting has finally started - CARPENTRY!!! Please excuse me for sounding like an excitable child high on coke for the next few paragraphs because this was what we discovered when we popped over our new home last weekend: 

Our built-in bed base is ready!!! Our built-in cupboard is ready!!! Our customized shelving at the living room is ready!!! Our kitchen cabinet is ready!!! Our toilet cabinet is ready!!!

READY YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Bedroom

Cannot stress enough how in lurrrrrve I am with our built-in cupboard and bed base wtf!!!!! 

I really thought our master bedroom will look super cramped and super tiny once the bed base and cupboard are installed but it didn't turn out as bad as I envisioned seh. Still got enough space to maneuver around the bedroom lah wahlau takut sangat kena jalan on tightrope dalam bilik.

Also,  full length mirror on the cupboard??? Best idea ever hello??? No need to find a full length mirror that will take up space in the room woohoo! Saliheen didn't want any mirror on the cupboard initially but his brother convinced him that just one full length mirror at one side will do wonders. Plus so functional!

I really think our master bedroom looks sooooo cosy and inviting now, imagine how it'll be once furnished with fluffy bedsheets and curtains wtf. Really cannot wait to golek golek on the katil like a literal badak berendam!!!

Okay let us now keluar from the master bedroom into the... toilet. Hahaha. 

Master Bedroom Toilet & Common Toilet

To be honest, the carpentry for our toilet cabinets is not something we're very excited about :/ The sinks are of ideal size and shape for us and we're really happy with the mirror and hidden compartments! But there is just something off about the colour of the cabinets? I think we chose the wrong shade lah, tak seamless sangat when seen together with our bathroom floor. Meh. We would've preferred if the lines on the cabinet was horizontal instead of vertical too.

But issokey, we can live with it for now since it's just a matter of aesthetics, but we'll probably change the colour and design by the following year when we have more funds. Just to sedapkan mata memandang.

Living Room

More carpentry in the living room: this set of customized shelves in the living room was Saliheen's bright idea and I LOVE IT LIKE CRAZY!!! The LED lights belum pasang yet but it already looks so nice omg what is this shit why am I lusting after some shelves

So glad Saliheen decided to change the colour from wood to white too, macam seamless kan bila tengok satu kali dengan dapur? We don't know what we're gonna decorate the shelves with yet lah but I guess this is one of the corners that will constantly change to ikut mood and musim :)

Our carpenter pun tolong buat shelving inside the empty kotak near our main door! Macam gini:

To letak kasut kasut so tak nampak cluttered at the entrance. I think most people will do this in their flats kan sekarang? Went to visit our friends-turned-neighbours at the next block and dorang buat macam gini jugak. Our flats are all so tiny now, sayang seh bila ada empty space macam gini so might as well utilize. 


Sooooooooooooooo much love for our kitchen too!!! So white and so pure, just like what we wanted YAY! Was a liiiiittle skeptical as to whether a stainless steel back-splash will fit in amidst all of the whites but I think it looks fine??? Hopefully we won't have to give up 10 years of our lives scrubbing the backsplash lepas masak since it's supposed to be easier to clean and maintain haha

By the way that wooden top is NOT our countertop eh. Our countertop belum siap ler, our contractor said it should be in by next Thursday or Friday if there are no delays. Veryyyyy excited to see the kitchen countertop in its entirety obviously, let's hope our choice will not fail us!!! Kalau tak, aku akan letak rice cooker air fryer segala kat lantai to tunjuk perasaan #whacko

More home-related stories in the next entry sebab my cerita pasal carpentry macam dah panjang sangat. KAN?!


  1. I LOVEEE ALL YOUR CARPENTRY WORKS LAHH!!!!! sigh, paling love is that shoe cabinet ah. and that toilet vanity area.

    actually i love all the white + earth tones! CANTIKNYA RUMAH KAU!!

    1. THANK YOU BABEH!!!!! nanti dah habis siap, jemput datang lah yeee :D

  2. Your stainless steel backsplash blends in seamlessly, but still got to wait and see how your countertop plays with it. But I think stainless steel is a very practical choice. (:

    1. Our countertop is off white so I don't think it'll be an issue? Yeah hopefully what people say about stainless steel back splashes being easier to manage is true!

  3. Pasal kalau tiles kan, there will inevitably be spaces between the tiles. So from white cement become black. At least that's how the ones in my kitchen is like. Hahahaha.

  4. You mean the grout, right? Yeah that's exactly why we didn't want tiles even though I would have loved kitchen walls & backsplash like this: http://blog.homeandstone.com/wp-content/uploads/cache/2014/12/honeycomb-hexagon-tile-featuredimage/-711221165.jpg


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